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Daniel PaillasseurKorloff - French Jewelry House, confidently takes its place in a cohort of Korloff watch mechanismjewelry houses Haute Joaillerrie. Jewelry House Korloff was founded by Daniel Paillasseur in 1978. Brand name comes from the eponymous Korloff's largest black diamond in the ownership of the company. Korloff Noir - the largest black diamond in the world (88 carats) is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Legend has it that a diamond Korloff brings good luck. Therefore, any released under this brand name product is purchased not only as decoration but also as a talisman for good luck. Jewelry and watches of the brand Korloff are considered to be the standard of taste and style. Anything that produces Jewelry House Korloff, differs bold and elegant design. All products are either House Korloff jewelry, cufflinks or a watch is always recognized and awarded the company logo - two letters "K" standing back to back. Korloff brand was created and patented a unique diamond cut - Korloff Cut c 65 facets. Watch brand Korloff is divided according to the liner material and the complexity of the mechanism for: a gold watches, steel watches and clocks with complex mechanisms. In the case of gold are produced collection of watches Korloff: DINASTIE - Collection is available in rose gold case, dial mother of pearl. As part of the collection can choose a model with self-winding or quartz movement. QUANTIEME - the case is made of pink gold. The dial is encrusted with diamonds. Calibre is self-winding mechanical. In the steel case are available collections of watches Korloff: - K5 — the case is made of steel square. On a diamond-is encrusted watch logo of the watch brand Korloff. Quartz movement. VOYAGEUR — the watch model is made of steel. Quartz movement. The collection is of great interest to fans of travel, as latest models are equipped with this special second time zone. ROMEO - steel rectangular case, inlaid with diamonds, quartz movement. LADY KORLOFF - a collection of models of women's watches Korloff. The case is made of steel, the dial is encrusted with diamonds, quartz movement. C45 — the case is made of steel with IP Rose - coated in black dial three small dials. Quartz movement. BLACK FOR EVER - is represented by 2 models: with a steel hull and rounded rectangular shape. Black dial is encrusted with diamonds. FANTASME - the watch of this collection oval, and depending on the model can be made as pink gold and steel, mother of pearl dial, encrusted with diamonds. As part of the collection, you can choose the model with the shell encrusted with diamonds. Collection of watches brand Korloff with complicated functions: REPEATER - the case is made of pink gold. Equipped with a repeater function. REGULATOR - the case is made of white gold. SKELETON - white gold. Caliber mechanical.

Korloff watch Korloff watch Korloff watch

All wrist watches of the brand Korloff are made in Switzerland, which is a guarantee of high quality. Watch brand Korloff collaborates with Swiss watch manufactories like Dubois, Depras, Louis Erard, ETA. French jewelry house Korloff in addition to jewelry and watches offers a wide range of accessories - the indispensable companions of elegant style. The range of accessories provided by the brand Korloff includes pens, cuff links, key rings and perfume. The brand Korloff offers a wide selection of accessories in the gift set, which includes watches, pens, cuff links and key chain. In March 2011, at BASELWORLD Jewelry House Korloff introduced new models of watches from the collection VOYAGEUR - constant companion a lover of travel: Kalahari, Geneva, Kyoto, Madison, Highway. Presented in 2010 watch brand Korloff model Kalahari - bilateral wrist watches, representing two different facets of personality. One side is decorated in classic style with an elegant case, encrusted with diamonds. Features two time zones. The second side is made in sporty style with three time zones. Quartz movement. Model of watches Korloff Geneva is equipped with retrograde function, manual winding. Originally designed dial. Wristwatches Korloff Geneva are released a limited edition - 50 copies. Women's watches model Korloff Kyoto. Watch case is made of steel and encrusted with diamonds. Guilloched dial. Quartz movement. Model of wrist watch Korloff Madison - the case is made of steel, the mechanism of automatic, alligator strap. Model Korloff Highway is available in steel, which can be encrusted with diamonds. The movement of quartz watches is  Highway. The brand annually produces 10 Korloff jewelry collections of 8 watches. Wrist watches Korloff - a sign of respectability and good taste, designed for lovers of luxury and reliability. Collection of watches brand Korloff  consists of a variety of model lines: classic, sports, jewelry.

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