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Marko VerdastroWorkshop VerdastroVerdastroVerdastro is situated in the heart of Rome. At the beginning here made repairing antiques, though in 1919 Verdastro brothers – Paolo and Marko – began to repair old watches. They were skilled craftsmen, who was eager to do their work not only good but tried to keep specific traditional skills for descendant.
Nowadays Verdastro is not a repair shop, but laboratory where Italian watchmakers project and create new original models of wristwatches. In the head of the manufacture is the son of Paolo Verdastro – Marko. He supposes to be a unique specialist who manages to repair any watches even that which another masters refuse to repair, making the owners to keep an expensive but not working accessory in safes for many years. Even new models of Italian wristwatches created by Verdastro brand designed to keep traditions. It concerns to design Verdastro watch assemblyand manufacture. According to Marko Verdastro, watches, which produce in his workshop are antiques. The aim of master to get his creations to be eternal. Watch is the thing which people use always. It is important that they won't need repairing. Old watches which still work automatically engender confidence. This is precisely theVerdastro workshop effect which Marco Verdastro, taking as a basis for creative model 40's and 50's.
Many people choosing wristwatches, nowadays prefer pomposity and luxury of precious metals, or prefer modern models from unconventional materials – plastic, acrylic, ceramic. Though manufacturers of Italian wristwatches Verdastro are sure that their creatures with modest, reserved design and durable movements, always will be demanded. Traditions and classic stay actual independent from modernity or momentary passion.

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