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Traser H3 watch assemblyTraser is a watch brand, launched by the Swiss MB-microtec AG company, involved in the production of GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) elements.
Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) is widely used in chronometers and measurement technology. For the first time, the luminous glass tubes were used in 1989 for the wrist watch production, after the adoption of  MIL-W-46374E standard, regulating the usage of GTLS in military time devices manufacturing. In 1991, the multinational forces (headed by the USA) unleashed a war with Iraq to liberate Kuwait. During the war the American troops, located in the very battlefield, faced a shortage of measurement devices. At that time, Stocker&Yale and Marathon, two competing companies, were involved in the military watch production. Marathon company won a tender for delivery of a large amount of wrist watches. The military watches featured the tritium GTLS micro-light. Though, for justice' sake, it should be mentioned, that the first watch with the innovative illumination technology was developed by  Stocker&Yale company. The new micro-light system was the product of tritium, sealed in a glass tube, coated on the inside with a luminophore (luminous substance). The different colours of light depended on the various luminophores. The GTLS system ensured the constant light for 10-20 years. After the war, P6500 Navigator Type 6 watch, developed for the U.S. army, became one of the most important and rare timepieces, and Mb-microtec company was producing such a model under Traser H3 brand.  Traser P 6500 Navigator Type 6 watches are characterized by the high durability, reliability, and precision even under the extreme conditions. The watch is resistant to the electromagnetic fields and temperature falls. And thanks to the reliable illumination system one can easily read the time even in the dark.
In 2010, the company released a new military model –  Traser P 6600 Type 6 Mil-G watch. By creating this watch, the company carries on the tradition of high quality military measurement devices production. The new model was certified according to the military standard in several countries. The watch was tested under the severe conditions: the temperature falls, salt water, electromagnetic fields, etc.
In 2011, the company presented a new military watch –  P 6600 Elite Red. The distinctive feature of this model was the red illumination. The watches were developed for the members of special mission unit and secret services. These models are very popular not only among the members of the American services, but also among the Russian special mission units: “Vityaz”, “Alfa”, “Vimpel” and others.

Traser H3

Traser H3

Being involved in the production of precise and durable time measuring instruments, in addition to the military wrist watches, Mb-microtec company has also released diving watches and the models for fans of extreme. These watches, as the military ones, are characterized by the high reliability and performance criteria. With the lapse of time, these watches have become the irreplaceable elements of equipment either of military men or of hunters, divers, mountain climbers and those people who lead an active lifestyle.


