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Life is short, appreciate the moment!

The skull has been a favorite theme in arts and popular culture over several centuries. The skull was once used everywhere - from posters of pharmaceutical companies to airbrushing on cars. For each this symbol has a different meaning - fighting and disobedience to death, victory over death itself, mystical and mysterious underworld. For some people, the skull is just a beautiful symbol that they wear as a decoration on clothing, accessories, gadgets. The symbols of skulls are particularly prevalent among energetic, self-confident young people who believe that "death is what happens to others" and that they will live forever and leave a trace in history by all means. Nevertheless, the skull is sometimes portrayed in an ironic or even ludicrous form, thus showing that death should not be afraid of, because this process is inevitable and natural, as well as the rise of a new life.

Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia”

Louis Crucius began his professional career as an assistant of printer, and in 1882 he completed the required minimum for acquiring a qualification of pharmacist. In 1890, he received the Doctor’s degree in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. During his studies, he worked in a pharmacy where he drew humorous sketches, which were displayed at the window. Due to this, the local residents nicknamed him "an insane pharmacist." Despite the fact that he gave away most of his works for free, Crucius sold some of his works to the pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia” (which translates from Latin as "against pain"), based in St. Louis in 1890. The company produced medicines from coal tar extract, acetanilide, medicine against fever, containing a substance similar to the modern paracetamol, which later proved to be toxic and addictive. The company added to its medications substances, such as codeine and quinine, to enhance the analgesic action.

Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia” Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia” Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia”

30 drawings by Louis Crucius were used to create five promotional calendars for the brand “Antikamnia”: from 1897 to 1901. The company conducted a rather aggressive advertising campaign, aimed at the medical community, according to which the calendars along with greeting cards and product samples were distributed to doctors in the U.S. and other countries. This is not the only example of the use of skull in "promotional" purposes.

Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia” Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia” Caricature-calendar of Louis Crucius for pharmaceutical company “Antikamnia”

Crystal Skulls of Mayan, Aztec and Olmec

crystal skullAt the middle of the XIXcrystal skull century, messages on small crystal skulls, which the traders of pre-Columbian artifacts were given to the ancient heritage of the dead civilizations of the Maya, Olmec and Aztec, stating that the age of the skulls made up at least five centuries, began to appear.
Currently, 13 skulls are preserved, made of rock crystal, the manufacturer (or manufacturers) of which are still unknown. 9 of these relics are kept in private collections around the world. Others are exhibited in various institutes and museums of the world, such as the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., the Museum of Primitive Art in Paris, as well as the British Museum in London. The next 3 copies represent the human skull in natural size, and were allegedly extracted by antiquarian Eugène Boban, who served as an archaeological advisor to the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, in the jungles of Guatemala.
The last 13th skull was discovered in Bavaria (Germany). Perhaps, once that copy belonged to Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler.
According to studies of three skulls of Boban, the British and American scientists found out that they had been made in the XIX-XX centuries, and in a very "clumsy" way. The studies involved an ultraviolet scanner and particle accelerator. The international team of researchers published the results of their work just after screening of sci-fi movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." The researchers found out that there were traces of the circle with an abrasive material (corundum and diamond), applied only from the beginning of the XIX century, on the surface of the skull from the UK. That means that the "blank" was cut out with a tool of modern production and polished by a rotating abrasive disk. Carborundum particles and other modern abrasives were found on the sample from the Smithsonian University. At that it is known that the inhabitants of pre-Columbian America did not even know about the wheel. It turned out that the quartz used for the manufacture of counterfeits was not of American origin, but imported either from Switzerland or from Germany. The secret of manufacture of these items could be known only by antiquarian Eugène Boban, who died in 1909.

crystal skulls

But despite the evidence that these pieces are false, some mysteries of crystal skulls do not cease to intrigue both ordinary people and scholars to this day. The image crystal skulls endowed with supernatural powers and properties glimpses in popular culture from time to time. The following television series and movies can serve as examples: "Stargate" (21st series of third season "Crystal Skull") and “Veritas: In search of truth" (3rd episode), "Phantom" by Simon Wincer (1996), "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull" by Steven Spielberg (2008).

