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Aviator Watches

AviatorAviator is a Russian aviationAviator watch brand, which belongs to “Volmax” watch company, that also owns “Buran” and “Sturmanskie” brands. The native aviation timepieces production dates back to 1927. It was decided to start production of watches, highly competitive with foreign analogues in quality. A watch manufacture, supplied with American equipment was built. Russian-produced watches were exported abroad already in 1931. The same year special watches for army, aviation and fleet production started. In 1932 aviators' chronograph wrist watch models and aviation on-board watches were created. In 1935 navigators' wrist watches, navy chronographs' and deck watches' production started. The special officers' watch production also started at that year. In the Red Army watches with special engraving were presented as gratuity. Later special watches for the air forces were produced. The models, designed for the army and the fleet were used strictly for the purpose intended and didn't go on free sale. In 1997 Volmax company was created, which became a Poljot watches wholesale retail company in Europe. But soon it became obvious, that Poljot watch brand's wrist watches' quality and assortment could not compete with foreign producers. On the highly competitive market it was decided to make collectors' watch lines' production a priority and soon the brand's own models' development started. The brand got its own production facilities in 2001.
 In 2002 Volmax watch company registered its own 3 brands: “Aviator”, “Sturmanskie” and “Buran”.
 Aviator watch models are highly distinctive from other Russian watches, theyAviator left the cheap mass watches segment. The designer and production capacities are focused on production of collectors' limited edition watch series, dedicated to different historical dates and events. The watches' case backs have engravings, saying that there were made not more, than 1000 pieces of the watches.
 Volmax company pays great attention to its products' quality. The brand's manufactures are supplied mostly with Swiss equipment. Aviator watches are assembled by hand and they undergo a strict quality control after assembly in the best Swiss watchmakers' traditions. Volmax watch company is focused on exporting watches, but much is done for Aviator watch' promotion in Russia and for restoring high quality watches connoisseurs' interest for home-made wrist watches. Many famous people are engaged in Aviator watch brand wrist watches' promotion: spacemen, aviators, actors. Aviator watch brand's chronographs are proudly worn by the Russian “Strizhi” aerobatic demonstration team aviators.
  AviatorAviator brand carries on best aviator watches production traditions, paying great attention to quality, functions and design. Professional aviators estimate their quality rather highly.
 Volmax company with its Aviator, Sturmanskie and Buran watch brands has taken part in many international watch exhibitions and became the first Russian brand to be presented at the prestigious annual watch trade fair in the Swiss city of Bazel.
  The interest for Aviator company creations has recently raised in Russia. If chronographs were most popular earlier, than nowadays the classic 3-handed models have gained a great popularity. The demand for more expensive and higher quality models is growing in all collections.
 Volmax company is planning to create a women's quartz chronographs collection. It also working on creating a collection for sports and extreme professionals.
 Aviator watch brand is represented by mechanical wrist watches in the price range from $150 to $5000. They are all limited edition chronographs of 3133 caliber.
 Swiss watches of the same class, Fortis, for example, cost 10 times as much even in serial execution. That's why Aviator watches are willingly bought by foreigners. The limited edition models are dedicated to famous people and events.
 A watch series, consisting of 10 models, was produced for the aviation 100-year anniversary. All watches of the series differ from each other in their construction. A model in the beginning of the XX century retro style has an Aviatororiginal case fixation on an original strap with 4 screws and a non-traditionally situated crown at the “12” position. This wrist and pocket watch hybrid model is produced in limited edition – 1000 models. The “Wright Brothers” series is dedicated to creation of the first airplane. The limited edition “Sikorsky” series is also dedicated to the creation of the first helicopter. The model is executed in the 70-s instruments style, it has an original buttons construction (the springs are offset) and a navigation scale (the invention of a famous aviator, Charles Lindberg), the model was executed in limited edition – 1000 pieces. The “Gagarin” wrist watch model is a designer elaboration, based on space watches models. The “Strela” model is supplied with a black dial and a tachymetric scale. The modern “Aviator” model is executed in high-tech style, with an unusual rubber patching on the case around the dial. Aviator watch brand produces 5 wrist watch series:
    “Classic”;
    “Axiom”;
    “Vintage”;
    “Aviation Legends”;
    “Hi-Tech”.
Aviator Aviator Classic series is strict military design, combined with functionality. The cases are made of plate glazed steel. The plated signs and digits, combined with luminous material provided great readability in any light conditions. The straps are made of natural leather. Axiom is the watch brand's newest series with  plate glazed steel cases and black rubber patching. The buttons are placed on the front instead of a side, which simplifies their pressing. The buttons are connected with a stylish breech, protecting the crown. The dial is multilevel. There are rotating discs instead of seconds hands. The Vintage series is the Wright Brothers series' continuation. The crown's junction with the buttons is executed in the form of levers – “wings”. As pilots say, in the conditions of pilotage, wearing pilots' gloves, it's much easier to press the “wing”-lever buttons, than the usual chronograph buttons. The Aviation Legends series is represented by the “Aviator LA-5” model, dedicated to the strongest Great Patriotic War fighter aircraft. It has inherited the period's watches' simplicity and chastity. The High-Tech series has ultra-fashionable high-tech style models with original strap fixations, combinations of different materials, multilevel dials – it is a symbiosis of style, functionality and ergonomics. The brand's distributors work in USA, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Japan, Austria, Greece, Eastland and on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Nowadays the sales value is divided equally between Russia and foreign states.

Aviator watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)
Aviator watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)

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News of novelties Aviator 2012 at BaselWorld 2012 in an exclusive video clip News of novelties Aviator 2012 at BaselWorld 2012 in an exclusive video clip
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