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Fabrizio CavalcaSteinway & Sons company wasModel C Seconde Métronomique founded in 1853 by a German emigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway in Varick street in Manhattan. For the next 30 years Henry and his sons Theodore, Charles, Henry junior, William and Albert were in pianos production.
 The pianos, created by Steinway & Sons company in future inspired Fabrizio Cavalca, a musician, designer and a watchmaker, to create exclusive watches under Steinway & Sons brand. Fabrizio can not only hear and feel music, he can also see it. Sitting at his Steinway & Sons grand piano, Cavalca decided to create watches of New York's most popular pianos producer. He contacted the brand's headquarters in New York and he was invited to present his project. As Cavalca says, – “it was the worst day of my life, as I was not ready as I should be. I just had a couple of sketches with me. First I was led through a workshop, where pianos were made, then I was asked to play. I was just petrified”.
 The talented musician and designer, Cavalca amazed Steinway & Sons company's vice-president and director of public relations, Frank Mazurco and Leo Spellman. After his matchless play, the watch project was surely approved. Cavalca started elaborating the watch. It's notable, that not only Steinway & Sons company's management was impressed. The watches, created by Fabrizio, amazed everyone at the worldwide BazelWorld 2009 watch exhibition. It's obvious, that the watches' original designer execution could not be left unnoticed. Anyone, who is related to music, will see the watches' basic elements, making them masterpieces: the grand piano's deck on the dial, the 12 strings, the hands in the form of a camertone and the staples in the form of a grand piano. This is the brand's philosophy – in creating a wonder-masterpiece. Cavalca keeps saying, that it's just an ability “to hear what you see and to see what you hear”.
 The talented musician and watchmaker has always been able to combine different things into one. He is constantly organizing ceremonies, during which both pianos and wrist watch connoisseurs can equally enjoy the concert and the watches. Steinway & Sons watch buyers are music lovers, Steinway grand piano owners and generally people, who love music and appreciate inimitable watch design. Fabrizio Cavalca's watches are really exclusive, because they don't have analogues. The models are named letters, like the notes.
 The Model M is an original watch, made in the form of a lyre. The model's case is made of 18-carat gold and the dial is presented as a grand piano's strings. There are no hour marks on the dial, there are only the company's logo in the form of a lyre at the “1” position and the 3 hands on it. The model is supplemented by a leather strap. The watch is equipped with the Swiss automatic Caliber S-1853 movement with black gold rotor and axle.
 Another model from Fabrizio – the Model D repeats Model M watch's shape. But this time the designer created a women's model, decorated with 140 pure diamonds. The watch's case is made of rose or yellow gold. Half of the dial is decorated with hand handled diamonds of D, E, F casts (the bluish white cast). There are 2 hands in the central part. The watch is supplemented by a pure silk strap. The Model D is equipped with the Swiss Caliber SQ-1853 movement.
Model D The talented musician,Model M designer and watchmaker Fabrizio Cavalca has recently presented his new model – the C Seconde  Métronomique, equipped with the Caliber C 60 19-jeweled movement with the frequency of 21 600 half-oscillations per hour. The watch with a black dial, covered with Grand Feu enamel amazed everyone with its presice one-second metronome, situated on the dial. The metronome sets rhythm for the musical composition. This is a unique detail, which is an ideal complication for Steinway & Sons company's collection. But as the traditional one-second retrograde pointer's oscillation amplitude was too big for a wrist watch,, it was necessary to think of another solution. In this position 2 seconds hands came to a rescue – one of them was leaning to the left and the other one – to the right, creating the illusion of a ticking metronome. The idea belongs to Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, who got the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2007 for “The Best Watchmaker”.
 The C Seconde Métronomique watch's case is made of 18-carat white, rose or yellow gold. There's a time indication with Arabic numbers and 2 hands in the watch's upper part, the company's logo at the “6” position and a small pendulum between them, making one oscillation per second. The dial is protected by a sapphire glass with an antireflective coating. The model is supplemented by an alligator leather strap. The watch's water resistance is 30 metres. The watch is produced in limited edition – 300 pieces.
 A Steinway & Sons watch from the talented expert, Fabrizio Cavalca, will become an inseparable part of a watch collectors' and a connoisseurs' collection.


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