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Volker Vyskocil Watches

Volker VyskocilVolker Vyskocil is an Volker Vyskocilindependent watchmaker who is engaged in the development of unusual and rare instances wristwatches.
Volker was born in 1964 in Germany and decided to devote himself to horology, when he was 16 years old. The first watch appeared under the title of V 30/49-01-A, 30-diameter movement, 49 - the thickness of the movement, 01-A-number version of the model. Volker drew attention to the principles of construction of watches, starting with the most important - the balance sheet. He tried to make it as large as it was possible to increase the moment of inertia and vibration make more resilient to external shocks. In addition, this balance means higher energy loss, which is why the size of the crown were also maximized. Viskocil simplified the process of fine tuning the frequency balance wheel with an optional system. Time correction system has also been changed: the watch was used by Vyskocil integrated reserve indicator and the state correction system time. Volker Vyskocil watches partly nominating the crown to the first position, details of the Volker Vyskocil watchesVolker Vyskocil watch backside"Correction hours' power reserve indicator needle points to the «H». There are no problems during the transition from summer to winter time, and when flying from one time zone to another. He solve the problem of correction in the second minute put forward the position of the crown. The hand shows the power reserve indicator on the «M». There is no need to worry about how to achieve compliance with the provisions of the minute and seconds hands, as the minute hand makes racing with a minute increments. The latest position put forward by the crown meets the second hand stopped. The hand shows the power reserve indicator on the «S». You can synchronize the watch with a time signal.
Case of the model is 38 mm in diameter made of yellow, pink, red and white gold or platinum. Gray dial is made of silver and has two hands of different shades of gold or blued steel, depending on the material of the case. At 9:00 position is a small seconds hand, and the position of 5:00 - a window that displays the power reserve. The crown is located at position of 4 hours. Protects face convex sapphire crystal. The back cover is transparent and covered with sapphire crystal. Complements of the model of natural leather, inner part of which is made of rubber. Watch manufactory is equipped with a Volker Vyskocil watch mechanismmovement Volker Vyskocil watch mechanism assemblyV-30/49-01-A frequency 19 800 vph, power reserve of 48 hours. Therefore, he never rests on his laurels. Volker likes to say: "The Devil in the details" and the development of his own project confirms the idea of the wizard. He rewrote the established movement, changing the balance of the node, create a design that combines the advantages of mobile and fixed-mount thermometer carrying the spring. This design allows you to separately adjust the working length of the helix, in other words, the correct course, and of course, change the relative position of balance and anchor at rest. Platinum and bridges the first version of the movement are made of German silver and nickel-plated. In the words of a watchmaker, a movement looked "poor." That is why the master would like to alter it by adding elements of the "Geneva stripes," which would have given the movement of the appearance of luxury and splendor, and that attracts attention. Decided to treat the surface of parts and chose a treatment option that used to handle the arrangements of old pocket watch movement. From the Volker Vyskocil watches mechanismsoutset, Volker decided to choose his watches guilloche dial type, however, he abandoned his original idea and chose a simple printed dial, equipped with simple hands and labels.
Watches Volker Vyskocil are tested. For watchmaker it is important to test watches, so he pondered over what should be a good test. He has developed the following test, which consists of six stages:
1. Measurement of tension of mainspring;
2. Measurements of tension on the fourth wheel;
3. Comprehensive measurement of tension mainspring and the amplitude of the balance;
4. Accuracy in six positions of the case;
5. Accuracy at temperatures of 4-35 degrees Celsius;
6. Accuracy depending on the amplitude of the balance sheet.
The results of all tests gave a watchmaker with a watch to the client. The master explains this test in that it simply wants to satisfy himself of the accuracy of the watch and the future owner to show that this is the real watch and it has some drawbacks. Volker said that the watch is like a living organism that interacts with the wearer.
You can buy watches of Volker Vyskocil by ordering them on the official website of the company.

Volker Vyskocil laboratory

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