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Enrico Grassi Damiani and Damiano Grassi DamianiDamiani is an ItalianDamiani family: Giorgio, Gabriella, Sylvia and Guido jewelery house, one of the world's oldest jewelery and luxury wrist watches producers. The company was founded in 1924 in a small town of Valenza (Italy) by an Italian jeweler, Enrico Grassi Damiani.
 The brand's products attracted everyone's attention at once with their elegance, luxurious image, austere shapes, executed in classic style. As the brand's owner stated, “Creating the jewelery, I think about the Woman, her taste, her feelings, about the subtle play of her desires, rather than the jewelery itself...” That's why Damiani company's articles are so ambrosian and inimitable.
 These exquisite articles were noted by the Italians, who managed to see their true value, at once. The company became popular and managed to stand out among the other brands very soon. The classic jewelery with elegant and moderate design has become an inseparable part of celebrities' accessories. Such an irregular approach to design made the company well-known among the most respected aristocratic families of Italy very soon.
Jennifer Aniston, Isabella Rossellini and Gwyneth Paltrow Damiani family businessDamiani manufactory was continued by Damiano Grassi Damiani, Enrico Damiani's son, who implied all his effort to the company's development. Damiano primarily reconsidered the jewelery design and started using innovative techniques, such as the “lunette” effect, amplifying the shine of the gems, decorating an article. Thanks to the right political strategy, the company became one of the leading jewelery houses. The proof of such a prominent position are the jewelery “Oscars” – the  Diamonds International Awards.
 At the moment the company is governed by the third Damiani family generation. Gabriella Damiani is the company's president, her son Guido is its managing director, her second son Giorgio works on the models' design, her daughter Sylvia is in VIP-PR, in other words, the company's relations with social people and celebrities. Giorgio Damiani is also the president of Damiani USA.
Damiani boutique Damiani company'sDamiani watch creating jewelery is worn by many celebrities, Hollywood stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Chiara Mastroianni, Nastassja Kinski, Mila Jovovich, Isabella Rossellini and many others. In 2008 actress Sharon Stone became Damiani's newest “Chingon” collection's image. The other collection, called “D. Side” was represented by Brad Pitt. Such an alliance of a jewelery house and famous actors left its mark in the company's history. And the gold bracelets, earrings, rings, decorated the multicolored gems and presented by the celebrities, left nobody indifferent. Nowadays Damiani is a world-famous jewelery house with multiple boutiques in different cities of the world: Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, São Paulo, New York, Tokyo and others.
salon Damiani By its 80th anniversaryDamiani watch creating the company produced a luxurious collection of 9 diamond adornments, embodying the nine milestones in the company's history. Not only the jewelery house's adornments are unique, but also its inimitable wrist watches, the luxurious accessories, made especially for women, wishing to highlight their colorful image and individuality. The ideal combination of elegant design and precious gems has made Damiani models inimitable masterpieces of the watchmaking art. Damiani watches are made by skillful hands of Swiss craftsmen, who have been in watchmaking for many years, in correspondence with the modern Italian design standards. Such a combination is a basis for creation of inimitable luxurious watches, decorated with various multicolored precious stones, charming with their glorious shine. Damiani watches are made of high quality materials, such as white gold, ceramics and others, they are equipped with Swiss movements.
Belle Epoque The luxurious Damiani watches are represented by the following collections: “Belle Epoque”, “D.Side”, “Damianissima”,D.Side “Notte di San Lorenzo”,Damianissima “Mimosa”.
 The Belle Epoque collection's watches are executed with round cases, decorated with multicolored gems. Some models of the line are supplied with nacreous dials, the cases of other models are decorated with multiple rows of stones, the third models have not only bezels, decorated with stones, but also dials.
 The D. Side collection is presented by chronographs with nacreous dials, decorated with precious stones on the cases and the bezels. Some models' dials are fully covered with diamonds. The watches are supplied with straps of different colors.
 The Damianissima collection are elegant watches with square cases and bracelets, decorated with gems. The collection's models radiate sophisticated elegance and some simplicity of luxury, that makes a Damianissima piece an incomparable accessory. The watch is made of white, rose or yellow gold, that gives it some charm and an ambrosian image.
 Watches with rectangular cases, leather straps or steel bracelets are represented by the Notte di Notte di San LorenzoMimosaSan Lorenzo collection – the watches with the starry arch magic. The gems, decorating the cases, the bezels, the dials and the bracelets of the watches create a magical play of shining and create the image of blinking stars.
 Mimosa is Damiani brand's latest collection, representing elite watches, symbolizing femininity. The line's luxurious watches are presented in the form of flowers with multicolored gems instead of leaves. The subtle combination of multicolored gems around the cases and the diamonds on the dials make exquisite models, that will highlight their owners' femininity and elegance.
 Damiani jewelery and watches are elegance, sophistication, luxury, they are the models, that will never be old-fashioned, they will be relevant anytime anywhere.
 You can buy Damiani watches and jewelery at the company's official dealers or at the company's boutiques in different countries of the world.

BaselWorld 2012: Belle Epoque Ceramic Watch by Damiani BaselWorld 2012: Belle Epoque Ceramic Watch by Damiani
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