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Slazenger Watches

The time of Queen Victory reign was remarked by a huge development in different spheres of industry, a lot of manufactures were opened a lot of new goods were started to be produced. Many companies which were busy with watch production were opened as well. One of them is Slazenger, which was founded by two brothers Ralph and Albert Slazengers. The brands which were founded these years were started up in order to supply by necessary equipment tennis, cricket and football lovers.
This time one more company was also founded. It was busy with table games production. After the II World War all these companies gathered onto one and was called Slazenger.
Slazenger company was officially founded in 1881 when Albert and Ralph transferred their business from Manchester to London. They decided to produce rackets and balls for a new game (big tennis), which was developed by an officer of English army Walter Clopton Wingfield.
Time passed and Slazenger became bigger and now it was a huge organization which produced sportive goods which was soled all around the World. Slazenger factory were opened in many countries like Australia, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, the US, and Far East.
In 1931 Slazenger started to collaborate with Cardridges brand which made a real influence on Slazenger popularity and the production of high class equipment for cricket and golf which helped Slazenger to take the leading place among other producers of sport equipment.
Nowadays, such sportsmen as Jimmy Connors, Viv Richards, Severiano Ballestreros and many others who play tennis, golf or cricket using the products made by Slazenger company.
Since early times when Slazenger company was rather young it was starving only for success achieving by raising quality of one's production. It is also should be mentioned that company's production is as popular today as it was more than a century ago. Brands success is not only real originality of the produced goods, but also that it could foresee all the changes in the global trade and could adopt oneself to all urgent needs.
Today Slazenger brand is famous for its sportive clothes and perfect watches. A very rich assortment let anyone to choose the most suitable model. Brand's collections are divided into the following categories: Chronograph, Sport, Fashion and Classic.

watch from Chronograph collection watch from Chronograph collection watch from Chronograph collection

Chronograph collection: cases are round and made of stainless steel. Dials of different colours are supplied with Arabic numerals, three hands and chronograph counters. Some models are made in original design. Dials of such watches are supplied with three small apertures. Crowns are located around the case at hour marks of “2 o'clock”, “5 o'clock” and “9 o'clock”. Models of this collection are supplied with genuine leather straps and stainless steel bracelets.
Sport collection: models of watches released in Sport collection are very unusual. Here ordinary watches and chronographs can be found. Slazenger Sport watch can become an indispensable companion of any sportsmen. In Sport series there are presented models which are supplied with genuine leather straps and stainless bracelets as well.
Fashion collection: this collection includes watch models which contain mixed design elements, as a result there came unique watches, which are impossible to find anywhere. All this models are restricted and elegant. Fashion collection of Slazenger brand contain watch models which are colourful and reflect very peculiar approach of Slazenger watch-makers to watch design. They might be wanted to mix up elegance, harmony of colours and shades, beauty of textures and materials which perfect blend bore a wonderful collection of real pieces of art. Some watches of Fashion collections are incrusted by gems. Their design reminds jewellery bracelets.
Classic collection: is a must for everybody who like classic watches. Such accessorize can become inseparable with you. Clessic collection of Slazenger watch can perfectly suit business suits or clothes for special occasions. Logo of Slazenger is also very remarkable in this collection, it is placed in the dial and it is impossible not to notice it.
Slazenger watch can be bought if you connect with official dealers of Slazenger watch company.

watch from Sport collection watch from Fashion collection watch from Classic collection


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