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Jean-Francois RuchonnetEric CoudrayTimothy BovardTechno-design of «Cabestan» watch has appeared in the court of world watch industry only recently. The unique mechanism and custom dial of these watches immediately attracted the attention of the public, indifferent to the delights watch.
It seems that the wristwatch as an accessory existed since immemorial time: sand and sun, quartz and mechanical, they changed and improved over time, as well as humanity. Today it seems that the watch industry had exhausted all the design features and hour-long audience is difficult to surprise than ever. But watch «Cabestan» refuted this.
Initially «Cabestan» brand was a project of the two watchmakers already held in watchmaking and knowledgeable experts in the creation of a watch movement. It was Jean-Francois Rushonnet and Vyana Haltera. Despite the differences of characters, famous watchmakers managed to work together for the glory. Jean has high vigor and constant desire to get new experiences and new knowledge, but Vyana - on the contrary, is the holder of a measured and calm nature. Despite this, it was in his workshop found incarnation of the most incredible and crazy ideas many times. Thus, it was he who first created a digital model of a clock «Harry Winston» on mechanical basis.
By combining efforts and rich experience, the master began to develop new and unique watches titled «Cabestan» and, judging by the reviews, it was very good to them.
Cabestan watch mechanismThe first wristwatch of «Cabestan»Cabestan company manufactory excelled highly technical machinery and unusual original designs created with tourbillon, drums, chains, etc.
Model «Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical» can hardly be called a watch in our conventional sense. The model is equipped with four cylindrical LEDs located at the corners of the dial showing the hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve. Among other things, the watch «Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical» has a special mechanical plant, which resembles the handle of the winch. Watches have a shock-resistant sapphire crystal and high water resistance.
The collectible «Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical» made in several variations, depending on the used materials: «Cabestan WTV Black Titanium», «Pink Gold, White Gold», «Platinum», «Grey Titanium», «Black Titanium», «Black Orange Titanium» and «Black Blue Titanium». Cases of these watches are made of pink and white gold, platinum and titanium.
Among other things, watches are equipped with leather strap with secure buckle. «Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical» («Cabestan WTV») watch has been released in limited edition, which certainly makes it more prestigious and desirable.
Inspired by the rapid success and recognition, Jean and Vinne develop and produce the next model in the same category of techno-design: «Cabestan Nostromo». This watch is slightly different from previous models «Cabestan». As noted by them source inspiration for this model creation was the film "Alien." In this regard, the name of the watch is not accidental: the so-called ship of sci-fi movie.
Of course, it is difficult to predict the appearance of such a mechanism on the watch market. But it is more pleasant surprise. These watches are "dressed" in titanium case with black coating. They also feature an innovative transmission "roller-gear" indicator of the power reserve (50 hours), the glass on the sides of the case make it possible to discern the mechanism in detail, because in addition to all the "internal" details of the mechanism phosphoresce green in the dark. Watch has a rubber strap. Price of this model is $ 141,000.
Cabestan watch mechanismBut success follows. Shortly after the «Cabestan Nostromo» model the company «Cabestan» concluded a contract with the Cabestancompany «Ferrari» to create a new watch. A new model of «Cabestan» has a similar vertical design and styled in the spirit of the car brand.
The «Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One» watch is equipped with titanium case and rubber strap, in the center of the dial is situated famous emblem of Ferrari.
The latest achievement of the company is the «Sol Invictus by Cabestan & Marc Alfieri» model. The model was created with the participation of designers Timothy Bovard and Mark Alfieri. The watch got its symbolic name "Invincible Sun" without reason: the winding system depends on solar energy. "Power" of the movement comes from the solar batteries, which are connected with magnetic contacts.
The «Cabestan» watches are a real breakthrough in the field of watchmaking. High technology and unique design, high-modern materials - these watches can be called the watch of the new millennium.

Cabestan laboratory Cabestan laboratory Cabestan laboratory


Cabestan at GTE 2012 Geneve, January 2012
Cabestan at GTE 2012 Geneve, January 2012

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