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Tempvs Compvtare Watches

“The preservation of our ecosystem is a crucial issue that we cannot ignore any longer”. Nicolas Jeanson

ThiNicolas Jeansons question was asked by the foundeTempvs Compvtare watchr of the company Tempvs Cmpvtar, Nicolas Jeanson. Through his time pieces the company tries to review the main values and luxury meanings by putting at the first place ecological aspect. The company doesn't use the animal's leather at any stage of production. Their philosophy is the respect of the environment, and 1/3 from all profits is going to the different Funds for Animal Welfare. The company was founded in 2009 by Nicolas Jeanson, the ardent supporter of environmental protection. The brand name of these watches is translated from Latin means “countdown” or “count the time”. All stages of manufacture of these “environmental” watches are held in Neuchatel, that guarantees them the excellent Swiss quality. “Form Follows Function” - the rule which Nicolas uses in all his works, placing at the head of the watch production the functional aspect. The first watches of the Tempvs Compvtare company was the model SharkWatcher. After becoming acquainted with the creator of the documentary movie “SharkWater” by Rob Stewart, the company created a watch dedicated to the preservation of a population of one of the oldest inhabitants of our seas and oceans - sharks, which are hunted for their precious fins. The 47-mm case of this chronograph for the diving is made of stainless steel. Very remarkable is the crown of this watch, on which are engraved the initials of the name of the model - SW. It, as well as numbers, hour and minute hands are covered with the luminescent coating. The design of the watches SharkWatcher combines the sharp corners and the smooth edges. The frame of the watches securely holds the watch sapphire crystal. The power reserve indicator is for 42 hours, at the index “9” there is the second sub-dial, and at the indexes “12” and “6” there is the 30-minutes and 1-hour counters. These chronographs are water-resistant up to 200 m. The watches of the Tempvs Compvtare company were presented at GTE 2011. And already in 2011, the company will present its products in Russia and America.

Tempvs Compvtare watches presentation Geneve, January 2012
Tempvs Compvtare watches presentation Geneve, January 2012

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