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Cars and wrist watches

What can one say about watches and cars? Well, the cars and wrist watches appeared in our lives almost at the same time – in the beginning of XX century – and rooted in our consciousness. Also we can note an enormous number of people and countries, specialized in the manufacture of these two integral parts of modern life. And don’t forget to mention that many engineers and scientists constantly renew the quite usual structures of these miracles, to say nothing of designers, who literally breathe new life into cold metal pieces. And we need to say that the car is a mean of conveyance, and the watch is a time meter. It will be enough, won’t it? No way! Cars!!! Watches!!! They are… The words are not enough to express all emotions, evoked by these two words! They indeed inspire us for living! You are a man – it’s good. You are a man with worthy watch at the wheel of worthy car – you are a Man with a capital M! The cars and watches can say much about you. You are always at the center of attention at the meeting, if you wear a luxurious big watch on your wrist. Everybody follows intently the one who gets out of an extravagant car. The watches and cars: overwhelming passion of humanity, objects of men and women desire, philosophy’s stone, no, a whole rock of modern epoch!  The collaboration of watch and car industries has started at the dawn of XX century and continues till nowadays. Edmond Jaeger, for instance, a talented inventor of the first half of XX century and cofounder of watch manufactory “Jaeger-LeCoultre”, created many automobile devices from odometer to speedometer. Also sometimes the wristwatch designers take part in making the expensive automotive interiors. So, the famous manufacturer of one of the most expensive lux cars – Bentley – referred to the designers of famous watch brand “Breitling” for designing his new model’s panel. The car industry effects win-win cooperation with watch industry in terms of advertising. The leading wristwatch manufacturers take part in world car championships, attended by millions of people all over the world. The watch brands devote their models to important events, racers and even car brands.  Many professional motor racers advertise wrist watches of world-known manufacturers, winning new fans. Let’s speak, for example, about Grand Prix of Formula-1 – the most popular race around the world. No one race of this class does without Audemars Piguet, famous Swiss brand, sponsor of many teams. AP even released limited series of Royal Oak chronograph, devoted to the night race in Singapore – the first night race in Formula-1 history.  The wrist watches are made of different materials of three colors. Ceramics, titanium and pressed carbon – it looks like the race car is put in small watch case. Audemars Piguet didn’t pass over the luxurious lux cars either. Inspired by Maserati MC12, the AP designers embodied that excellent sport car in their watch. The legendary brand oval case of Millenary appeared with a new design. Every detail of this chronograph resembles Maserati MC12. The skeletonized dial is designed in brand colors – grey and blue. The model is provided with tourbillon and tachometric scale; the 10-day power reserve indicator is made in style of battery indicator. The 47 mm diameter case is crafted in platinum. At the wheel of Maserati with Maserati watch on your wrist – can you imagine it?
The release of brand chronograph “Breitling for Bentley” marked the beginning of collaboration between Breitling and famous automobile company “Bentley”. The wrist watches are devoted to the fastest sedan on the planet - Bentley Continental GT, accelerating to the speed of 100 km/h in only 4,7 seconds and symbolizing the return on world-known lux cars’ manufacturer to the market. Besides, the designers of Breitling for Bentley distinguished themselves by the chronograph’s appearance. The case design is closely linked with car’s panel. The same pattern adorns both radiator enclosure and wristwatch dial. How do you like speeding along in Bentley, wearing Bentley?
The watch company “Blancpain” went to even greater extremes: in collaboration with the manufacturer of sport cars “Lamborghini” it launched it unusual project - Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race. The presentation took place in Germany. It’s interesting that all participants of race are at the wheel of Lamborghini cars. Blancpain devoted its new chronograph, limited by 300 pieces, to that event. The wrist watches are made in dark colors; the center of dial is adorned with carbon mounting. The numerals “9” and “12”, and also pusher are red. The transparent back case is engraved with “Super Troffeo 2009”. Blancpain on the wrist – Lamborghini on the road. Isn’t it an ideal combination?
Aston Martin! The car fans know much about this brand! But less than the Jaeger-LeCoultre admirers do. As you’ve guessed we’ll speak about watches, devoted to the car. Moreover, the watch “AMVOX2 DBS Transponde” is designed specially for Aston Martin owners. The vertical trigger chronograph control the locking mechanism on a luxury car. The wrist watch is protected from electromagnetic effect. The chronometer gladdens with its 65-hour power reserve. It is a really exclusive watch for exclusive persons.