Skull as a symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead

holiday called “Day of the Dead” (in Spanish “Día de los Muertos”)The holiday calledKatrina that means fashionable girl (in Spanish “La Calavera de la Catrina”) “Day of the Dead” (in Spanish “Día de los Muertos”) is celebrated every year on November 1 and 2 in such countries as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. This day is dedicated to the memory of the dead, whose souls visit their native homes these days, according to an ancient belief. The tradition of celebrating this festival dates back to the tribes of already mentioned Maya and Aztecs, who brought sacrifices and gifts to the goddess Mictlancihuatl in one of these days, and constructed walls with images of skulls - Tzompantli. The holiday coincides with similar Catholic holidays - the Day of All Saints, better known to us as Halloween (1st of November) and the Day of All Souls, celebrated on November 2. The customs associated with the Day of the Dead include making private altars in memory of the deceased, containing sugar skulls, verbena, favorite foods and drinks of the deceased, and a visit to his grave with these gifts.
In 2003 the holiday was included in the register of intangible cultural heritage of mankind, drawn up by UNESCO.
These days they also arrange a traditional carnival, make sweets in the form of skulls, typical figure, dressed as female skeletons, known as Katrina that means fashionable girl (in Spanish “La
holiday called “Day of the Dead” (in Spanish “Día de los Muertos”)Calavera de la Catrina”). Especially for the Day of the Dead in 2004, the students of the National Autonomous University of Mexico built a wall out of 5667 sugar, caramel and chocolate skulls, which was 2667 skulls more that the old wall. It has been brought into the world Guinness Book of Records.
In honor of the Day of the
The Last Laugh Tattoo watch Dead, the cemeteries are decorated with ribbons and flowers, the roads leading from their houses to their graves, are put up with candles by their relatives for their souls could find their way home. Paradoxically, for the Mexicans the Day of the Dead is a celebration of life.
Recently, the holiday becomes very popular in many countries, sometimes even pushing into the background wildly popular Halloween. This is partly connected with the fact that the Day of the Dead has its own aesthetics and style. The skulls, which are depicted on clothes, altars and figurines this day, do not scare by their anatomical certainty, they are somewhat comical and improbable. At that the skulls are often depicted with flowers, and they are painted in bright colors, since it's not a day of mourning for the dead, but a holiday, so the decor has to be festive.
In addition to clothing, accessories and even tattoos, the men's and women's watches are devoted to this unusual holiday more and more often.

“The Last Laugh Tattoo” from British company “Mr. Jones”

The one, who has never seen the men's wrist watch “The Last Laugh Tattoo”, might think that the watch with such daunting title must necessarily be terrifying, but at first glance at the dial one has a sense of delight and admiration, but never fear. This wonderful model is a quintessence of the Day of the Dead - the skull on the dial of this original watch is as if laughing to death, smiling with all the remaining teeth. These teeth are also used to display the time, the top ones indicate the hours and the bottom - the minutes. The skull on the dial of this watch hasn’t turned out so frightening, because it is not part of human skeleton in traditional sense, but a "Sugar Skull", which is presented as a gift to guests on the Day of the Dead, and also left on the graves of dead relatives with their favorite dishes and drinks. The picture was invented by the designers of the company “Mr. Jones” in the style of multi-colored tattoo with famous British tattoo artist Adrian Willard. This model once again reminds us of the need to appreciate every moment of life, because it is not eternal, and one and the same destiny is waiting for all of us at the end of the road.
The characteristics of the model: round case with a diameter of 37 mm from 316L stainless steel, covered with black PVD, with the strap of black leather with turquoise stitching, the water resistance is 50 meters, automatic quartz movement on one stone.

