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Vincent Calabrese Watches

Vincent CalabreseVincent Calabrese is one of the last great watchmakers who have virtually no borrowing other people's ideas and today made their watches by hand! Calabrese alone makes even the movements for their models. And his skill is so popular that not only produces Calabrese watch itself, as well as selling arrangements, and develop ideas to other companies. Calabrese today the only artist who works with platinum 950. Calabrese perfectly mastered the art of manufacturing all parts of the watches start to finish. The number, variety and originality of his works made him well-deserved reputation as one of the most prolific inventors in the world watch.

Admiration for his talent and hard work will be further increased when we learn that the firm Calabrese, based in Lausanne, consists of only two people: himself Calabrese and his daughter, who is engaged in advertising and promotion of the brand.

It was he who in 1990 created the watch Commedia, in the following year was transformed into a Mona Lisa - the first ever with "jumping" clockwise!
After creating a few world-class models for well-known watch companies, it is the watch movement Vincent Calabres prepare your ownVincent Calabrese watch mechanism collection, providing her unique, self-engineered mechanisms. In 1977, Calabrese was at her watch the gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventors in Geneva. And in 1985, established a professional association of independent watchmakers AHCI.

Watch Every Les Spatiales.

Every Les Spatiales are made in one copy in accordance with the wishes of the customer to design, shape, materials and even the color of the hands and style of engraving. All work on the Vincent Calabrese watches from start to finish is carried out exclusively by hand and takes (including a sketch of the period) from one to two years. All the watches of this collection until the movement is made of 18K gold or platinum 950. It is a unique watch Les Spatiales in 1977 brought him a gold medal and the recognition it deserves.

Vincent CalabreseWatch Vincent Calabrese Symboliques.

The movement of this watch is assembled on platinum or gold in the form of the initials of the customer, as well as the various characters, images Eiffel Tower or the geographical contours of countries. Calabrese uses for their watches, even images of animals, including the mythical winged horse Pegasus. Unique movement Symboliques visible through the glass and seemed to hover in the air, having no points of contact with the case of watch.

Watches Regulus Tourbillon

Since 1985, Calabrese began working on the watch Tourbillon, decided to issue no more than ten pieces. However, the success that got the watch, forced him in 1997 to create a new model - Regulus. These watches have a dial with separate bars for hour, minute and seconds hands.
Watches Regulus carried out in 18K gold, platinum or transparent sapphire case - called Phantom.

Watch Les Techniques.

Daily, in addition to power reserve indicator and calendar, have a small face, referring to which the traveler can for a whole week to learn home time, because the rim of the dial is divided into seven segments, the corresponding day of the week, and hand makes a full rotation every week.
A watch Transworld readers have home time as much as two small dials - one for a ten-mark icon (clock), the other - about two hours (indicates minutes). In the center hour and minute hands indicate the local time.

Watches 2T:Vincent Calabrese

2T released to mark the beginning of the second millennium in 2000. All watches from this collection have a Super-slim case 0.8 to 1.2 mm thick, made either of stainless steel or 18K gold out.

Watch Les Ludiques.

These models are equipped with a patented movement with "jumping hour". In Baladin showing minute moving-window display. For "bouncing" clockwise using marks the time of day, which changes every 3 hours. For example, M (Midday or Midnight) - noon and midnight, T (three) - three o'clock, S (six) - 6:00, N (nine) - nine hours.
In the watch Sun-Tral minute display measured the Earth's motion around the sun on the dial.

Watches Vincent.

If you look at the watch at an angle of 60 degrees, the face disappears though - it's just an optical illusion, but there is a sense of this magic.
Meaning of the name can also have a "double bottom". The fact is that the watch produced in 2000. The name entered into a pun: in French Vincent is not just the name of the master, but vin - 20 cent - 100.

Opening Night and Day.
Can the watch to answer the question: is now two o'clock in the morning or two days? These mechanical watches are capable of this trick is the most original way: the hours before noon appear as Roman numerals, and from 13 to 23 is switched to Arabic numerals.

Watches Horus.

Small dial in the form of a winged sun moves on a large dial, making a complete revolution per hour and pointing minutes. However, it does not turn on its axis, ie The number 12 is always on top, Figure 6 - at the bottom.
Inside the small dial is divided into 12 parts, and a small hand, spinning, counts the clock.

Watch Les Philosophiques.

Dial Commedia is a theater curtain, to open in the middle - in this interval and there is a figure indicating the hour.
Even more original watches of Mona Lisa. Unlike previous models, the dial in the center of the curtain there is no figure and a miniature picture: some girl Liza each hour throws off a piece of clothing.
Leonardo's Mona Lisa is also a great smile on the face of its watches, although only twice a day.


Vincent Calabrese company presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)
Vincent Calabrese company presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)

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