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Timelounge Manufacture Watches

sketch of Timelounge Manufacture watchTimelounge Manufacture is the sketch of Timelounge Manufacture watchwatch company, which develops and produces the watches according to the taste and the desire of the future owner. In other words, anyone can order any model according to his or her own design, and the watchmakers of Timelounge help them and to make any order. This service includes the development, manufacturing and process of the watchmaking which should correspond to the requirements of the future owner, the in design, ergonomics, and in the functionality. The Timelounge Manufacture company gives the opportunity to focus on the rugged individuality, thanks to the exclusive models in which every detail is thought out. According to the watchmakers of the company, "for them there is nothing impossible." After a conversation with a client the artists create sketches of the future watches, which are then converted into three-dimensional images that allows the future owner of watches to see the model and imagine it on the wrist. Then begins the second stage: the production of the watches. The Timelounge Manufacture designers are ready to turn everyone's fantasy into the reality. The future owner of the watches also decides by himself the design of the watches and what materials will be later used in the manufacture. However, it is not all. The decision on the base of what movements will be assembled the watches, also depends on their owner.

Timelounge Manufacture watch mechanism Timelounge Manufacture watch mechanism Timelounge Manufacture watch mechanism

The company Timelounge Manufacture can offer both mechanical and quartz movements from the different manufacturers. If the holder of the watches can not decide what form of the case to choose or what color dial, the brand experts are ready to help. The designers can design exactly the model that will best accomplish the views and the wishes of the owner of the watch. On the official website of the company Timelounge Manufacture there are ready-made models, which will help in the design of your own watches. As you know, the most important thing in the watches is their movement. From its reliability depends how long time and how precise will work the watches. That is why it is important firstly to pay the attention to the selection of the movements. The company Timelounge Manufacture lets you to choose the types of the movements: self-winding, chronographs, the movements with two time zones, the movements with a tourbillon, etc. The watchmakers of the brand will also help in the selection of the movements. The Timelounge Manufacture company is outfitted with the equipment which allow to produce the cases, made of any materials, like steel, platinum, silver, and gold. So that's why the owner chooses not only the shape of the case, but also material. The brand also provides the customer with the opportunity to choose the stones of any size and color that will decorate the watches. These stones will take their place on the case, the dial, the bracelet, depending of the owner's wishes. In addition the special equipment allows the masters to use such technical drawing on the dials as the laser engraving, metal-coat, which allow you to put any image on the dials. Of course, in these watches can be written any name according to the client. The creation of the watches is performed with the using of the modern tools and technologies; the watch cases are made of steel, 925 sterling silver, 585 or 750 gold, platinum, or of the material which is offered by the customer; models are equipped with the variety of the movements, purchased from the well-known manufactures.

Timelounge Manufacture watch Timelounge Manufacture watch Timelounge Manufacture watch Timelounge Manufacture watch

On the website of Timelounge Manufacture are available the model lines which include the chronograph “Polet”, which is made of gold 585, with Roman numerals, aperture date at index “6” with the gold emblem of the Russian Federation at the index “12”. The collection also includes other models under the name “Super Steel project”, “The project watches DB” is the self-winding watch without the crown, “exclusive watches” are decorated with different precious or semiprecious stones or with different images on the dials. Originality and individuality - that's what the company Timelounge Manufacture offers. This is the individual approach to every project.

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