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Romanoff Watches

Empire of time in Romanoff watches

The watch company was founded in 1993 on the basis of the Moscow Watch Factory Poljot. Using the old traditions of Russian watchmaking and the manufacturing capabilities of the factory, the company developed the first models, powered by the in-house chronograph movements. The watch company released two collections: the models from the first one are characterized by the historical subject (Petr I, Ekaterina II, Romanov, Knyaz Suvorof, Kutuzov) and the second line is characterized by the military subject (MIG 31, CY – 39, Spetznas). The models with the historical attributes attracted attention of many watch connoisseurs. Due to this fact the company management decided to launch a new watch brand on the basis of the collection historical timepieces with the legendary symbols of the House of Romanov. In 1995, the company registered Romanoff watch brand in the territory of Russian Federation, Great Britain, the USA, and countries of the Madrid Agreement.

watch "Imperiya Romanovih"

watch "Petr I"

watch "Graf Suvorof"The Romanov Dynasty played a great role in the foundation and development of the Russian watchmaking. During their ministry the culture of time measurement became the integral part of social life in Russia. The time regulation was necessary first of all for the representatives of ruling circles, the life of which was strictly regulated. The time regulating was gradually becoming an exigency: all the services in Palace, cloisters and cathedrals were strictly ordered. The time measuring machines also become very important for officials, who had to come to the court at the appointed time. Later it occurred to people, that the time measuring process should be a personal deal. So, the first prototypes of wrist watches were created. According to the tzar's ukase, the institutions, involved in the fine mechanics, were established.
In the first half of the 19th century, the watchmaking was initiated in Moscow. At the present day, the company with the name of the tzar is carrying on the traditions of Russian watchmaking. The official logo of the watch company is the Gold Crown of Russian Empire. The emblem symbolizes grandeur, luxury, marriage of national traditions and high quality.
Romanoff company releases wrist watches, being guided by the traditions of the  Russian watchmaking and the experience of the leading European watch companies.  Romanoff watches are characterized by the original design and high quality. The company management realizes, that by using the name of the House of Romanov the company takes the great responsibility: the watches must meet the highest quality standards. The timepieces are produced from high quality materials: watch cases are made of stainless steel, titanium, steel with micron plating, treated with the help of latest technologies. Such a perfect finishing gives watch cases not only high aesthetic features but also protective properties. This coating ensures the high quality wearing and it protects cases from mechanical damages. The watches are powered by the high quality Russian chronograph movements 3133 Poljot, Swiss ETA calibres or Japanese Miyota movements. The Russian company’s name is engraved on the Swiss openworked and gold-plated movements. Men's wrist watches are mainly assembled on the basis of automatic movements, women's models are based on the quartz movements. The watch assembly is carried out in Moscow, in the assembly rooms of the First Moscow Watch Factory Poljot.
The watch design is developed by the key specialists, who never ignore the latest tendencies of watch fashion. While developing the design, the experts take into consideration every tiny detail – from the shape of a case to the finishing and decoration. Different decorative elements, zircons, fianites, Swarovski crystals,  mother-of-pearl, high quality leather, guilloche dials, the engraved logo on the watch back – all these details project the unified image of Romanoff watches.

watch "Moskva Kreml"watch "Moskva Kreml"

The wide range of wrist watches is divided into four lines, each of it includes several watch collections.
The men's line consists of 150 different watches, united in four collections - “Elite”, “Empire”, “Classic” and “Fashion”. The men's watches harmoniously combine the traditional classics and the fashion trends of modern watchmaking. The watches with original design are also characterized by the perfect technical features.
The most memorable collection is “Empire”, devoted to the main events and outstanding personalities of Russia. The watches from this collection, that reflects the history of the country, are often exposed at the historical exhibitions and in museums of Moscow. The largest exposition is the exposition of State Polytechnical Museum in Moscow, titled “This timepiece is called the time measuring machine...”

gent's watch Elite - model "31679/52284" gent's watch Empire - model "3133/1202 "MIG 31""  gent's watch Classic - model "8215/52131"  gent's watch Fashion - model "3691G/3 "Architector""

The women's line is presented by three series - “Glamor”, “Elegance” and “Fashion”. The watches, created for the fair sex, are distinguished by the elegant design of cases and unique dials. The dials and cases are decorated with Swarovski crystals, the glare of which is harmoniously combined with the polished steel case with the mirror surface.

 ladie's watch Glamor - model "3892B"  ladie's watch Fashion - model "4269B"  ladie's watch Elegance - model "10012A"

 The next line is presented by the twin watches, called “He and She”. The models with similar design feature cases of different sizes. The wrist watches with massive case are for men, and small elegant models are for women. These watches may become the valuable gifts for loving couples.

 He and she watches - model "Blizost"  He and she watches - model "Vzaimnost"  He and she watches - model "Voshischenie"

 The last but not the least ROMANOFF watch line is devoted to the ancient noble dynasty, that has given Russia the greatest monarchs. The watches of gold and silver are distinguished by the brilliant design and finishing. The models feature sapphire crystals, which protects the dials.

 golden chronograph ROMANOFF - model "31676/7158876D"  silver watch ROMANOFF - model "2824/7180981" golden watch ROMANOFF - model "2824/6442972" 

Romanoff company also produces watches to order. The souvenir models with wonderful symbols will become the original corporate giftware. For every order the watchmakers develop the unique design layout, including several versions of symbols on a dial and a case-back. If a client makes an order for more than 300 watches, the design is developed according to the personal preferences of a customer. In these cases, the masters can engrave the symbols not only on a dial and a case-back but also on the side of the case, the inner side of a strap or a buckle.
The company was awarded several prizes for its brilliant products. In 2011, at the prestigious annual watch and jewellery exhibition JUNWEX Watch Moscow, Romanoff watch collection was awarded the first prize. The sponsors of the exhibition and the competent jury decided to present the company with a Passport of  a product of a high level of excellence (N JM11 1394), witnessed by the Moscow Kremlin Museum, the Russian Museum, the State Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

watch "Graf Kutuzov"watch "Ekaterina II"

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