BR 01 Airborne by Bell & Ross — a tribute to American paratroopers

The Swiss watch company “Bell & Ross” was founded for manufacturing watches, used in extreme situations. Its founders are specialists in creation of aircraft devices. This explains the thirst of the designers to aviation theme and everything that is associated with aircrafts and the sky.
In 2009 the company introduced its new model - "BR 01 Airborne", dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Allied forces landing in Normandy during World War II. The model was introduced in France, just when U.S. President Barack Obama was in Paris for the celebration of the anniversary of Allied troops landing.
The men's watch “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne” is a typical example of the company’s style with an advanced original design. This model has contributed to the rise of the company’s popularity. The skull on the watch dial is complemented by cross-bones, screwed to the typical square case with four screws. The human skull is used as an association with the motto of American airborne troops: "Death from above" and fluoresces in the dark with bright-green light. The awesome look of model is complemented by the hands, made in the form of sword and dagger, as well as the black PVD-coated case. The Swiss watch “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne” is released in a limited edition of 500 copies and is definitely of great collection value.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne 415 Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne 672

Specification: automatic movement ETA 2829, functions of hours and minutes, case with  a diameter of 46 mm from brushed steel of shot peening with black carbon coating, black dial, photoluminescent hands and skull for best readability in the dark, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, water resistance - 100 meters, bracelet made of rubber, leather or high-strength synthetic fabric. You can buy watches “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne” only at the official representatives of the company. There are also models “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne 415” and “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne 672”, encrusted with 415 and 672 diamonds, respectively.
In 2011, the company continued the theme of watches, which pay tribute to the airborne troops, releasing the models "BR 01 Airborne II" and "BR 01 Tourbillon Airborne", which would be ideal companions for those, who appreciate accuracy of their watches. The black PVD-coated steel case of “Airborne II” is decorated in the style of "rifle barrel", a process that involves multiple sanding of case in randomly selected areas, emphasizes the military heritage of the model. The men's watch “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne II” is assembled on the basis of mechanical Swiss caliber ETA 2892 of automatic winding, equipped with the dial "phantom black", sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The water resistance is 100 meters. The original strap can be replaced by a strap of leather or heavy-duty fabric.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne II Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon Airborne

The model “Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon Airborne” has a military symbolism in combination with a precise watch movement. The list of functions in this watch includes accuracy sensor, second, minute and hour hands, indicator of 5-day power reserve in the style of regulator and, of course, tourbillon finished with black gold, which can be seen through a window at "6" hours. The titanium case of 46-mm diameter is covered with a layer of DLC ("Diamond-like Coating") with a screw-up crown. This Swiss watch is also provided with a mechanical caliber of manual winding, plate and bridges of carbon, the back case of sapphire crystal, frontal sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The water resistance is 50 meters. The strap is made of sharkskin and rubber.
The luminescent skulls on dials with crossbones screwed to bezels, the legendary square cases of “Bell & Ross”, the "phantom black" dials, as well as hands in the form of swords or daggers are common to these two models. Both models are produced in limited editions, “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne II” - 999 copies, and “Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon Airborne” - totally 20.