Shelby Cobra — a legendary car of all times. The Italian company “Anonimo”, having concluded a contract with the manufacturer, released the limited wrist watches, devoted to the star of short-wheelbase race car from “Gran Turismo” series. The chronograph is designed in vintage style of Cobra’s epoch: steel dial, leather strap – ascetic beauty. Shelby Cobra and Anonimo will perfectly show your individuality.
Usually the watch companies like
to show off at the race cars’ bodies. The big manufacturers of wrist watches are pleased to become sponsors of successful sport teams, signing multimillion contracts. Some companies are closely linked with certain car brands. At the world watch exhibition 2011 in Bazel the famous Swiss company “Blancpain” presented two models of Lamborghini Galardo Blankpain Edition at once. So the visitors had a chance to feast eyes on the latest achievement of auto industry in brand Blancpain colors. Besides, there was an enormous stand with racecar seat and large screens – a kind of fake driver’s place in race car, where everyone could try himself as a driver of sport car under the direction of skilled racers.
The Swiss company – manufacturer of wrist watches – “Azimuth” was also inspired by beautiful sportcar from Lamborghini and produced the watch with tourbillon SP-1, the case of which resembles the car itself with stylized headlights and hood. One more thing in this watch is notable – its price, comparable to the price of car.  In addition, many watch brands appear due to the car manufacturers, fallen for the watch art. The brand “Porshe Design”, rooting deeply in the market of sport watches, can serve as an example. Now we’ll tell you about wrist watches, connected with cars, in details.

Audemars Piguet Millenary Maserati MC12 Tourbillon Chronograph

Audemars Piguet Millenary Maserati MC12 Tourbillon Chronograph 26069PT.OO.D028CR.01Maserati MC 12 is a right way for Maserati to return to the race world of supercars, to acquire again the status of the most desired cars. As during a long time Maserati was at the top of automobile Olympus; it was a trendsetter and introducer of high technologies in sport cars. There were many ups and downs, many owners in the history of Maserati brand. But the concern “Fiat” indeed with its subsidiary “Ferrari” breathed a new life into legendary luxurious sport cars “Maserati”.
MC 12 is the result of the Ferrari designers’ boldest ideas and latest technologies in the auto industry. The supercar is based on Ferrari Enzo and inherited many specific features from the famous sport car. Nevertheless, the speedy coupe-cabriolet with the trident of Poseidon is full of individuality and innovations. This car is bigger and lighter. The sport car with 660 horse powers picks up the speed of 330 km per hour. 6-volume vroom, smell of burnt brakes and amazing design – MC 12 is the embodiment of speed and style. 55 cars of this series were produced, 5 pieces – specially for prestigious race FIA GT Championship. The car is easy to drive and suitable for public roads. The ascetic beauty of saloon, bright white-and-blue colors of body, enormous wheel disks and, of course, furious temper of this sport car inspired the designers of elite wristwatch famous manufacturer “Audemars Piguet” for creation of limited unique watches in Millenary case, devoted to the luxurious sport car “Maserati MC 12”. The wrist watch “Millenary MC 12 Tourbillon Chronograph” is as unique as its devotion object – the sport roadster from Maserati. As Audemars Piguet, as well as Maserati, strives for perfection. The case of “perfect” watch is made of platinum – a noble metal for a noble person. The thickness of oval case makes up 16,3 mm, the maximum diameter is 47 mm – prestige is to be tangible. The wrist watches look massive and elegant at the same time. The skeletonized dial is associated with powerful engine of Maserati MC 12; and the indicator of power reserve, designed for 240 hours, by the way, is nothing but an indicator of car battery. The tourbillon looks amazing at “6 hours”, and the famous Maserati trident decorates the right part of dial. The luxurious watches are released in a limited number of 150 timepieces, a bit more than the cars MC12 themselves. The watches were presented at the Maserati plant in Modena, Italy. The guests had a unique chance to try their skills in driving at race track and get adrenalin rush. The sport car Maserati and sport watch Audemars Piguet are a perfect combination, especially as the wrist watches are designed in brand colors of MC12.

Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 Aston Martin

Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 DBS TransponderAston Martin tore the usual concept of sport cars to tatters Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 Chronograph Racingwith its lux sport coupe DBS – the most powerful car from Aston Martin. Who said that speed and power couldn’t match luxury and sophistication? The DBS interior is a true masterpiece! The 6-volume V12 of 517 h.p. will root you into the ergonomic leather seat at a slight push on throttle pedal. The independent multilink front and rear suspension will safely hold this English gentleman of road on the sharpest turns. The designers haven’t passed over the brakes, as an exceptional power is necessary to stop an almost 5-meter sport car of more than half a tone weight! This task is fulfilled by enormous ventilated carbon-ceramic disks (15,5 inches at the front, 14 inches at the rear). The car is also equipped with many electronic protection systems. Anti-lock system, electronic brake assist system, brake distribution system, dynamic stabilization system and anti-skid system – all this helps the driver of this unique car to cope with unbridled power under the hood of Aston Martin DBS. It’s rather difficult to correspond to Aston Martin DBS, such a technological and elegant car. However, the watch company “Jaeger LeCoultre” managed to combine the latest achievements of watch art and unique beauty of classic form in one case of wrist watch “AMVOX2 DBS”, designed first of all for lucky owners of luxurious sport car from Aston Martin. Why do the owners of Aston Martin have the advantage? Because the designers of AMVOX2 DBS embodied a very bold idea: with the help of wrist watch from Jaeger LeCoultre you can control the center lock in DBS supercar! A rather unusual decision. But that’s not all the men watches “AMVOX2 DBS” can boast. The chronograph’s movement is really unique. The second hand isn’t controlled by usual buttons for the first time, but by pushing the glass at “12” and “6” hours. Such innovation is a quite complicated structure and requires a long-time work of craftsmen. And along with the only integrated automobile remote control device, it makes the wrist watches truly worthy of amazing supercar they are devoted to. The watches are rather massive; the case diameter is 44 mm – more of watch to love! The wrist watches “AMVOX2” are released in a limited number by various versions: titanium case – 200 pieces, case of titanium and steel – 750 pieces, titanium and platinum combination – 200 pieces. Also the chronographs with pink gold case were presented. A unique automatic movement with 3-day power reserve was specially designed for that model. The men wrist watches “AMVOX2” from Jaeger LeCoultre will perfectly match the luxurious Aston Martin in your garage!

Anonimo Shelby Mark II S

Shelby Cobra is a world-known brand. That cult sport car became a legend
Shelby Mark II S of American car industry and a symbol of sportcar classic design of the past epoch. The limited wrist watches “Anonimo Shelby Mark II S”, devoted to the legendary racer Carol Shelby and the car “Cobra”, created by him and being an unshakable example of timeless classics, are the result of Italian watchmakers and Californian automobile engineers’ team-work. Initially English Cobra was reborn in the USA and got a new powerful engine “Ford”, specially updated by Carol Shelby for that sportcar. Shelby Mark II is the second generation of “Cobras”; the more powerful and stable sportcar acquired new design features in comparison with the first model. This model can be rightly named the Queen of excessive power and insane speed. That Cobra indeed was actively involved in the race life of America and won many prizes. The car’s race version developed 306 horse powers at 4,8-litre volume. Carol Shelby achieved his aim to pick up on the famous Chevrolet Corvette with his Cobra Mark II. However, the success in the USA didn’t make him as glorious in Europe, where Ferrari was “at the top of the table”. Then Shelby set a goal to win the rival at his territory. The world championship “GT FIA” was chosen as the “battle-field” for supercars.  The sport-coupe Daytona won at the most prestigious class – GT. The triumph of Shelby over Ferrari became a significant event in the history of race world in 60-s and brought Shelby Cobra to the level of cult sport roadsters of all generations. The watch company “Anonimo” set a task to embody the soul of legendary car in its wrist watches “Shelby Mark II S”. The famous chronograph “Cronoscopio Mark II” became the base. The wrist watches were presented in two variants with different color of brand strip, crossing the dial: silver and gold. The wrist watches are made with steel case and brown leather strap. The brand logo “Cobra” is near “9 hours”; the lines of chronograph indicator and second time zone are designed in the style of race flag. The diameter of case makes up 44 mm, its thickness – 16,25 mm. The water resistance – 200 meters. The power reserve of automatic movement makes up 40 hours. The wrist watches are made in the spirit of the car, the vintage style of 60-s reflected in the modern chronograph. Worthy watches for fans of worthy car!
Blancpain Super Trofeo Chronograph

