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Watches with skulls — choice of impeccable style

“Dead Head” is still one of the most widely used militaryUS Army emblems and applied by subdivisions a in a number of countries around the world. Also, the skull with crossbones is often used by mercenaries during various armed conflicts. This symbolism is also used by some modern neo-Nazi and neo-fascist organizations. Among riders (bikers) the skull is a common symbol, bringing victory and also representing protection against death. The bikers tell a legend that when death comes, it puts its mark on the deceased - the skull, but if someone already has this sign, it thinks that it already was there, and does not take the person."Totenkopf" was very popular as an emblem in many militarized divisions of the world, including British submarine fleet, detachment of “squadra”-Blackshirts under the leadership of Benito Mussolini, some U.S. special forces, Polish tank crews, Finnish cavalry, French policemen from Security Service, and others.


"Jolly Roger""Jolly Roger" is the name of a flag, indicating the ship's crew belonging to the pirates. With the abolition of piracy some militarized units started using the symbol of skull with crossbones as a symbol of their units or as a banner of victory, attributing legendary ferocity and deadliness of the pirates.
Admiral Arthur Wilson, the commander of the Royal Navy, expressed the opinion of many representatives of the Great Britain Ministry of the Navy at that time, calling the submarines “dishonest, shooting on the quite, and damned by non-British." He also called on “to consider all submarines as pirates in wartime… and hang up their crews." In response, Lieutenant-Commander of the Navy of Great Britain Max Horton first raised Jolly Roger flag above the deck of his HMS E9 submarine on his return to port after the destruction of the German cruiser SMS Hela and the destroyer SMS S-116 in 1914.
During World War II the submarines of the Royal Navy had a common practice to raise the flag of Jolly Roger on the deck on return to port after a successful completion of a mission, during which there were any military actions, but rather as a sign of bravado and stealth than lawlessness and anarchy. At the present time, Jolly Roger is an emblem of the submarine service of the Royal Navy.

Air forces

Three separate squadrons of the U.S. Army naval aviation used the name and symbol of "Jolly Roger" in their symbolism: VF-61 (VF-17 was originally), VF-84 and VFA-103. Despite the fact that they are three completely different squadrons, and there are no direct links among them, they are all called "Jolly Rogers" and use the symbolism of skull with crossbones, as well as adhere to the respective traditions. The first embodiment of "Jolly Rogers" was VF-17 Squadron, based at Naval Base Norfolk on the 1st of January, 1943. At the place of squadron the deck fighters Chance Vought F4U “Le Corsaire" were positioned. Inspired by the name of the aircraft, squadron commander Tommy Blackburn chose "Jolly Roger" as a symbol of division. Today the fighter squadron VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers" has this name, the skulls and crossbones on the tail feathers of their fighters-bombers make their unit easily recognizable. The reconnaissance battalions of American Marines also use the symbol of skull with crossbones in their symbolism.

Ground forces

The emblem of skull with crossbones was used by many sabres of the British Army. The Royal lancers of Her Majesty still use the symbol as their emblem, inherited from the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons – a fighting body, formed in 1759 after the death of General Wolfe in Quebec, the emblem of which in his honor was chosen the "head of Death", based on the tape with the motto "Death or glory." The cockade with the emblem was later used by 17th/21st cavalry regiment and its successor, the Royal Lancers Regiment of Her Majesty, who are sometimes called the "death or glory boys" behind their back.
Some units of Russian armed forces, such as Special Forces, airborne troops, naval infantry, now use the symbol of skull in their berets on badges.

Skull and crossbones as a symbol of danger

A picture of human skull is often used as a mark, warning of deadly danger, for example, of toxic materials in chemical manufacturing or on packages of toxic substances, of high-voltage electric current, in pharmaceutical industry and so on.

skull and crossbones as a symbol of dangerskull and crossbones as a symbol of danger