Pirate theme in “Black Pearl” from HD3 Complication

For the creation of that exciting model Fabrice Gonet was inspired by the adventures of brave pirates and sea robbers, who wore all sorts of retro-futuristic ammunition in "steampunk" style (a subgenre of science fiction, which describes a society, similar to the Victorian, but in an alternate history, in which some of the technical inventions are made before their actual time). The owner can even order the engraving of his name and title of "Captain" of this unique time meter. Everything in this model recalls the magical world of piracy: aperture at "9" hours, similar to a hole of a warship gun barrel and closed with a titanium PVD-coated cover, engraved with a skull with crossed swords underneath, which opens a magnificent panoramic lateral view of the tourbillon; the back case of sapphire glass with an engraved compass scale; as well as the crown, made in the form of a ship's tiller. A unique window of biaxial tourbillon is inspired by early navigational time meters. The wheel at "9 o’clock" shows hours, the disc similar to ship motor control device in the position of "12 o’clock" – minutes, and the power reserve indicator is made in the form of sextant. This unique watch is limited by 22 copies. 11 of them have cases made of PVD-coated titanium, the cases of remaining 11 are made of PVD-coated pink gold and titanium. The water resistance is 50 meters, the power reserve - 80 hours. The tourbillon makes one rotation on one axis per a minute, on the other one - per 30 seconds. The frequency of the movement makes up 21,600 vibrations per hour. The movement plate is made of anodized aluminum with black insertion on additional bridge. The numerals are phosphor-coated with "Luminova" of blood-red color. The tourbillon carriage and movement decor are finished with black gold. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The original men's wristwatch “HD3 Complication Black Pearl” comes with a strap made of rubber, leather or a vintage leather strap with red stitching.

Black Pearl watch Memento Mori watch by Fiona Kruger

“Memento Mori” by Fiona Kruger

There are many pocket watches with cases in the shape of skull, as well as a lot of wrist watches with a skull on the dial in one form or another. However, these watches are quite a rarity. The fact is that the case of unique mechanical watch “Memento Mori”, created by a young but talented independent watchmaker from Switzerland, Fiona Kruger, is made in the form of human skull. This skull corresponds to the aesthetics of the Mexican Day of the Dead, "Dia de Los Muertos", and we can say with full confidence that a huge share of design talent and skills were put into that watch. Fiona created that masterpiece of fine watchmaking during her study at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne.
The name “Memento Mori” was used in the watch industry not once, but still the design and style of this particular time meter are unique and attractive. The skull was engraved by hand from a solid piece of sterling silver, as well as the crown. The hands are made of traditional blued steel, and the crown evokes associations with aviation style. But the most interesting element is still the dial, which is an incredible combination of parts, laser-cut by hand, painted and polished, creating a stunning decorative effect of the skull. The materials making up the elements of the dial include gold and copper, coated with a layer of rhodium. The plate forming the teeth of skull is treated in an interesting technique of perlage. To protect that unique dial Fiona Kruger had to use mineral glass, cut out in the shape of skull by order, because cutting of such form of glass from a single piece of sapphire would be very expensive. Maybe when the serial production of this model is put in order, it will be equipped with sapphire glasses. The watch is assembled on the basis of Swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2. The strap is made of blue calf leather and equipped with a silver clasp.

“Tourbillon RM 052 Skull” by Richard Mille

A skillfully designed skull adorns the dial of “Tourbillon RM 052 Skull”, placed in a brand case of Richard Mille. The skull is an integral part of human skeleton, without which it can’t function, so the company decided to make the titanium skull an integral part of its skeletonized watches “Tourbillon RM 052 Skull”.
Typically, images of human skulls are used only for decoration of watches, but the masters, who created that amazing model, went further - they instilled a skull in the watch movement, using it for both creating a special style and increasing the functionality. The central bridge of the movement is made in the form of the skull back, and the tourbillon carriage ruby is located between upper and lower jaws. Four bridges, connecting the movement with the case, are made in the form of crossed bones, complementing a brutal design of time meter. This unique men's watch is produced in a limited edition of 21 copies: 15 - in titanium cases and 6 are enclosed in red or white gold cases. Case dimensions: 42,7 x50x15, 95 mm.
The movement of manual winding equipped with tourbillon and functions of hours and minutes serves as a “heart” or rather “brains” of this time meter. The power reserve is approximately 48 hours. The plate and bridges of caliber are made of 5th grade titanium, a biocompatible, high-strength alloy with high resistance to corrosion, thanks to which the carriage of gear system works very efficiently. The alloy consists of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium that improve its mechanical properties, so it is often used in aeronautical, aerospace and automotive industries. The upper and lower jaws of the skull hold a stone of tourbillon carriage. The back part of skull acts as a central bridge. "Jolly Roger" is formed by four additional bridges that connect the case with the movement. The skeletonized plate and bridges have undergone a number of serious tests, proving their resilience.

Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 052 Skull Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 052 Skull watch backside

The balance wheel with a free spring provides greater reliability while shock, assembly and disassembly of the movement. It also ensures better chronometric results over longer periods of time. Moreover, the balance wheel with a free spring eliminates the need to use a caliber plate, allowing a more accurate adjustment with the use of four screws. Dimensions of the movement: 32,8 x30, 9 mm, number of stones - 19, frequency - 21600 vibrations per hour, diameter of the tourbillon - 10.9 mm.
For the first time in the history of Richard Mille the watch case is lightened through cutting out apertures on the bezel and back case. This original skeletonized case enhances the visual effect of the model “Tourbillon RM 052 Skull”. The case consisting of three parts is waterproof at a depth of 50 meters, which is provided by two O-rings of nitrile. The case of this watch is fastened by 20 spline screws of 5th grade titanium and abrasion resistant washers of 316 L stainless steel.
This Swiss watch is equipped with the crown with a system of limited winding that prevents overwinding, which can cause damage to the winding roller or too strong tension of cylinder spring. The frontal glass is 1.5 mm thick, made of sapphire of 1800 hardness by Vickers with double anti-reflective coating. The back sapphire crystal also has an anti-reflective coating, its thickness in the center is 1.2 mm, at the edges - 2.04 mm. The edges of parts are cut and polished by hand, the milled surfaces are treated by microjet machine, the external end surfaces are polished.

Team-watch “Gulliver” from Tendence and Hydrogen

The Swiss watch company “Tendence” launched its first team-watch collection in collaboration with the exclusive Italian fashion label “Hydrogen”. Hydrogen has its own brand style, makes products with original design, including clothing and sporting goods of "luxury" class that are sold in multi-brand stores worldwide. Despite the fact that the company “Hydrogen” is founded in only 2003, it can already boast of collaboration with such "giants", as Lamborghini Group, Perfetti Group and Porsche, but Tendence is the first watch company in its service record. “Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen” has several design variants, each of which is equipped with a symbol of skull, perfectly combining innovations, technology and design.

Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch

The headquarters of Tendence is located in the Swiss city of Lugano. The products of the brand have a unique modern image, born out from a union of innovations, style and bold design. The wonderful Swiss watch “Tendence” with a bold three-dimensional design, sizes and combinations of unusual materials are created with the use of rich experience and skills of masters of the company in conjunction with the avant-garde technologies - symbol of the company.
The men's watch “Gulliver” is the owner of brand design from Tendence. This is a multi-dimensional sport, and at the same time elegant Swiss watch with a strict, sophisticated aesthetics, inherent in modern watch design. The model is equipped with a large case of stainless steel and high-tech polycarbonate, as well as with a brand silicone strap, providing incredible durability and protection from shocks and scratches. The diameter of case is 50 mm, the water resistance - up to 100 meters. Around the perimeter of the deep-dish dial the three-dimensional numerals are cut out. In the center there is a skull, painted in the same color as the indexes "2", "4", "8" and "10." On the forehead of skull there is the logo of the brand. There are 6 color versions of the model: 4 with black dials and gray, blue, red or gold indexes "2", "4", "8", "10" and skulls, one model with gray dial and outlined black indexes and skull, and also an option with dark gray dial and light gray skull and indexes. The central hour, minute and second hands glow in the dark. The model is equipped with an automatic quartz movement.

Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen watch

Piece of Gothic style from Daniel Strom — “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem”

In 2011, watchmaker Daniel Strom presented his watch "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem", which translated from Latin as "Remember that you are mortal, Appreciate the moment", to connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie. This model became the most expensive in the collection of Daniel under the name “Agonium”. This Gothic men’s watch is a true masterpiece of watchmaking, it is available in cases of different precious metals: sterling silver, palladium, rose gold, platinum, and it can also be made of any material of your choice and decorated with diamonds. The inside watch case is made of stainless steel. The dial can be either black or ivory. The contrasting Roman numerals and hands of polished steel of white or black color complement its Gothic style. The dial is protected by frontal sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating and bending, the back case is also made of sapphire glass. The model is equipped with mechanical Swiss caliber ETA 2824 with automatic winding, its water resistance - 50 meters. The case is decorated with arches on each side, filled with skulls. The staples and crown are also made in the form of skulls, the eye-sockets of which can be encrusted with diamonds, if your wish. The Swiss watch “Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem” is equipped with black alligator strap with clasp of sterling silver, palladium, rose gold or platinum, depending on case material. In general, the model creates a beautiful gothic image that will suit both young people and serious successful men. If you want to buy the watch “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem”, you can order it at the official website of Daniel Strom. Its production will take about a month.

Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem watch Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem watch Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem watch Daniel Strom Memento Mori, Carpe Diem watch

Watches with skulls from Marc Ecko

American designer Marc Ecko, recently tried his hand in journalism and production of computer games, continues to destroy the boundaries of traditional way of thinking, thus consolidating his reputation as a conductor in the world of pop culture.
While others imitate someone all the time, Marc chooses innovation. His goal - not to chase anyone, but to create an entirely new category of branded products and services that will instantly become innovative and really feasible at the same time.
Marc Ecko began his career in the mid-'80s, when he was a high school student and started working in a garage of his parents in New Jersey, fitted to a design-studio. Having at his disposal only airbrush and set of his own graphic templates, Marc quickly got a group of loyal fans, and in 1993 at the age of 20 years, he founded the company "*ecko unltd".
To date, the company's products include 12 collections of clothing under the brand *ecko unltd, a modern collection “Marc Ecko "Cut & Sew", items of clothing under the brand "G-Unit Clothing Company", "Zoo York", "Avirex Sportswear", Journal "Complex" of 330,000 copies circulation, as well as recently released game "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure".
In 2006, Marc was awarded the prestigious prize "MTV Video Music Award" for the "Best computer game soundtrack." He is often included into such lists as "the most influential men at the age of 38 years" in the magazine "Details", “Icons of Style" in the magazine "Stuff" or "Influential Faces of the City" in "New York Magazine". He also became world-known for his provocative tricks, such as two won lawsuits against the City of New York over the graffiti, as well as the campaign with virus video ad "Tagging Air Force One" in 2006, in which he allegedly wrote on the engine of the American "Air force one" with spray paint his slogan "Still Free". As it turned out later, it was a well-planned action, for which Marc has leased a Boeing 747 and painted as the aircraft of George W. Bush.
Today, indefatigable Marc Ecko keeps on delighting his fans with new products. Now it is not only fashionable clothes, magazines or video games, but also original men's and women's watches.

Skull Face Brown Leather Mens Watch (Ref. E11581G1) Marc Ecko Logan Watch (Ref. E22588G1)

The men's watch "Marc Ecko Logan Watch" (Ref. E22588G1) will suit both rock star and successful businessman. This model in large black stainless steel case on a wide leather strap will help you to control your time and always arrive at destination point on time. The wide black strap is equipped with a classic adjustable buckle, and on the watch dial with black “baton”-hour markers there is a black skull, complementing the overall aesthetics of the device. In addition, it is decorated with patterns of skulls and branches with leaves. The central hands of this extraordinary time meter are made in the style of Rolex and painted in white, contrasting vividly against the black dial. The dial is protected by a reinforced scratch-proof mineral glass. The model is equipped with a reliable automatic quartz movement, its water resistance is 50 meters. The diameter of “Marc Ecko Logan Watch” - 46 mm, the width of the strap - 48 mm.
Another no less interesting model of Marc Ecko is “Skull Face Brown Leather Men’s Watch” (Ref. E11581G1) with a round steel case and cover with a picture of "Jolly Roger" with a bandage over one eye, hiding the dial. This big men's watch from Marc Ecko of 44-mm diameter is equipped with a round black dial and placed on a wide brown leather strap of 22-cm long with an attractive buckle. The model is driven by a reliable Japanese automatic quartz movement, the water resistance of case is 30 meters. The dial of “Marc Ecko Skull Face Brown Leather Men’s Watch” is protected by a reinforced extra scratch-proof mineral glass, so it is ideal for fans of street style.

