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Zeno Watches

Zeno watch mechanism assemblyIn 1920, André-Sharlz Aygeldinger acquired watchmaking Godat. He specialized in the creation of a pocket watch made of platinum, gold and silver, mechanical calculators and deck watches for military purposes. In 1922, the name of the watch «ZENO» was recorded by "Aygeldinger and Sons," which means "divine gift" or "gift of God" and comes from the name of the philosopher Zenon von Kiton.
Collection 1 making process
In the manufacture of watches ZENO emphasize quality watches. Masters of ZENO make individual watches since 1922, having its own character and beauty is timeless. The first wristwatch ZENO were made of gold and intended for export. By the 15th anniversary of the company ZENO, was made with a stop watch function. In 1949, the company took part in the Basel exhibition. Then, engineers have developed a variety of digital ZENO watches with "jumping display," a model for nurses and adolescents. In 1960, production was moved to the shop "Atteslander", which developed a mechanical watch for pilots. ZENO, despite advances in technology are made by experienced watchmakers. ZENO watches are made by hand from the opening of the firm.

In 1966, Felix W. Huber developed a mechanical watch. Later Huber family acquired ZENO. After that, the assembly of watches have moved to the city of Basel. In 1969, the exhibition presented ZENO diving watch «Compressor". Thanks to Huber, developed annually over 100 new models that are based on historical patterns, produced small circulations. These mechanical watches share traditional methods of processing, design and technology at the highest level. The company began looking for partners for cooperation with other shops, due to a shortage of specialists. In 1975, the dials and pocket watch ZENO produced in the sunny city Tesin. Continuing the legacy of professional production watches for the pilots are from the collection of watches "Airforce". They have a timeless design and good value for money.

ZENO-WATCH BASEL is an independent family Swiss company. Their reliable high quality Swiss watches attract its price:

- Modular design (in which the same dials, cases, movements, bracelets are used in different models)Zeno allows the watch collection, which includes many models that have a positive impact on tsene.Chasy Zeno
- Watches ZENO-WATCH BASEL have a presence in 43 countries. The company is not engaged in extensive advertising to their watches were not in the public domain. ZenoThe company produces the classic ZWB watches and with the increased size.

Target Audience:
- Most products bought ZWB men over 30 and. On the quality of these watches are not inferior to the well-known brands, but at a price more attractive.

Oversized watches are always in fashion.
- The fashion for timepieces with size, the company launched Zeno. It was in the 20s, when used as a pocket watch wrist. ZWB revived the idea.

- The company was founded by Julia Godat in 1868.

- Quality products with reasonable price.
- Easy to read dial with time (especially for the watches that are designed for scuba divers and pilots).
- Various accessories (metal bracelets, dials and folding clasps).
- Made in Switzerland - warranty service worldwide.
You can buy Zeno watches from authorized distributors of the company, but it is also possible to order them in different time Internet - shops.

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Zeno Presents Winner Automatic Chronograph Zeno Presents Winner Automatic Chronograph
BaselWorld 2013: Gentleman Chronograph by Zeno BaselWorld 2013: Gentleman Chronograph by Zeno
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