Tattoos of skulls

skull's tattooThe skull from the "dead head" or separately is a popular tattoo motif. These body pictures do not always have a negative value. In some countries the tattoos of skulls are a symbol of change - both for better and for worse. In Latin America, the skull has the meaning of the notorious phrase "Memento Mori" - “Remember of your mortality." At first glance, such phrase may seem depressing, but this is life. These tattoos also can serve as a symbol of male chauvinism. Among the Indians, the tattoo of skull has long been considered to be a talisman against death. In recent years the Mexican holiday called "Day of the Dead" has become increasingly popular. At this festival the skull is a symbol of death, considered as a global release. The tattoo of skull is associated by most people with the thoughts about danger, death, and destruction. The tattoo with the image of "Jolly Roger", skull with crossbones under it, means death and destruction to anyone who gets in the way of its owner.
In the criminal world, the skull at a tattoo means the person’s belonging to the so-called "thieves" title, being a symbol of power-hungry criminals. The tattoo of skull pierced by a dagger means that its owner swore to take revenge on members of law enforcement.
The symbol of death in the form of a tattoo with skull, paradoxically, can scare the death. That's why these tattoos are popular among the subcultures of rock musicians and bikers. For many people it’s hard to bear a skull tattoo on their bodies, because it is a symbol of death. The tattoo of skull is, above all, a symbol of truth and other absolutes, such as destruction or death, also it can serve as a symbol of forgiveness and sacrifice. Many people also consider the tattoo of skull as a symbol of hatred and malice. The skull, separated from the body, symbolizes black magic. The tribes of Celts found many reflections of death in the culture of pre-Columbian America. The Celts believed that the skulls of dead contained their hosts’ souls, so they guarded and showed the skulls of their ancestors, as well as important persons of enemy nations, who had died in battles, extremely cautiously. The person, who received the skull of another one, possessed virtues and strength, which the skull’s owner was endowed with during his life. Some Buddhist sects use amulets in the form of decorative human skulls, reminding them of sacredness of life. In many cultures of the world the skull is an embodiment of manna, mysterious power of human soul. Some of the tribes, inhabiting the Upper Amazon, have special sacred places, where the skulls are stored. They believe that the spirits of dead obey to the person, who stores their skulls. In Mexican culture, as in many others, death is not the end, but an intermediate state between two different lives. Therefore, a human skull symbolizes new life and reincarnation. Thus, death is not a complete destruction of life, but only a transition to another state at the end of your physical life.
No matter what emotions the skull provokes in our minds: fear, disgust, admiration, or joy - the truth is that it symbolizes what you want to see. If a skull or a "dead head" delights you, then it is a symbol of happiness and success for you. If a tattoo of skull terrifies you, it will be a symbol of death and destruction. Most often we take this sign, based on public opinion, which is common in our culture, but we do not have to become hostages to prejudice and alien opinion, imposed on you.

Skulls on watch dials

Many watch companies have both men’s and women’s watches with pictures of skulls on dials. Some of these models are tough and uncompromising men's chronographs, others - exquisite glamour accessories for the beautiful half of humanity. Skulls have been fashionable trend for several decades, and however the world fashion trends change, you will always be in the spotlight with such watch and your unique style will not remain unnoticed.

a trendsetter on watches with skulls

The idea that the name of the famous Swiss watch company “Corum” comes from the Latin "quorum" (the minimum number of people required to negotiate or make decisions in business or politics) is almost ironic. The time meters made by the brand are so unique that it is impossible to imagine that they were created in the meeting rooms, filled with businessmen and politicians. Since the company launched its first watch in 1956, it is considered to be one of the most creative in the watch industry. The collection under the title "Large Bubble Collection" is a perfect example of how a company encourages its customers to create their own quorum, consisting of a single person, and decide for themselves.

Corum Bubble Privateer — first “pirate” watches

The model “Bubble Privateer” was released by Corum brand
Corum Bubble Privateer back in 2005. It was the first Swiss watch, glorifying the spirit of piracy and sea adventures. The pirate skull in a bright red bandana with a bandage over one eye and crossed swords underneath, located on the black dial, is designed to horrify your enemies and promises death to anyone who gets in your way. The bleeding edge of one of the dead pirate’s swords hints at that. This Black Admiral of the pirate fleet is conveniently located on the strap of black genuine leather with double folding clasp. The rare maritime treasure is released in a limited edition of 1955 copies (the year of company’s foundation) in stainless steel cases. 250 copies in steel cases are encrusted with diamonds, 99 pieces are made of pink gold, 25 of these watches are decorated with diamonds, by 10 pieces of white and pink gold are adorned with a complete diamond pavé. The diameter of the case is 45 mm, the thickness - 20 mm, the water resistance - 200 meters. The pirate’s "heart" is a Swiss automatic movement with date function, the window of which is located on the dial in position of "6" hours. You can’t but agree that this luxury men's watch is worth of all the doubloons and piastres in pirate treasure chests!

