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SwissTimer Watches

The brand «SWISS TIMER» was created in 2002 by the best Swiss watchmakers. Their efforts in the creation of the movements were focused on  the combination of the high technologies and functionality which is convenient in the usage. As the result,  «SWISS TIMER»  offers its customers several unique collections, each with very specific attributes. These watches are the combination of the innovative design   with the great Swiss watch technologies: all watches have the perfect quality  and they are the unique projects in the small constructions, which could be worn on the wrists. Together with the extraordinary value of the high-quality manufacturing the Swiss watches «SWISS TIMER», as their creators say, are “invincible”. Today, there are a lot of imitators and patents when we talk about the Swiss brands that we can be lost in this information flow. That's why if you have the watches from «SWISS TIMER» on your wrist, you can be sure in their quality and the exclusiveness.
The difference of this brand from others is the using of the H3 technology on the base of tritium. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The nucleus of tritium contains one proton and two neutrons. The atomic weight of tritium  is about  three that's why it has the chemical sign – H3. In the natural conditions Tritium is produced in nuclear reactors and for some commercial objectives.
In the wrist watches «SWISS TIMER» the gas of tritium is geometrically closed in the small gas tubes, which are covered with the  phosphorescent substance During the interaction the substance and the gas  create the  special chemical reaction as the result of which is created the constant colorful  blazed light. Tritium, which is used in the watches has the possibility of the active period (T25) during 10 years from 12. That's why the intensity of the light, which is given off by the watches, is guaranteed  for 10 years but the model can be lighted even for 25 years.
 The company  «SWISS TIMER» uses H3 Tritium  of the highest quality which is made by Mb-Microtec, and as the result the watches light-give off in 100 times brighter that other watches with other system of lightning.  «SWISS TIMER» guarantees the constant flow of light for 10 years. 
The collections, which are offered by this brand, have the particular direction – they are adapted for your activities such as sport, hunting or regattas.
 «Outdoor Collection» - the main characteristic of these watches  is the H3 permanent self-activated illumination system. These models differ by their moderate colors and the classic black and  grey style.
 «Football Collection» - the special feature of this line is the unique design of the dial which shows the different periods of the game.

 «Sailing Collection»  is made with movements that shows Tide and are used in Regattas.
 «Trapper Collection» - Watches used by hunters with the H3 permanent self-activated illumination system, special strong glass and leather straps. This line is made in green colors which are suit to the steel case and the animals on the dial.
 «Classic Collection» -Swiss made quality watches at attractive prices.
 The office of «SWISS TIMER» is located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, in the city Grenchen. The features of this brand are developed and produced by a team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the Swiss watch making business. “SWISS TIMER” is offering a range of high tech and high quality timepieces, dedicated to provide its customers “affordable luxury”.

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