Team-watch "Agonium Deconstructed" by Ivan Arpa and Daniel Strom

World-famous watchmakers Daniel Strom and
Agonium Deconstructed watch Ivan Arpa pleased their fans with a team-model under the name “Agonium Deconstructed”, which became a kind of synthesis of inimitable gothic style by Daniel Strom and original solutions by Ivan Arpa. The model described above “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem”, adorned with four skulls at the corners of the square case and the fifth skull, placed on the crown, became a basis for that watch. Between skulls there are small arches, and filled with skulls of smaller size, complementing the Gothic image of the watch. At that the skulls in arches and the eye sockets of skull-crown are covered with the brightest fluorescent compound, which has an intense green glow in darkness.
Ivan Arpa and the masters of ArtyA brought their own style and unique technologies, including the process of transformation of the case by means of a million-volt current, into the creation of the new model. The strongest lightning is generated by Tesla coil, and it deforms the structure of the metal, literally destroying it at the molecular level. Each copy of the limited edition will be unique.
Strom and ArtyA even suggested a new motto for the model: "Quod tu es, ego fui, quod ego sum, tu eris". That maxim was engraved on the tomb of one of the Roman legionaries, and it is translated as follows: "I was once like you, and soon you'll become like me." This insightful quote says that we are all equal in the face of death.
The brightly-painted watch in the style of the Mexican holiday (the Day of the Dead) will constantly remind you that we have to live for today and not think about death. The skulls on the dials of this watch are made by hand by Ivan Arpa’s wife, artist Dominic Arpa, by unique graphic techniques using a specially designed paint, gilding, and secret pigments. The dial is also provided with two hands in the shape of the spit edge, complementing the overall look of the Gothic model. The barrel-shaped case is made of 316L stainless steel, underwent a million-volt lightning, engraved by hand and covered with fluorescent paint to match the luminous stitching on the strap of toad leather. The buckle is made in the form of skull from 316L stainless steel. Inside the case there is a Swiss automatic caliber 2824 with a power reserve of 42 hours. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal, scratch-proof. The water resistance is 50 meters. Totally ArtyA and Daniel Strom will release 88 copies of this unique time meter. One can buy the watch “Agonium Deconstructed” only at the official representatives of the brands, as well as ordering online.
By the way, this is not the first model from Ivan Arpa with a skull on the dial. In 2011, the tireless watchmaker presented "Halloween Collection", the dials of which were decorated with images of different skulls. The cases were made of stainless steel and transformed by means of Tesla transformer. The diameter of case is 47 mm, the water resistance - 50 meters.

As you see, watches with skulls on the dials are incredibly diverse: sporty “Tendence Gulliver Hydrogen”, classical “Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne”, and Gothic model from Daniel Strom. All this diversity means that these watches match different styles of clothing and suit people of any social status. Some believe that watches with skulls on dials won’t be good for business men, for example, but this is not so. Naturally, the watch of rebel Marc Ecko or eccentric “The Last Laugh Tattoo” of the company “Mr. Jones” won’t match a business suit, but if you put on the watch “Tourbillon RM 052 Skull watch” by Richard Mille, or “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem” by Daniel Strom to a business meeting or negotiations, they will only accentuate your style and impeccable taste. Do not be afraid to take risks and to draw attention to your unusual accessory, until you have such opportunity, since "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem"!


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