Blancpain Super Trofeo ChronographThe sport cars “Lamborghini” always have a bright, bold and expressive design. These cars differ by their appearance as well as with the most advanced technologies, like powerful engine and perfect suspension. A real race car for public roads and more. As for race tracks, Lamborghini proved to be the winner in many competitions of the most prestigious classes. Although the company’s founder Ferruccio Lamborghini was flatly against of his cars to take part in motor races. Lamborghini started its sport life only under the direction of Rosetti, and with the participation of BMW it began designing its first race car that later was produced under the name “BMW M1”. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. was founded in 1963 as a subsidiary of the tractor manufactory “Lamborghini Trattori”. The manufacture was set in the small Italian village of Sant’Agata Bolognese. Many successful model of sport cars were released during the company’s history. Each sport car was produced, limited by 4000 pieces. But one model of Lamborghini is a record-breaker by the number of produced card – over 10000 pieces. It is Lamborghini Gallardo. That super car with its traditional bull on the hood was first presented in Genevan auto saloon in March, 2003. The name also relates to the bulls: Gallardo is one of the breeds of fighting bulls, developed by Spanish selectionist Francisco Gallardo.
Initially the sport car was equipped by engine V10 of 500 horse powers, accelerating that “rocket” to 100 km/h for 4,2 seconds. Even at the maximum speed of 309 km/h, thanks to the new aerodynamic characteristics and improved suspension, this car is run perfectly. Lamborhini Gallardo is presented in 10 modifications with different technical characteristics and aerodynamic ground effects. Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo was designed specially for its own brand European Championship “Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo”, set by Lamborghini together with the oldest Swiss watch company “Blancpain”. Only Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo with 5,2-litre volume and 570 h.p. engine can take part in this championship. Many cars, participating in races, are designed in the brand style of Blancpain. A special series of “Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Blancpain Edition” was released for 2nd anniversary of the successful race “Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo” and presented first in Paris auto saloon in 2010.
A big part of the Swiss watch brand “Blancpain” exhibition stand at the international watch exhibition in Bazel, Switzerland, was decorated by Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo. The car fitted well into general concept of Blacpain at the exhibition, especially as the Swiss watchmakers issued the new limited series of wrist watches in honor of Lamborghini’s famous car. Super Trofeo Chronograph – this is the name of new sport autochronograph from Blancpain. The presented model won many fans at the fair and the event itself became history of watch industry. Besides the luxurious car from Lamborghini, Blancpain amazed with its new-fashioned toy – professional simulator of race car. However, the wrist watch “Super Trofeo Chronograph” – the “hero of the occasion” – attracted the rapt attention. Each detail of this chronograph is charged with speed and extreme – the wrist watches are simply saturated with sport spirit! The design of dial resembles nothing but the panel of Lamborghini Gallardo supercar. The red numerals “9” and “12”, symbolizing an unthinkable 5-liter engine speed, are especially notable at the black background. The massive steel case of 43,5 mm diameter and 12,8 mm thickness is completely made in black color as well as the strap. The chronograph pusher is red. The transparent back case shows the rotor of automatic movement with 40-hour power reserve. Its water resistance makes up 100 m. The limited series makes up 300 pieces. From the beginning of automobile industry and watch art collaboration the mechanical hearts of Lamborghini and Blancpain started beating in unison!

IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Ingenieur Chronograph AMG

IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMGSince 1955 IWC has been producing the wrist watches “Ingenieur”,Ingenieur Chronograph AMG standards of style and manufacturability. In 2004 the Swiss company “IWC” signed a contract with the famous atelier “AMG”, specializing in professional tuning of Mercedes-Benz cars. Both companies are focused on design and high technologies. As a result of such amalgamation, IWC issued two chronographs: Ingenieur Automatic AMG and Ingenieur Chronograph AMG. The wrist watches with “AMG” differ from the usual watches “Ingenieur” by the material, they are made of, - the platinum with all ensuing advantages. Generally, these watches are ones of few models from “Ingenieur” collection, made of titanium. The famous tuning-atelier is recognized by the brand engraving “AMG”. Besides the stylish appearance, the exclusive wrist watches for Mercedes AMG, issued in a limited series, are also a high quality time meter, fulfilling their main function. The “unconquerable” dark-grey case of 42,5 mm diameter and 14,5 mm (Automatic AMG) and 13,5 mm (Chronograph AMG) thickness is provided with the cover from soft metal, containing the automatic watch movement of caliber 80110. The soft inner case is necessary for the protection from intensive electromagnetic effect, by which the “simple” wrist watches are always influenced. This protection is so effective that the owner of IWC watch can take the magnetic resonance tomography with the watch on his hand. The screwing crown together with waterproof case provides the water resistance at up to 120 meters. Both models are equipped with shock isolation system, protecting the fragile movement details from damages at strikes and shakings. The date indication and anti-glare sapphire glass are integral features of “Ingenieur” watches. The power reserve is about 44 hours. Chronograph AMG is provided with chronograph function and tachometric scale, measuring the speed at a certain interval. Both models are equipped with the strap and titanium bracelet. Looking at the dial, you can’t but notice the resemblance with the panel of new Mercedes CLS 55 AMG IWC – one more joint creation of AMG and IWC. The exclusive model from Mercedes CLS 55 was improved by the tuning-atelier AMG specially for the new collection of aforementioned watches “IWC Ingenieur AMG”. No, it’s not a car devotion to a watch, it’s a style and watch art embodiment in another scope, a complementarity with two perfect mechanisms. The car was released in a limited number of 55 pieces. The characteristic feature of four-door coupe is dark-grey metallic color – the color of “IWC Ingenieur AMG” watch. The effect of deep and luxurious color shine is provided by a very complicated technology of piano lacquering. The disks are also colored like Ingenieur AMG. The luxurious coupe’s interior is designed in the same way. The panel is made in the style of IWC. The speedometer, tachometer and analogue watch with the emblem of Swiss brand are designed in black color with milky-white highlighting, silver hands with rhodium treatment. The indication numerals are similar to the numerals on wrist watches “IWC Ingenieur”. The watch design is also notable in the panel edging and decorative finishing. The cover of storage bin is decorated with “IWC” logo. The color of “matt titanium” is everywhere: inside door panel, leather seats, kick panels, and the AMG logo itself on gearbox shift knob.
The technical characteristics of luxurious CLS 55, improved by the AMG masters, also attract the attention. The engine’s volume was expanded from 5 to 5.5 liters. The engine, equipped with compressor, was added 170 horse powers, resulting in 476 horses “grazing” under the hood. The acceleration also increased up to 100 km/h. For 4,7 seconds the hand of speedometer crosses the mark of 100 km/h and friskily increases higher. And the words are not enough to describe the ride comfort and stability on turns, as these are the visiting card of all Mercedes-Benz models. 
This limited Mercedes CLS 55 AMG IWC, as well as the wrist watches IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG and Ingenieur Chronograph AMG, is an object of collectors’ rapt attention, as the price on such things only increases with time. According to the IWC and Mercedes representatives, this is not their only joint project, and we’ll hope that soon this collaboration will result in new masterpieces of automobile construction and watch art. As the brands like IWC and Mercedes became the specific certificates of their owners’ taste and status sophistication.

