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Solvil et Titus Watches

Paul Ditisheim is one of the well-known and distinguished person in the world of the Swiss watchmaking industry of his time. In 1887 one of his created models, he named Titus. He liked this idea so much  that he called the new line Solvil et Titus. The word “Solvil” is the abbreviation for the small village Sonviller, located in the Jura mountains in Switzerland, where the factory for making watch components stood.  “Titus” - the name of the highly talented and skilled Roman Emperor of the first century. Ditisheim succeeded in the creation of the  perfect, super-precise   chronometers and achieved the record results. The company produces the great rage of the watch pieces  from navigational-purposed simple watches to chronometers with automatic display of sunrise and sunset time to the minute each day; from watches with perpetual calendars to ones that could strike and incorporated chimes. In 1930, Ditisheim handed Solvil et Titus over to Paul Vogel, who foresaw the necessities of broadening the market for watches and of creating an international distribution system. After the Second World War the Swiss watchmaking started  to expand. The company Solvil et Titus  put on a spurt  to conquer the international markets and in the 70s  Solvil et Titus was made available in the Asian market. The brand launched its first series of commercials in 1988, starring the famous Chinese singer Anita Mui, who became the face of the brand. The plot of the commercial video was the evoking love-story between two hearts. The action took place in old Shanghai. As a result of the correctly chosen strategy the sales of the company's products skyrocketed. And even today the slogan, used in China, is  very popular:  “Love lost is perhaps the love that remains with you for all time”. The theme of love was also displayed in the new collection 2009. In the words of the new slogan “Time is Love” is  the entire philosophy of the company. The company has its own television station, through which it  establishes the contact with potential customers, communicates with them and thus can monitor the requests and demands of customers. The collection of the company is based on the high-quality Swiss movements. The model line Soldiers Story  attracts the attention with its classic perfect design. The chronograph with the brown dial, the center of which is decorated with the figure in the Gothic style, differs by its functionality. The case and the bracelet are made of the brown quality stainless steel. The dial is equipped with indicators of time. Water resistance of the model is up to 50 meter. The model 06-1855 is a men wrist watch from the collection Automatic, designed on the basis of multi-functional automatic movement. The watch case is made of stainless steel. The dial is designed in black and equipped with the functions of  hour, day, date, month and year indicators  and the lunar calendar. Water-resistance of the model is up to 50 meters. The strap is made of black  leather. The elegant model 06-1980 from the collection Solvil et Titus is a women wrist watch that is based on the automatic movement. In the creation of  the case is used stainless steel. The silver dial has the time indicator. Water-resistance of the model is up to 30 meters. The strap is made of  leather, imitated crocodile leather. Despite the fact that the models of Solvil et Titus are designed for the mass market, they are made of high-tech materials and are distinguished by their  unique design. You can buy the watches of this company  in specialized stores, salons that sell jewelry, also you can place your order through a dealer, presented at the official website of the company.

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