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Stowa Watches

The company Stowa is the German producer of the watches. It was established in 1927 by  Walter Storz. The name of the brand is the acronym made  from the letters of the surname and the name the founder - STO and WA. In the 40-s Stowa was in the top 5 of the watchmakers who produced the watches for the airforce pilots and the naval mariners. In 1945 the manufacture Stowa  was destroyed by bombing. But after the Second World War in 1951 the factory was restored  and also was built the new one  which should provide the increased demand for watches.
In the 50-s the watches Stowa were spread in 80 countries of the world.
In the creation of the watches the company still follows its main “historical” idea. The watches from Stowa have the vintage style, imitated the wrist watches of the war years: leather or rubber straps, simple, “easy-to-read” dials and a lot of functions. The watches are equipped with the Swiss movements ETA. You can buy the watches in the specialized shops or order them through the official website of the company.
 In the collections of Stowa are presented five lines. All of them are united by the simple, clear design and the high-quality Swiss movements.

Flieger Black Forest Edition 1 by Stowa Flieger Black Forest Edition 1 by Stowa
Flieger TO 1 TESTAF by Stowa Flieger TO 1 TESTAF by Stowa
Stowa presents a new version of the Antea watch Stowa presents a new version of the Antea watch
New Antea Watch by Stowa New Antea Watch by Stowa
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