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Company buildingThe Swiss watch company RSW is the guarantee of the perfect quality, the embodiment of the sophistication and the know-how.
The base of the watch brand Rama WATCH SA was laid  by M.A. Marachly, who founded the watchmaking workshopin 1914 . The father's business continued Rafik Marachly, who from his birth on 1928  started to discover the magic of the watch world and antiques. From his early childhood, his heart beat at the rhythm of the watches. Although his father trusted  him the work in the watchmaking, Rafik Marachly tried himself at the other professions (cabinet maker, journalist). However, as a result he understood that he could  not leave the world of the watches. By 1951, he led his father's business.
In 1956 Rafik Marachly  creates "his" first model: a watch with date indication round the dial. Being a supporter of the innovation and the technological usage  he expanded the collection, creating the mechanical and automatic-wound watches. Wishing to meet the diversified tastes of his customers Rafik Marachly experimented with the design.
In 1970  the watch company RAMA WATCH SA  moved to Bienne.
In 1979, following the fashion of the quartz watches, the watch company RAMA WATCH SA launched its first model with the digital display.
1980-86 years, the watch company, staking  on the innovation and  the increased professionalism in manufacture,  created  a whole series of new models ("Echelle" and "Phase de lune" baguette bracelet lines).
By 1986 on the watch company RAMA WATCH SA had worked four children of Rafic Marachly, they were participated in the technical development of the wristwatches.
In 1990 the company launched a  a range of chronometer watches.
In 1992 – the creation of the "Bellissima" range and the "Pyramide" model.
In 1993 – the creation of the "Babylone" model.
In 1994 – the creation of the "Palace" model.
In 1995 the new ladies model "Victoria" was RSW Watch launched and had a great success. And by 1996 the company produced the analog of the men's wrist watches. Also, the upgraded model of “Palace” was launched. This model quickly became the flagship of the RAMA WATCH SA collections.
1997 the series of "Palace Square”, which introduced RAMA WATCH SA in the upmarket world. Watches Palace Square is available in 18K gold, in steel or in a combination of metal encrusted with diamonds. That same year RAMA WATC SA signed  the  contract to produce the watches under the brand Madeleine Vionnet and launch the  line - «Haute Couture».
In 1998 RAMA WATCH SA officially set and established the RSW brand, which is an abbreviation of Rama Swiss Watch.
1999 - the Sumo automatic line was created.
2001 - the introduction of the jewellery Lady Liberty line.
In 2002 the serie of 7th Sense Family was launched. In 2002 the factory was built in La Neuveville and the line of the accessories such as pens, leather goods, cuff links and perfumes, was launched.
2005 – the automatic chronograph Nazca - with the mechanism, patented by RSW for rapidly changing the time zone. In the same year were launched the jewelry watches of the line Tzarine.
2006  -  the line Golden Ice was available in 18K  pink, yellow or white gold.
2007 – the line Princess Liberty was presented. It's the evolution  of Lady Liberty. The women watches have the octagonal shape.
In 2008 the model Outland with the avant-garde design was presented. The limited edition High King tourbillons has 25 items. Outland actually is a compass showing the time. It has the futuristic, high-spirited design.
In 2009 3 lines of the watches, designed in the modernist style, were launched. The Moonflouer is the automatic model of the women wristwatch with the organic and sensual design. In the same year were  released 2 more models: the model for diving-Diving Tool – 300 m water resistant and the elegant model Hampstead which has rectangular form of 2 sizes.
In developing of  the concept for further development, the RSW watch brand pays attention to all the current trends in the watch industry. Now the RSW  watches are  the  stylish and exclusive products of the high quality, embodied  the  futuristic trend in the watch industry.
The RSW watch brand satisfies every taste: lovers of the  classic watches, and followers of the fashion trends and  the avant-garde. The collections of the RSW watches include models for sports, diving, and just for fans of the "haute horlogerie". The brand RWS have a wide range of the jewelry watch models. Only traditional Swiss quality remains unchanged.

RSW at GTE 2012  Geneve, January 2012
RSW at GTE 2012 Geneve, January 2012

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