Corum Bubble Baron Samedi

Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 082.163.85.F101)The model “Bubble Baron Samedi” from the world-famous watch company “Corum”, released in a limited edition of 777 copies, was created in honor of significant figure in the mythology of Voodoo - notorious Baron Samedi, standing at the crossroads, on which the souls of the dead go to hell. Baron Samedi is usually depicted as a skeleton, dressed in a black coat and wearing a black top hat on his head (earlier the funeral masters dressed like that). His main symbol is a coffin. In this regard, in the culture of voodoo the first grave dug in new cemetery is always dedicated to the patron of the dead, Baron Samedi. There is a belief, stating that the person who is possessed by Baron shows immoderate drinking of alcohol and eating, as well as smoking and having sexual relations.
That is why the Day of the Dead holiday, celebrated including in Haiti, is primarily celebration of Baron Samedi. Celebrating this festival, pilgrims come to his grave. Throughout the night before the Day of the dead, they celebrate and sing songs in his honor. The Haitians smoke cigars and drink rum, flavored with hot pepper, they also pour the crowd by rum and wait for the spirit of Baron. Baron Samedi is a patron of bandits and bad men. His mandatory features are black suit, black hat and cigar. The cross mounted on the burial place of Baron Samedi is not a conventional Christian cross, but a symbol of the crossroads not less popular in some cultures of the world. Sometimes they put a hat or skull on the cross.
In order to pay tribute to this mystical dark spirit of the dead, the watch company has released a striking dial with an engraved image of the Baron with specific black top hat, surrounded by flames, made by incredibly bright shining glaze. The amazing second hand, made in the form of Voodoo’s needle, is moving around the perimeter of dial, completing an exclusively sinister intrigue.
To make sure that the companions of Baron Samedi will get to hell on time and without incidents, the company has equipped the men's watch “Corum Bubble Baron Samedi” with accurate and reliable automatic Swiss movement. The power reserve is approximately 42 hours. You can see its magnificent "perlage"-decoration and rotating rotor with a unique design in Voodoo style and mark of the collection through the back case, made of sapphire glass.

Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 02320.582001) Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 082.177.47_F101-VOOD) Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 082.160.55_F101-VOOD) Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 082.163.85_F101-VOOD) Corum Bubble Baron Samedi (Ref. 082.161.85_F101-VOOD)

The characteristics of the model: round case of 45-mm diameter, made of steel (777 copies), steel bezel encrusted with diamonds (177 copies), 18-carat pink gold (77 pieces), 18-carat pink gold with a diamond-encrusted bezel (27 copies) or 18-carat pink gold with complete diamond incrustation (7 copies), Swiss movement with automatic winding, 42-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, alligator strap of black color with a triple buckle made of stainless steel or rose gold, convex frontal sapphire crystal, water resistance - 200 meters.Corum Bubble Jolly Roger

Bubble "Jolly Roger" from Corum

The men's watch “Corum Bubble "Jolly Roger" was released in a limited edition of 500 copies. The case and round crown are made of stainless steel. The bezel of the same material fixes the unique convex sapphire crystal, protecting the black dial. The diameter of watch is 45 mm, the thickness of the back case up to the top of the glass is 20 mm. A reliable Swiss automatic movement is installed within the watch. On the black dial, a symbol of pirates "Jolly Roger" - a skull with crossed bones beneath it, performing functions of hour and minute hands, is set at "12" hours. A pirate sword serves as a second hand. The hour markings are made in the form of Arabic numerals "3", "6" and "9" of silver color, as well as fluorescent dots. At "6" hours there is a date window located in the circular part of the "six". A thick strap with butterfly clasp, made of black leather or rubber is attached to staples with a screw-down valve.
The technical features of the model include: functions of chronograph, hours, minutes, seconds, date indicator, Swiss automatic movement, stainless steel round case with a diameter of 45 mm, crown and back case of stainless steel, black leather or rubber strap with butterfly-buckle. The back case is engraved with a skull with pirate crossed swords, and number of the model.
This model from Corum is also produced in the form of chronograph with three counters, located at positions of "2", "6" and "10" hours. The chronograph buttons are set at "2" and "4" hours.

Corum Bubble Gangster — watch for real gangsters

The Swiss watch under the name “Bubble Gangster” by Corum continues the theme of skulls on dials. The case of this model of 45-mm diameter is made of stainless steel, and the dial is provided with a skull with brand-named red hat, holding two crossed daggers by teeth. The eyes of the skull are “on fire”, and the background is provided with a gambling pattern of spades on a green color. The hour markings are made in the form of bars and squares in white, contrasting vividly against a background of black and green dial. The hour and minute hands are skeletonized, and the second hand is made in the form of Voodoo’s needle. The model is equipped with automatic quartz movement, calf leather strap in black with a steel folding clasp, the dial is protected by convex sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, the water resistance makes up 200 meters. The model is produced in a limited edition of 888 copies. There is also a variant of the model with bezel encrusted with diamonds, issued in an amount of 111 copies.

Corum Buckingham Wunderkammer Corum Bubble Gangster

Corum Buckingham Wunderkammer — unusual watch for connoisseurs of originality

The model “Buckingham Wunderkammer” of Corum is unusual primarily due to folding square cover, hiding the dial from onlookers. On top of it there is a skull and crossbones and ribbon engraved with the motto "Loyal to none". Under the cover there is a black dial, equipped with two light-gray central hands: hour and minute. The role of numerals is performed by names of the numbers "three", "six", "nine" and "twelve", originally Gothic-printed in English. A little below the marking "12 hours" there are the brand’s name and its logo in the form of key. The case of this unusual watch, as well as the bezel, is made of stainless steel, the dial is protected by sapphire crystal. The water resistance is 30 meters. The men's watch “Corum Buckingham Wunderkammer” is supplied with a leather strap in black with embroidered skulls and crossbones.

