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Nika watch designingNika watchesbillet melting stage are developed and released by those people, who are constantly in the search for perfection. There are lot of talented people, trying to achieve new prospects and to make fresh ideas come true. These people launch the companies and create different masterpieces, that amaze the public by their wonderful designs. So, such people founded Nika watch company, one of the largest and growing watch companies in Russia. Today it releases more than 25.000 models per month.
Nika watch company was founded by Tengiz Sanikidze, Aleksei Bogdanov, Georgi Mordehashvili and Elena Khitrina. Among the company’s founders there are also Dmitri Kuzmin and Andrei Karpov.  Since its foundation, Nika watch brand has risen from the small production association to the leader in the Russian market of exclusive and jewellry watches. The company has won the hearts of people and gained the trust of professionals in  the sphere of Haute Horology. Nika company releases the exclusive watches, that are sold in more than 7000 shops and boutiques. They are popular not only in Russia, but in CIS.
forming stageIn 2005, Nikaphase soldering company presented its first mechanical watches, made of gold. These models have underlain the five watch collections by Nika. In this year the company's watchmakers developed and patented their own exclusive technology, known as “case in case” or “capsule” (patent 2298820). The authors of this invention are Tengiz Sanikidze and Victor Murishkin. The essence of this technology is the following: a hermetic capsule of stainless steel is put into the case, made of precious metal, this capsule protects the movement from moisture and dust. It has become the guarantee of the highest quality of Nika's products, the watches with the special protective technology have been highly appreciated by many experts, famous Russian politicians and sportsmen. 
Since its foundation, Nika watch company was awarded a lot of prizes, such as “The products of the Year” in the nomination “The Best Russian Jewellery Watches” in 2008, it  also obtained the international ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate of conformity. The Russian fund of protection of consumers awarded Nika company a prize for the participation in the formation of the civilized consumer market in Russia.
stage of mechanical finishingThe NikaNika watch creating company uses the high quality and expensive materials: Russian 585 and 750  white or rose gold, 925 silver, and also zirconium ceramics, that is one of the best refractory materials, as it maintains its mechanical properties for a long time. Nika watches are decorated by diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. 
In 2009, Nika company released its first men's and women's watch collection, characterized by the “case in case” technology, known as “Prestige”. After that the company began to create watches, the cases and dials of which bear different symbols, such as inscriptions, ornaments and company's logo. At the same time the shops were opened in Moscow and in CIS countries. The number of Nika's shops in Russia and CIS countries was about 7000. In this year, the company presented its first collection of skeletonized watches, known as “Sobranie”, the models were released in the limited edition. Every model from this collection has its own unique features and is powered by the exclusive gold-plated movement, that was engraved by hand and decorated by diamonds. The watch cases are made of 750 gold and encrusted with diamonds. The skeletonized movement, produced by hand and decorated with diamonds or sapphires, is housed in the watch case.  In 2010, Nika company took part in the international exhibition BaselWorld 2010 for the first time. It presented the exclusive “Prestige” collection. And in 2011, Nika showed its models at Junwex exhibition in Moscow. For this exhibition the company launched a new brand, known as Nika Exclusive. The start of this brand was being prepared for two years.
Nika watch assemblyThe exclusive StatusNika watch creating and Vitrage collections by Nika Exclusive brand, made of 750 gold and decorated with precious stones, were highly appreciated by public and received the enthusiastic reviews. Nika watch is not just a thing for every-day wearing or a time measuring instrument. First of all, it is a work of art, the embodiment of designer's ideas, it gives to its owner the positive emotions.
The team of the talented watchmakers and designers create the luxury watches to achieve some particular goals:
Professionalism. The main earnest of success is the skills, experience, innovative spirit, search for perfection.
Quality. First of all the company is trying to assure the high quality of its products.
Nika watch assemblyConfidence and success.Nika Nika watch company is striving for new ideas to achieve the new goals. For Nika's team there is nothing impossible.
Reliability. The company always keeps its promise, that it gives to the clients, partners and even itself.
Team spirit. Very often the watchmakers compare their work with a watch movement. Here every detail is important. The craftsmen consider, that every person should contribute to the common deal.
Ambitiousness. The company never stops at what has been accomplished, its aim is to maintain the leading position and to present its products in the world's market, continuing the development of the brand.
Creativity. Being inspired by the best dreams, the watchmakers are in the constant search for perfection.
Effectiveness. The desire for the best results lies in the effectiveness, it is also important to use the resorts in the optimal way.
Love. The team of specialists works for people and for the sake of people. They do their work with loving care, putting their hearts and souls into it.  
All these factors are the main characteristic features of Nika watches, that are first of all underline the personality of their owners. Nika wrist watches combine the exclusiveness and the value of jewellery with the functionality of precise and reliable Swiss and Japanese movements, offering the clients models, presented in the different styles and colours. The times have changed, and the gold watch is not just a dream any more. The gold or silver watches by Nika are not just accessories, but small masterpieces, that are highly appreciated by many people, who are aiming at perfection. The Nika company's owner is a talented, successful, ambitious and self-confident person, who is worthy of respect. In addition to the luxury watches, Nika company is involved in the production of accessories, such as golden and silver pens and coins. You can buy Nika watches in the brand's shops or from the official dealers of the company.


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