Breitling for Bentley. Flying B

Bentley Continental GTBreitling and Bentley are two manufacturers of expensive mechanisms. Two legendary companies symbolize a unique style and perfect performance. Two “B” brands that could speak for themselves. One of them is a sculptor of watch masterpieces, another one is a manufacturer of luxurious cars. Thanks to the advanced technologies and best materials, these are the products for high society.  Naturally, the collaboration of these two famous companies was expected: it initiated the style, speed and power in new generation. Bentley decided to announce its return to the automobile market after long-time slackening in the manufacture. That important mission was to be carried out by the model “Continental GT”, the fastest and most powerful car over the history of Bentley. The Englishmen equipped the sport-coupe with 6-liter engine of 550 h.p. The luxurious car picks up 100 km/h for 4,7 second. The British designers and engineers performed their task perfectly. The swift tear-drop body is a fount of power and speed. Brakes, suspension, aerodynamics – everything is at Bentley’s level. That car set a record on ice. The coupe of premium class accelerated to 321,65 km/h for 5 kilometers that is at 13 kilometers more than the maximum speed, declared by the Breitling for Bentley. Flying B Chronographmanufacturer. It was set at frozen Gulf of Bothnia! The “Continental GT” English-style interior shines with luxurious finish and quality materials. The customer of Bentley can agree all details of saloon finish, color of seat upholstery and panel, packaging. Despite the sport design of coupe, a quite tall man can feel himself comfortable even at rear seats. Specially for that purpose the team of Bentley Continental GT designers invited the basketball players of over 180 cm height to take part in the ergonomic seats design. The car’s appearance is rather unique. It combines the brand features of past Bentley cars with unique, swift aspect, blurring out the time frames.
But the English designers couldn’t cope with the panel’s design. Trying to create something classic and vanguard at the same time, the true adherents to “old” style came to a dead-end and addressed to the designers of Swiss wrist watches “Breitling”. Why was it Breitling? It’s simple – elite watch for elite car! Even the logos of these two companies are very similar. And then the car’s saloon scented of sky romance. Breitling used the style of airplanes in the panel’s design as well as in its watches. The appearance looks like the company’s logo – wings, symbolizing lightness, speed and “flight” over the rivals. 
The issue of new watch series “Breitling for Bentley” was coincided with that event. Breitling created a big cult out of its watches, worship of unique design and complicated functionality. The wrist watches from “Breitling for Bentley, Flying B” collection are ones of the most conspicuous watches of this line. Every detail of these watches has something in common with the exclusive car. The rectangular case of wrist watches is rather big, like the other watches of Breitling. Despite its size (58,2 38,5 mm), the watch looks very carefully on the wrist, it can’t be blamed in excessive affectedness. The central part of dial is adorned with the pattern, copying the Bentley Continental GT radiator enclosure. The crown and chronograph buttons are made similar to the Bentley sport-coupe panel regulators. The models of Breitling for Bentley wrist watches are presented with dials of various, but only brand Bentley body colors. The case itself can be made of steel, pink or white gold. The water resistance of 100 m allows its owner to take a shower without taking it off and be sure that the moisture won’t penetrate into the case. The special treatment of crocodile leather strap protects from the salty sea water. The back case is engraved with the brand logo “Breitling for Bentley”. The watches are provided with the double-side anti-glare treated domed sapphire glass. The chronometer was officially certified by C.O.S.C. and can claim to the title of one of the most accurate self-winding movements on the planet. The men watches “Flying B” from “Breitling for Bentley” collection are also equipped with steel bracelet, the links of which repeat the Bentley racecar thread pattern. Whether you are an admirer of Bentley or just a person with perfect style, the wrist watch “Breitling for Bentley Flying B” will become an excellent supplement to your watch collection, especially as the trend of collaboration between watchmakers and car manufacturers becomes more and more popular each year as well as the results of their merging: exclusive wrist watches, devoted to the cars. The cross of two fields, playing an important role in a modern man’s life, is expected to give only the best result.

Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon
Azimuth Twin Barrel TourbillonThe famous Swiss watch company “Azimuth” won a great popularity among the admirers and collectors of wrist watches thanks to its extraordinary models, breaking down the deep-rooted idea of watch appearance, case forms and time reading methods. The wrist watches “Twin Barrel Tourbillon” are extraordinary indeed; at first glance one can’t even bring himself to call them watches. The watchmakers of Swiss Azimuth name their brainchild a “movement, inspired by the sportcar power”. The case lines of these wrist watches really resemble the swift lines of famous sport car “Lamborghini”. The unusual case is made of whole titanium. As a result, the case, decorated with carbon plates, is extralight and extrasolid. If to look from the front, “from the hood”, the double domed sapphire glass copies the lines of sportcar roof. The massive tourbillon with anti-shock movement KIF at “6 hours” is one of the distinctive features of this model from “Azimuth, the famous Swiss manufacturer of serious men watches. A real miniature projection of sportcar engine in the watch case. The central bridge of tourbillon is made of blue gold and makes the model even sportier. The time indication draws a special attention. The conceptually new system of digital indication adds more fuel to the blazing fire of creativity and uniqueness, created by super-watches from Azimuth at the Baselworld. Although one needs time to get used to read the time with such watches. The even and odd numerals are put on two indication disks at the opposite sides from the central hand. In fact, everything is easy. The numeral at the outer side of the disk, crossing the semicircular scale with minute marking, shows the hours; the red hand on the corners of the disk shows the minutes. Provided by two winding barrels, the 5-day power reserve will fascinate the watch owner.
The wrist watches “Twin Barrel Tourbillon” were released in a number of only 25 pieces and distributed by the manufacture by one piece per each country, where the subsidiaries of Azimuth are presented. Having such watch in one’s collection means owning a piece of outrageous creativity, speed and unique style. Dedicated to the true fans of sport cars. 

Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370

Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370The creation of mechanical masterpieces requiresBugatti a long and hard work, consideration of each detail and certain idea of target group that the products are designed for. The designers of automobile company “Bugatti” and Swiss watch brand “Parmigiani” perfectly know all these aspects of unique movements design. Cars and wrist watches – mechanical structures of different purposes but the same essence. Both of them speak about the owner’s status. Moreover, the products of Parmigiani and Bugatti don’t speak but shout about perfect taste, style and social status of their owner.
The collaboration between watch and car industries is quite popular today, but the team-work of Parmigiani and Bugatti is especially notable. It’s a union of high society representatives in both haute horlogerie and automobile construction. Let’s see. Bugatti shakes the whole world with its Veyron – the most powerful, stylish and expensive car. As 1001 horse powers are a serious bid for race superiority.
An incredible combination of luxury, speed and style must comply with the inner world of the man, purchasing Bugatti Veyron, the man who wouldn’t hear of anything except the best. This man claims that he is not like everybody, he can afford things for “the elite”, he is much self-confident! Everything must comply with his image, and the watch – one of its brightest indicators – can be only lux! Thereby the Swiss company “Parmigiani” applied itself to the embodiment of luxury for the owners of racy 1001 horses. As one should be brave enough to purchase the luxurious Veyron and, therefore, claim to have only the best things all over the world. In the upshot, the “best” watch for the “best” car exceeded all expectations. The wrist watches “Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370” turned the usual idea of both appearance and movement upside down. The revolutionary watches tempt with their design – the time is indicated at the watch side that is very comfortable and lets the driver to read the time, keeping his hand on the wheel. Because when you drive at 300 km/h speed, sending the fuel saving and traffic regulations to the hell, it would be a precipitate action to take even one hand away from the wheel. The watches “Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370” attract the attention, emphasize their owners’ individuality and sophistication. The model has been designed during over 3 years, and now it is seen as a miracle of haute horlogerie. The movement itself, contained in the white gold case with transparent sides, is unique by all means. It is situated perpendicularly to the wrist; the power reserve indicator – a barrel with numerals – is at the dial’s usual place. The complicated watch movement consists of five tiers, system of gear wheels at different tiers, connected with each other by long gear axles, and unlike a usual watch with wheels, fixed at one plate, the wheels of wrist watch “Bugatti Type 370” are connected by bridges. The dial is made whole gold of black, red and grey colors with rhodium treatment. The dial and hands are treated with luminescent covering. The wrist watches are equipped with the leather strap of red and black colors, specially designed by Hermes. The system of watch winding is also unique: an electric pen-shaped device winds the movement in 5 seconds for 10 days. The watches are released by limited series; the total number in the world doesn’t exceed 150 pieces.
Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370 is a perfect support of automobile trend in haute horlogerie.