Another unusual novelty of Corum - men's watch “Night Flyer Bubble”

This model of Corum evokes associations with the philosophy of bikers through the skull in a helmet with wings, which is located in profile in the center of black dial. The hour and minute hands are painted in bright red color and skeletonized, and the second hand is made as a silver dagger with a bloody tip. On the dial there are digital indexes of "3", "6", "9" and "12" hours, and the date aperture is located at round part of the "six". The brand’s logo in the form of key and its name are located at "4" hours. The case of this unique watch with a diameter of 45 mm and its bezel are made of black PVD-coated stainless steel, there are also variations of the model with the bezel, encrusted with diamonds, as well as with the case of yellow gold. The Swiss watch “Corum Night Flyer Bubble” is driven by a reliable automatic movement. The dial is protected by convex sapphire glass, typical to the entire line of “Bubble”, the water resistance makes up 200 meters. The watch comes with a leather strap in black, stitched with red thread, with folding clasp of stainless steel. The transparent back case is made from sapphire crystal, the crown screws up. This model is released in a limited edition of 999 copies.

Night Flyer Bubble (Ref. 02322.732001) Night Flyer Bubble Night Flyer Bubble (Ref. 02322.732011)

Corum Vanitas – women can have watches with skulls

The range of models under the title “Vanitas” from Corum is a "living" proof that watch is not just a time meter, but something more. Besides the fact that the cases of exquisite models “Corum Classical Vanitas” of 42-mm diameter, made of whole 18-karat white, rose or yellow gold, are encrusted with 108 diamonds of Top Wesselton / VVS color weighing 2.76 carats, their dials are made of marble and mother-of-pearl, and decorated with precious stones. Even in spite of the limited edition of 50 copies, in each of three materials of case: white, pink and yellow gold – you will not find two watches “Corum Classical Vanitas” with absolutely identical dials. These Swiss watches are presented with three images on the dials: a large skull with cross, coming from the top, and flowers, growing in the place of the lower jaw; two skulls, situated symmetrically with respect to each other diagonally of the case, and separated flowers; one skull in the center of dial, from which the snake comes out and the flowers grow. The skulls symbolize death of man, and the remaining elements of design - his activities and achievements, the results of which will remain on earth after his death. These images are made by unique technique of incrustation, originated during the Roman Empire and preserved to our days largely due to the Medici dynasty of Florence, which returned that decorative technique its former glory. The technology was previously used mainly for production of wooden furniture, boxes, chess boards, boxes for storing jewelry, but now it is also used in manufacture of time meters. It consists in the following: parts of the image are carefully and meticulously carved from stone, marble or mother-of-pearl and then connected to each other on the dial, like a jigsaw puzzle for the joints were unnoticeable, creating a unique design. The women's wristwatch from the collection “Corum Classical Vanitas” are equipped with automatic caliber Corum 982 with the certification of chronograph, based on the ETA movement. The hands of this exquisite chronograph are skeletonized, and on the opposite end of the second hand there is the brand’s logo in the form of key, opening the doors to the hearts of Haute Horlogerie connoisseurs. An important element of design is the original velvet box, made in the style of hat box, the top of which has a copy of the dial picture. Today you can buy the watches of Corum from “Classical Vanitas” series only at the watch auctions or from the collectors over the Internet.

Corum Vanitas Corum Vanitas Corum Vanitas

Limited edition model “Skeleton Skeleton” from Krieger

After releasing the successful model “Gigantium” with skeletonized dial, the brand “Krieger” decided to release another limited edition model “Skeleton Skeleton”. The double reference to the skeleton in the model’s name is not by chance. The fact is that the elements of skeletonized movement in this unique watch are made in the form of human skull and bones. The architecture of the time meter, assembled and engraved by hand, includes a skull with precious stones in eyes and three-dimensional human bones, laid out in the shape of the letter “K”, symbolizing the brand’s name “Krieger”. This Swiss watch was produced in stainless steel with ruby eyes (100 copies), rose gold with diamonds for eyes (100 copies), white gold with rubies (100 copies), and black PVD-coated stainless steel with rubies in eyes (100 copies). The bezel can also be incrusted with diamonds of SI1 G color. The diameter of case is 43 mm. The skeletonized dial is protected by convex sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating, the water resistance makes up 50 meters. This unusual watch is based on mechanical manual-winding Swiss caliber with a power reserve of 42 hours. The men's wristwatch “Krieger Skeleton Skeleton” is supplied with alligator straps of different colors: black, cream or "chocolate"- color.

model Skeleton Skeleton model Skeleton Skeleton model Skeleton Skeleton model Skeleton Skeleton


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