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Charles Lewis TiffanyIn 1837, the company Tiffany & Co. was foTiffany & Co factoryunded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young. Tiffany and Young made $ 1,000 loan from the father of Tiffany to open the small wares and stationery shop. The glorious history of the Tiffany & Co. achievements started from the foundation of the company, which has become known as one of the most famous American jewelry companies that received further recognition in the world. In 1997, Tiffany & Co. released the collection of jewelry and gifts made of silver and 18K gold, celebrated by such way the anniversary of the company. The jewelry of company are branded “Tiffany & Co. 1837”, but only the modern forms of the products have this trademark which is engraved on the perfectly polished surfaces of each model. Tiffany & Co. has a whole line of the stunning jewelry, which are very popular: women's rings, bracelets, earrings, and among men - watches, rings and seal-rings. In addition, the collection includes items of daily use: key rings, notepads, pens, toys, "Yo - Yo", which are made of silver and have the excellent and unique design. The next specialists of the Tiffany & Co. company became designer Edward Moore, senior gemologist of America George Kunz. The company's customers were the favorites and the richest people of America. Among them were such people like U.S. President Stephen Grover Cleveland, a powerful financier George Gould, Henry Vanderbilt, the railroad magnate and the wife of the great world-famous writer Mark Twain. The products have in the design the motives of China and Japan, the motives of Islamic traditions, have also been used traits and traditions of the Russian folk crafts. In the late 19th - and early 20th - century, in Chicago, Paris, Buffalo, the company Tiffany & Co. received the recognition as the undisputed leader in the world of precious stones.

Tiffany & Co watch Tiffany & Co watch Tiffany & Co watch Tiffany & Co watch

 In 1889, Tiffany & Co. was recognized as the most exclusive collection of jewelry ever created by American jewelry houses. The jeweler of the company Tiffany & Co. received many awards, thanks to this he was appointed “Imperial and Royal jeweler to royals of Europe”. At the turn of the 19's and 20's centuries, Charles Lewis Tiffany made his son - Louis Comfort Tiffany the head of the company Tiffany & Co.. The successor of the company perfectly managed with his responsibilities. In 1902, Louis Comfort, managing the company, opened the special jewelry department in the store Tiffany & Co., where could be bought the jewelry made from his design sketches. In December 2007, Tiffany & Co. began to cooperate with the company Swatch Group, producing and distributing their watches in the watch world market. Tiffany & Co. under the treaty with the Swatch Group, as a part of the project, receives the right to manufacture the watches Tiffany & Co. This agreement was signed for 20 years with the prolongation of 10 years. The chairman of Tiffany & Co. believes that this partnership will allow the company Tiffany & Co. to stand in line with the well-known brands of the watches Swatch Group. As the Swatch Group is a leader in the watchmaking business, which has very extensive experience in the distribution of the watches. The president of Swatch Group, believes that Tiffany & Co. will be one of the best watch brands in the world.

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