Bell & Ross Concept-Watch

Bell & Ross Concept-Watch For The Peugeot Concept-CarA concept-watch for a concept-car is a quite rare combination nowadays. A watch, devoted to some cult model of 60s or to the fastest car of modern epoch, or to a new model of some famous car manufacturer, symbolizing something highly intellectual, is rather popular, as the team-work of watchmakers and automobile engineers is a kind of fabric, producing the unique products of haute horlogerie, the limited series of unusual watches, hunted by collectors around the world; the wrist watches of limited numbers become a reason for a profitable investment. The watches for the famous cars, in honor of famous racers and devoted to the world race championships don’t need any large-scale presentation, they are known by everyone. But what about watch, devoted to the car that is planned for release only in several years? How to make a watch for the concept-car? Bell & Ross undertook to perform such unusual task and issued a concept-watch, which will be produced only with the car, they are devoted to. It’s interesting that this model of wrist watches will never be off the ration; it will be available only for those who purchase the supercar. Let’s make it clear. We are talking about Swiss wrist watches from Bell & Ross, devoted to the newest designing of French automobile engineers - Peugeot SR1, a hybrid sport car. The watch “Bell & Ross Concept-Watch” as well as the car, which it is devoted to, is an example of applying the new technologies and fresh look at the usual style and form. Two conceptually new mechanisms from Bell & Ross and Peugeot were presented at the Genevan automobile show in 2010 and made the future policy of French automobile engineers and Swiss watchmakers much clear. The unusual watch and extraordinary watch were to demonstrate the new technologies. Peugeot SR1
Let’s start with the bigger one – sport roadster Peugeot SR1. The Peugeot designers showed emotions and feeling, created a new style that will be reflected in all cars of this French brand. The SR1 hood is adorned with refreshed logo of Peugeot brand – the stylized lion, incarnation of power and pride. An imposing and racy Peugeot SR1 presents the roadsters of prestigious “Grand Turismo” class; the appearance and interior meet the high class requirements.
Peugeot SR1 shows the evolution of French car manufacture and symbolizes the beginning of new era in automobile design. The concept’s exterior looks very much like the style of race car. Massive hood, powerful wings, squat body – everything speaks about speed and power. The interior of Peugeot SR1 represents the contrasts and extraordinary ergonomic decisions. The compartment is designed for 3 persons; it is mainly focused on driver’s comfort. The unusual combinations of materials and styles – from vintage to futuristic – are everywhere. A soft worn leather and untreated nickel, varnished wood and shining chrome – a real car of future, a dreamcar. However, the main distinctive feature of Peugeot SR1 is its heart – hybrid engine of 313 horse powers. A combination of power and speed with environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness. And the permanent all-wheel drive will let you feel confident under any conditions.
The watchmakers of Bell & Ross also had their hand in the car’s design. They designed the unique panel, comfortable and informative. Naturally, the watch “Bell & Ross Concept-Watch”, designed for the supercar from Peugeot, is a combination of innovative technologies and vanguard design, perfectly matching the exterior of Peugeot SR1 concept-car. This watch is really unique: it can be inserted into the SR1 panel’s special slot that changes the wrist watch of Bell & Ross into a real board time meter – the only analogue indicator at the panel, by the way. So the watch is especially notable at the background of bright digital indicators. The case of 46 mm is crafted in steel. The wrist watch is provided with ETA 2897 automatic movement. The water resistance is 100 m. The 3D dial attracts a special attention. Although it is made of steel, the innovative treatment technologies enable such a unique effect. Due to the leather strap in combination with steel case, the watch looks like an excellent detail of vanguard-styled interior of Peugeot SR1 concept-car. Hours, minutes, second hand, date and power reserve indicator – a usual set for many models from Bell & Ross. Bell & Ross Concept-Watch is the best example of “non-existent” watch for “non-existent” car, a concept for a concept. The applied technologies of these two perfect mechanisms of future will be used in production models of both automobile giant “Peugeot” and Swiss watch company “Bell & Ross”.

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