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Thomas Prescher Watches

Thomas PrescherThe founder of the watch brand Thomas Prescher - Thomas Prescher had the passionate interest in watchmaking from his childhood. In 2002 in the small village Twann where there are no other watchmaking shops, he opened a workshop. Here he created the unique watches, which are equipped with the first in the world double axis tourbillon. In 2003, Thomas Prescher was accepted as a candidate member of the illustrious AHCI—Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendents (Horological Academy of Independent Creators). In the workshop of Thomas are created only complicated watches. Thomas Prescher and his his assistant Mark Postmus create the parts of movements and the cases. The exceptions are the models which are produced on the base of modernized movements ETA. The modules of the complications for the movements are designed in the work shop of Thomas Prescher. But a lot of component parts such as screws, stones, wheels he buys at other watchmaking manufacturies. Because of these unique modules which are designed in watchmakers Thomas Prescher, his watches become the unique and inimitable. Prescher asserts that he understands and realizes the dreams of his customers who choose the watches of his brand. In 2004 Prescher launched the line “Tourbillon Trilogy” with single, double, and triple axis tourbillons. The models of this collection differs by their appearance and the unique design despite of their cases are made of platinum. Prescher became the first watchmaker in the world who released wrist watches with “flying” tourbillon and constant force mechanism which are for sure the unique inventions. The other exclusive model from the company Thomas Prescher - “Triple-Axis Flying Tourbillon”, which could be related to the high horlogy art. The dial is made of onyx. Besides the main dial there are two sub-dials which show the hours and minutes. It's impossible not to notice the tourbillon which “flies” surrounded by the minute scale. To create this masterpiece Thomas Prescher used the device which rotates around the first axis and transfer the energy to the leveler escapement six times per second. The case of the model is made of 18K gold, sapphire crystal with the both sides antiglare coating, 40-hrs power reserve indicator, the strap from alligator leather. “Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon” are the watches with two crowns which are located opposite each other from the both sides of the case. The first crown is used for winding and the other for setting time and calendar. The watches don't have the dial: upper there are two rotating barrels.

Thomas Prescher watch mechanismThomas Prescher watch mechanism

The right barrel indicates the minutes and the left barrel indicates the hours. On the bottom of the case there is the calendar and in the middle – the “flying” double axis tourbillon. And everything is closed with sapphire crystal. The other masterpiece of the company Thomas Prescher is the “QP1” watches with five hands. The model is equipped with perpetual calendar which is very rare construction. The case is made of 18K gold and PT950. But the watchmakers of the company can make the watches of the different materials according to the wish of the customer. Buy the watches Thomas Prescher you can in different countries of the world, also you can order them through the Internet.

Thomas Prescher at Moscow Watch Expo 2011
Thomas Prescher at Moscow Watch Expo 2011

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Thomas Prescher watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)
Thomas Prescher watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)

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Perpetual Calendar

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