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ZuluFor original chronograph fans-wristwatch isTati not just an accessory: it very personal thing became native to us. Watches wake up us in the morning, note the time, tell about moon phases and many other things. Since the beginning of time the sun and the moon were our chronometrists. Times of the year changed and Time was natural rhythm with healthy and balanced temp of life. Calendars became one of ambitious tries of man to subdue time itself. Time was on three immutable constants, and the oldest: the Earth rotating around its axis (day), and the moon orbiting the Earth (night), and the Earth orbiting the Sun (year). In 46 BC Julius Caesar borrowed from the Egyptians and the Jews a system of chronology, founded a new solar calendar, split into 12 months of 30 days and a leap year every four years. Watch brand YES presents unusual and original wristwatch, which was produced on nature cycles such as everyday cycle of day and night change and season changes related to Sun and Moon. Changing cycles inspired the founders of the brand YES to create watch which would measures cycles of time.
Watches YES are for real romantics: it will tell you the time of sunrise and sunset, new moon and full moon, all moon phases and a percent of lighting no matter in what point  of Earth you are. It also tells you about days of solstice and equinox. Watches YES is constructed for measuring all nature cycles till 2099. Besides all wristwatch YES are programmed in such a way to index latitude and longitude in 583 cities all over the world. Watches YES presented by collections Zulu, Inca, Cozmo, Kundalini, Tati, Luna and Worldwatch II. In YES watches are combined technology of 21 century and traditional design, charactered to old models “luxury” class harmonically. Every collection of this brand has its own little history, related to Time and nature cycles, and founders of the brand YES are sure that watch YES is real sample of chronograph, which combines past and future of watchmaking. Collection Luna is unique with its LED dials, except time also index alternation of day and night, time of sunrise and sunset, time of new moon and full moon and all phases of moon in every point of the world. On LED watch display YES always displays two time zones (at the same time bezel can also serve as a timeline, tracking the third).
LunaCollection Zulu created by astronomic invention made by Babylonian astronomers who detected twelve star constellations on night sky, which are known as zodiac signs. And why not to divide the day on 12 equal parts thought Babylons. Though 12-hours was not accurate in of fixing time thet is why smart Babylonians developed 24-hour system, which is used nowadays. Several  centuries ago British sailors detected that such system of chronometrism is rather comfortable and which is more important, safe for navigation during traveling on the oceans. That is why in 1884 during conference in Washington 24-hour system on Greenwich was accepted as a international standard of time. Some people called it Zulu time, and that's why time on Greenwich also calls Zulu.
In 1986 standard GMT (Greenwich time) Tati Bezelwas replaced on system UTC, which is based on radiocontrol  and on atomic dimension, and not on rotation of the Earth. However, the measuring of Greenwich time stayed the most common. Collection Zulu was called in honor of invention of ancient Babylonians: collection presented with models programmed on automatic update DST, for 600 cities all over the world. Watches Zulu determine the time of sunrise and sunset of the Sun, and effective backlight let to read the time even in the dark. Hypo-allergenic titanium case is covered with matted sapphire crystal.  All the models of collection are numbered. You can buy watches YES in original wooden box with two warranty years.
Watches from collection Tati differ with change analogue hand on digital indexing. The main design decoration of watch from this collection is flawless oval case, which ideally suits to small wrist. The watch dial is LED: at the center of it there are minute, hour and second hands. External disk gold color on LED display shows “sun time”: time of sunrise and sunset and day duration. Inner yellow disks index the new moon time and moon ohases. You can buy watches from collection Tati in oval box, which is perfect addition to original watch. It is obvious that buying watch YES you will always know all the nature cycles, which happen around you and your wrist will have unique and original wristwatch.

24 Hour Bezel Solunar Bezel Symbol Bezel

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