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Cornelius & Cie Watches

Paul Pertijs and Kees EngelbartsThe companyCornelius & Cie watch mechanism Cornelius & Cie was founded in Genève. The brand produces exclusive watches that attract by their unique design.
The company's founders - watchmakers Kees Engelbarts and Paul Pertijs sought to create measures of time, which would differ in their appearance.
So they created watch The Dragon Gate Legend. On the dial of the model is presented the carp, which wants to get to the top of the mountain. It swims, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles. Suddenly, on top of the mountain, it sees the "gate of dragon." After jumping through the gate, carp becomes a dragon. The legend “Dragon Gate” is often used as an allegory. This picture, shown on the dial, tells not only the story of the carp, which turned into a dragon. It represents all the difficulties and obstacles, which can be overcome to achieve the objectives and general success in life.
Cornelius & CieThe next model,The Dragon Gate Legend introduced by Cornelius & Cie, is Chronosome 46XY. The watch case is made of Damascus steel, which is both flexible and rigid. A special acid, which is called the "royal water", is used for engraving. It gives engraving a special look.
There are two models: Chronosome 46XY with cases of 49 mm and Chronosome 6XY/RDM - 42 mm. They are equipped with a mechanism AS 690, which was released in 1935 by the company A. Schild at first. Large model has a power reserve of 8 days, and the small model - 5 days.
In January 2011 the company Cornelius & Cie presented its unique wrist watches at Geneva Time Exhibition.

Dragon watches for New Year 2012 Dragon watches for New Year 2012
Cornelius & Cie presents a Dragon Gate Legend watch Cornelius & Cie presents a Dragon Gate Legend watch

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