The watch collection is divided into several lines: Extreme Sport, Nautic, Classic, Aviator, Professional and Military. Military collection consists of two models:  5900 Type 3 and  6600 Type 6 MIL-G. Both watches were certified according to the MIL-PRF-46374G military standard. The precise and reliable watches were developed for the U.S. and other countries' armies. They have become the important companions of soldiers under the most extreme conditions. There is no commercial logo on the  Military watch dial.
 5900 Type 3Traser  6600 Type 6 MIL-G 5900 Type 3 watch is assembled on the basis of the quartz Ronda 505 movement. The round case is produced from carbon fiber plastic. The dial features the minimum elements: the large classical Arabic numerals, the central hands (hours, minutes and seconds), the date indicator at “3:00” position. The model comes with the leather or Nato strap. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. Every model has its individual serial number, engraved on the watch back.
Traser 6600 Type 6 MIL-G watches are officially delivered to the military units of several countries. The watches are anti-magnetic, corrosion-resistant, high shock-resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters. 6600 Type 6 MIL-G watch was certified according to the military standard in 2010. According to the professional watch classification, this model is referred to the third group (Class 1) – the most complicated and reliable watches. The timepices are resistant to the temperature falls, they were tasted on the precision with the help of the automatic weapon. There is also no commercial logo on the watch dial.
Traser 6600 Type 6 MIL-G watch is powered by the quartz  Ronda 517.6 DD movement. The watch case is rather unusual: the inner steel disk is bordered by the outer carbon fiber disk. The bidirectional rotating bezel with PVD coating is characterized by the GTLS illumination. There is the second time zone indicator on the bezel. The black dial with the contrasting numerals and date aperture is protected by the mineral 1 crystal. The watches come with the Nato strap or rubber strap. There is a seven-digit serial number on the watch back.
Professional collectionTraser P 6507 Commander 100 Pro Russia was inspired by the military Traser watches. This line is distinguished not only by the high quality watches but also by the variety of models. The watch cases are made of steel, titanium and solid polyester. The  Professional collection consists of 10 models. Let's dwell upon Traser P 6507 Commander 100 Pro Russia watch, released in the limited edition of 200 items specially for Russia. These watches are extremely reliable under the most severe conditions, they are resistant to electromagnetic fields and temperature falls. The watches are powered by the quartz  Ronda 715 movements. The watch case is made of light and solid titanium and is treated with PVD coating. The black dial with the 12-hour scale and the date aperture at “3:00” position is bordered with the rotating (counterclockwise) titanium bezel with the green illumination. The dial is protected with the sapphire crystal (the coefficient of hardness of sapphire crystal on the Mohs scale is about 9, it yields only to diamond). The watches optionally come with the 22-mm Nato straps or titanium bracelets. The watches are water resistant up to 200 meters, they are the perfect attributes for divers and people, who are fond of water sports.
Traser Classic Translucent SilverProfessional and Military collections are followed by Classic line. These  watches perfectly combine the irreproachable design, high quality and reliability. The watches from this collection are equipped with more complicated and multifunctional movements. The collection includes 12 models with the classical style: black or white dials with the broom-finished numerals, round cases and leather straps or steel bracelets.
In 2011, the watch company supplemented Classic collection with Traser Classic Translucent Silver watch, the complete novelty of the light-reflecting technology. This technology with the GTLS illumination ensures the perfect “readability” of the dial under any conditions. These watches with clear lines and plain design have been developed for those, who prefer the strict classical style. The high quality Swiss quartz movement is housed in the round steel case. The white dial with the 12-hour counter and large numerals features two-level time reading system. The central hands indicate hours, minutes, seconds, there is a date aperture between “4:00” and “5:00”. The central hands, numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12 have the traditional trigalight illumination (GTLS source), numerals 1, 2, 4 ,5 , 7, 8, 10 and 11 are characterized by the additional light-reflecting inserts. The dial is covered with the mineral crystal. The watches optionally come with the steel bracelets or silicone straps. The water resistance is 30 meters.
Aviator watch is aTraser Aviator Jungmann modelTraser H3 Aviator Jungmeister with the exclusive white illumination, allowing to read the time in the dark. There is the Bucker logo (the legendary plane) on the dial of some watches. The collection includes three models: Traser Bucker Automatic UTC (the limited edition of 100 items),  Traser Aviator Jungmann and  Traser H3 Aviator Jungmeister.
Traser Bucker Automatic UTC watch is based on the Swiss ETA 2893-2 movement. The massive Traser Bucker Automatic UTCround case is made of stainless steel. The small sub-dial indicates the local time, and the big dial shows the second time zone. The watches feature the sapphire crystal and bidirectional rotating bezel. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.
Extreme Sport collection was created on the basis of the military  Mil-G watch. The line includes three models –   Extreme Sport Pro, Extreme Sport Chronograph and  Extreme Sport 3-Hand. These watches harmoniously combine the sporty style,  the high quality and reliability, that is inherent in any military model. P6602 Extreme Sport ChronographNauticTraser Diver Automatic Orange collection was developed for the professional divers. The company gives a two-year international warranty on every Traser H3 watch. There is a sign, warning about the radioactivity, and the H3 (hydrogen) inscription on the Traser watch dials. The  radioactivity on the watch case is not detected by the devices: the radiation background is just about 25 millicurie, i. e. it is 30 times less than the natural radiation background. Before the creation of watches with the GTLS illumination, the U.S. army was supplied with SandY 184 models, that featured the central hands and numerals, covered with tritium, emitting the high level radiation. Actually, the innovative technology of  MB-microtec AG company was used in the watchmaking to solve the problem of  radioactivity. With the lapse of time, the development of watches with  GTLS illumination has become the independent direction of the watchmaking industry. Today most of watch companies (such as Ball, Dievas, Traser, KHS H3, Luminox, Swiss Military Watch, Nite, Royal Swiss) use the trigalight system (the luminous glass tubes) for the watch production.

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