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Revue Thommen Watches

Revue Thommen ManufactoryIn 1859 the history of brandWatch producing Revue Thommen began. The company was established by Gedeon Thommen.  He bought the watchmaking in Waldenburg in 1853. At the same time Thommen built a branch line that linked Waldenburg and main railway lines of the country and Europe. The name Revue Thommen associates with the classical watchmaking in conjunction with the manufacture of the precise movements.
In 1885 Thommen created a watch with a digital display. It was the first in the world model of watches, in which the current hours and minutes jumped  as  digital images. These watches  satisfied the needs of train's passengers.
Since 1936, the company has been producing not only watches, but also precise instruments, especially for aircrafts.
The wrist watches with an alarm firstly were launched in 1947. The model was called  “Cricket”, because the sound of the alarm sounded like chirr of a cricket. Among the owners of these watches there were four U.S. presidents: Johnson, Truman, Nixon and Eisenhower.
Watch producingIn 1961 with the participation of Hans Keller the first series of “Cricket Nautical” was launched. These watches have an alarm, which is perfectly audible under water, thereby providing the safety of the diving in the deep sea. This invention  provided new opportunities for divers and sea researchers. The model is water-resistant up to 200 m and it has a safety device, which eliminates an accidental lock of the alarm, and a swing ring, which is securelyMechanism GT 11 protected from accidental changes.
In 1988 the company sent  an expedition of Swiss climbers who went to conquer Himalayan peak Lots (8511 meters). The expedition proved reliability and high resistance of the wrist watches “Landmark” to negative influences. These watches are equipped with a solar compass, which is not induced by geomagnetic fields.
A new version of “Landmark North Pole” Revue Thommen brand launched in 1990. These watches, which were designed to work in the conditions of ultra-low temperatures, accompanied by Dutch polar expedition.
Mechanism GT 54The sports watches “Landmark Trekking” isMechanism GT 44 water-resistant up to 200 m, firm and possess a strong solar compass, which is not induced by geomagnetic fields. Chinese lacquer, which is applied to the movable ring and the strap of shark leather with color which suits to the lacquer,  give to the wristwatches “Landmark Trekking” the originality.
The company Revue Thommen owns the miniature mechanical altimeter, which has a range of 0-4500 meters. This instrument was created on the base of the pocket altimeters Revue Thommen, and placed under the watch solar compass. These watches are the primary model of the collection “Altimark”. After multiple tests, which confirmed the reliability  of the watches and sensibility of the altimeters, the Swiss airline Air Zermatt made “Altimark” the official instrument of its helicopter pilots.
FoMechanism GT 60r the “hard-to-please” sailorsMechanism GT 82 the company created the line “Seamarc”. The solar compass and the rotatory ring, which displays the second time zone, made these watches an  instrument which help to navigate anywhere in the world.
The “Greenmark” collection is designed specially for golf players. This watch has a new design and a separate mechanical counter, with which you can calculate shots without using a notebook  and a pencil.
The brand  Revue Thommen keeps up with the times, using for manufacturing of its watches the latest technologies, quality materials, unique designs and of course first-rate Swiss movements.

Revue Thommen  Classical 82 Round at BaselWorld 2012 Revue Thommen Classical 82 Round at BaselWorld 2012
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