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Rudis Sylva manufactoryRudis Sylva is Rudis Sylva watch creatingone of the oldest watch brands, created in Switzerland, where numerous watch companies have been founded in different years. Rudis Sylva brand managed not only to elaborate high quality products, but also to keep all long-standing watchmaking traditions in the course of its history. Rudis Sylva watches are an embodiment of best watchmaking traditions and the fantasies of the designers and watchmakers, working in the watchmaking industry for years.
 Nowadays, as it has always done since its creation, the brand continues surprising us with unique models, supplied with manufacture movements, elaborated by Jacqui Epito, one of Rudis Sylva brand's owners. Nowadays Rudis Sylva company has 3 owners: Jacqui Epito, his partner and the third part belongs to Swiss Finest brand, one of the biggest suppliers of modules and parts for many famous Swiss brands.
 In 2007 Epito created the Harmonious Oscillator movement with a double balance, which is called a not less prominent invention, than the Breguet tourbillon. As Epito states, this significant tourbillon with 2 balance wheels and one escapement junction fully eliminates the problem of gravity mistake in each time moment. When Breguet company elaborated the tourbillon, its creators were counting on this mistake correction during the rotor's full circle and Epito's movement solves it during one balances' half-oscillation. The tourbillon in Rudis Sylva watches looks magnifical, it is made in the form of a huge rotor with the diameter of 17,4 mm with 2 balance wheels, oscillating in phase opposition. The balance springs also work in phase oppositionRudis Sylva mechanism, Rudis Sylva mechanismbecause they are installed that way. This is how the gravity mistake correction occurs. Epito used a new method while creating the Harmonious Oscillator movement, having connected the 2 balance wheels mechanically with the help of the balance hoop cogs, like in a regular wheel gearing. Nobody could think, that the system would work, because traditional notions about balances are based on the necessity to create the “free travel”, because the balance's contact with the outer world should be as low as possible. It's obvious, that the energy pass in such a system won't be momentary. In comparison with the sound of other movements with the regular lever escapement, Harmonious Oscillator's sound is much louder and much more prolonged. Epito keeps saying, that this movement can't be checked with the help of a regular instrument: “We have checked our watches' precision by an ancient method – noting the time, they correspond with the chronometric precision criteria. It's impossible to deliver them to C.O.S.C. for checking, because they check it, basing on acoustics”.
  It's notable, that Jacqui Epito's wonder invention is the result of hand work. It's not a surprise, that such an invention belongs to a Swiss watchmaking company, because Rudis Sylva company is situated in the village of Les-Bois in Switzerland, which is famous for its watchmaking art. There weren't any watch brands in the region, but many great watchmaking craftsmen, who set up their own watch companies and elaborated original wrist watch models, originated from there. By the way, Jacqui Epito was also born in Les-Bois and the watches, created by Rudis Sylva company are the embodiment of the region's watchmaking heritage.
RS05 The Harmonious OscillatorRS10 movement assembly took a rather long time, because it's fully handcrafted and, moreover, most of the time is spent on the tourbillon fine-tuning. The movement, consisting of 400 parts, was presented by Epito at the worldwide BaselWorld 2009 exhibition.
 This unique movement is installed in the exclusive Rudis Sylva RS05 and RS10 watches.
 The RS05 model's case with the diameter of 42,2 mm and the thickness of 18,1 mm is made of 18-carat rose or grey gold. The dial is decorated with hand engraving. There's a small aperture with time indication at the “12” position and the movement with 2 balances at the “6” position. There's a musical mechanism on the back side of the watch, that plays a melody with every hour occurrence, for 4 hours after the full rewind. The model is supplemented by an alligator leather strap with a rose of grey gold buckle, depending on the case color. There's a crown with an engraved logo at the “3” position.
 The RS10 is the new model from Rudis Sylva with a round 44-mm diameter 14,3-mm thick case, made of 18-carat rose or grey gold. There are multiple color versions of the model's dial. Just like the previous model, the RS10 also has a small hand-engraved aperture with Roman digits and 2 hands at the “12” position. There's the movement with 2 balance wheels at the “6” position. You can see a sun-dial, covered with Grand Feu enamel, on the watch's case back. The origin of the sun-dial, created in 1750, is connected with the name of Les-Bois region, where Rudis Sylva company was created. The model is supplemented with an alligator leather strap with a gold buckle. Rudis Sylva watches' perfect designer execution won't leave anyone indifferent.
 You can buy a Rudis Sylva watch at the company's official dealers.


Rudis Sylva watches presentation (part1) Geneve, January 2012
Rudis Sylva watches presentation (part1) Geneve, January 2012

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Rudis Sylva watches presentation (part 2) Geneve, January 2012
Rudis Sylva watches presentation (part 2) Geneve, January 2012

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RS12 Grand Art Horloger watch by Rudis Sylva RS12 Grand Art Horloger watch by Rudis Sylva
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