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Sothis Watches

The Sothis name comes from the ancient Egyptian mythology and represents the star Sirius. For the ancient people the appearance of the star meant the start of  the new year, and the Goddess Sothis symbolized the fertility. These myths and heroes inspired the designer Wolfgang Steinkrüger to create the new “stars” on the watch “sky”.
Steinkrüger  created  watches even in 1996. Creating new models, he continued to remain faithful to the original construction of watches. These watches are distinguished by  semicircles, which are represented by three rings, the astrological symbols of Water, Land and Air. There is nothing accidental in the design of Steinkrüger, any part corresponds to the other, so that's why it's not desirable to buy the ready-made parts. For example, all hands are specially manufactured and fitted one to another. Cases, movements and dials are carefully treated, and the quality of watches is always controlled. All these factors let the company Sothis have the faithful customers, who are mostly men, because of the watch  size the timepieces  are  more suitable for the stronger sex. But these great watches are preferred by women.  Every time  Steinkrüger  surprised everyone with his new model. For example, Valjoux 7750, which amazes by its originality. The numbers appears  in the “window” only at the index “6”. In addition from  6 am till 7 pm the background of the watch is white and the indexes are black, and after 7 pm - on the contrary, the white indexes on the black background. Minutes are indicated by the reversed hand on the 1800 scale, which is located at the top of the dial. The typical brand Sothis star, for example, in the model Stardust, has the function of the second hand.
We must not forget that Sothis, as well as many German marks, produced  the exclusive movements. Even the ordered Swiss movements, German companies refine and modify. And the German movements precision are tested in the already-assembled cases. That is what is the characteristic of German watchmaking market the testing of the ready-watches. It should be noted that all the German brands  of the mechanical watches are not the mass product.
 The German watches Sothis - it is primarily the accuracy, reliability and individuality.

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