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Azimuth Watches

Azimuth mechanizmAzimuth watches – a thought of creation was bornAzimuth due to contemplation of our planet. Azimuth is a mode of measurement, used by astrologers, navigators and military men to survey their bearings, also Azimuth originates from Arabic language and means “route taken by a traveler”, that’s why the Azimuth collection converge science and philosophy.
Biel / Bienne has long been an important center for watchmaking, housing various well-known traditional local brands. Since ancient times Biel City has been a world center for research and manufacture of new timepieces. This is where Azimuth conception begins, taking the best features Biel / Bienne is recognized for. Headquarters of Swiss watchmaking federation are situated in this city. Azimuth watch is a modern style of young man who positions himself. Nowadays the wrist watches are signs of well-being, that’s why the choice of watches should be made consciously. The Azimuth watches were born not long ago, in 2003, but put feet down at Swiss watch market. The Azimuth logo means “spiral” in French. Since the time when wrist watches were crafted by hand, the spiral has been the heartbeat of every mechanical watch – so Azimuth has extracted this essence of the mechanism as the logo to exemplify its philosophy of creating only mechanical and unique original watches.  
Our designer are very meticulous, they conceptualize every timepiece right from the beginning, making each detail perfect, from a very small mechanisms to the Azimuthminute details of every screw.  The hand-drawn concepts are transformed into technical drawings with computer-aided design before prototyping. At each stage, the development process is renewed and improved by our engineers to ensure consistency in performance before production. In Azimuth, creativity has no limits – our designers are free to dream. Translating dreams into reality is their daily affair. Each original timepiece is unique and assembled by hand at the manufactoryAzimuth watch projection in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. The Azimuth wrist watches are divided into four main product lines: SP-1 mecanique, Mecha-1 BMF, Round-1 è Militare-1, with tourbillion, chronograph and retrograde counter. Therefore, the customer of original watches can chose the line, more suitable for his style.
In Azimuth time is not a consideration. If we need to 3 years to perfect the design and technology, no doubt we will take them, and as a result our watch collections always becomes unique and modern. The Azimuth watch company produces generally men wrist watches, but also has women watches in its range.

  lines/series Azimuth

SP-1 Landship Timepiece by Azimuth SP-1 Landship Timepiece by Azimuth
Creative brand Azimuth has delighted its fans by second issue of the model SP-1 Landship! Creative brand Azimuth has delighted its fans by second issue of the model SP-1 Landship!

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