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Berthet Watches

Berthet manufactoryIts existence the watch company BerthetBerthet manufactory began in 1888. Reworking of knowledge and experience in the watch business, Berthet now offers admirers of the magnificent watches high quality products. The company's founder is Joseph Berthet. He was the son of a schoolteacher, who was killed in a car accident. Soon he moved to the other side of the Swiss border, the village of Des Bois and began studying the art of watchmaking. However, having no means to pay for education, in 1880 he returned to Charmauvillers. Having at hand only a few tools, and absolutely without means, he continued to cherish the dream of making own watches. He told all the knowledge he obtained his brother Edward Berthet, with whom he launched its long-held dream. After the death of Edward his sons Edward, Albert and Bertha Camille started to help him. In 1893, Bertha, Joseph received a bronze medal at the exhibition in the town of Besancon. It was just reward for his care of Berthet watch and mechanismwatchmaking and for a long time, spent in theBerthet workshop. 1952 year was a turning point for the company Berthet. With the advent of Cloud Berthet (the Camille’s son) a factory of pocket and wrist watches by brand Berthet was built, which was equipped with the latest machines. This plant is still a center for the production of high quality watches Berthet. In 2008 Berthet invented his own automatic. This automatic system can be added to any mechanism, "16 1 / 2". Today, the company Berthet – a craftsman to design and manufacturer of various pocket and wrist watches with different materials. To buy the watches by  Berthet  is possible through  authorized representatives of the company or the Internet - shops.

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