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Poljot Watches

«Poljot» manufactoryPoljot-International is the watch brand, Poljot watch assemblythat has received its name in 1995. The watches of this company are of the highest technical level, they undergo the multi-level quality inspection. The watches are produced in Germany, in Alzenau, but according to the manufacturer, these models reflect all the warmth of the Russian soul and the love for Russia. Every timepiece receives the quality certificate, signed by the watchmaker. Poljot-International watches are produced in the limited editions.
The company was launched in the end of 1930s, when the First State Watch Factory (1GChZ) was founded in Moscow. In 1929, new equipment and the engineering tools were delivered from the U.S. Together with the equipment arrived the experienced professionals, who helped to install the machines and trained workers the art of horology. In 1947, the first few watches, known as Pobeda ("Victory"), were issued, and the production of the first chronographs and marine deck watches was launched. In 1961, after Gagarin's mission, who had the navigational 1GChZ watch on his wrist, the name of the company products was changed into “Poljot” ("Flight").«Poljot» manufactory In 1975, the Swiss equipment was installed at the factory to launch the production of more complex watch movements. In 1991, 1GCHZ watch was awarded the international prize «Golden Trophy for Quality» in Madrid. In 1992, on the basis of 1GCHZ was established the distribution Poljot-V GmbH watch company, headquartered in Munich, for the purpose of Poljot watches distribution in Western Europe. In 1994, Poljot-International watch company was founded, its headquarters was located in the town of Alzenau, Germany. Being the successor of the Russian traditions, Poljot-International chose a new path of development: the use of high-quality materials, the development of the modern design, the high level of movement assembly and the quality inspection of the products. Poljot-Internanional wrist watches have several advantages over old Poljot watches: they are equipped with the “Geneva Bar” movement and the blued screws; the movements can be adjusted in five positions, the watches have the function of the second hand stopping for the accurate time setting, the water resistance is no less than 5 atm. The watch cases are made of steel or gold. Most watches from Poljot collections have convex sapphire crystals. The development of design, the manufacture, and the quality control is held in Germany. Poljot-International company is a member of the German watch manufacturers alliance.
In 1998, at the watch exhibition in Vienna, the exclusive women's watch "850 years of Moscow"Poljot watch assembly became the winner in the nomination "Elegant women's watch” and was awarded the "Best Watch of the Year" title. The golden case and dial of this watch is encrusted with 211 diamonds and 7 sapphires.
Poljot-International watch collections:
    Legenden (Legends): Gorbatchov, Leonov, Kirov, Gagarin.
     Wunder (Unicum): Volga, Baikal, Basilika, Northern Light, Siberia, Space Light, Amber.
    Majestaten (Monarchs): Tsars, Nikolai, Anastasia, Winter Palace, Ekaterinburg.
    Jubi Iaen (Jubilee): 850 Jahre Moscow, Gorbatchov, Kirov.
    Accuracy: 6 MX, P.Ch. 53303G, Tourbillon, Regulator, Double Time, Big Second, Jaroslawi.
    Inspiration: Classic, Moscow Nights, Nights of St. Petersburg, New Classics.
    Wegbereiter (Courage): Red October, Jac-7, Maxim, Polar Bear, Square.
Poljot wrist watches gained a leading position in the medium price bracket. They are manufactured in Germany and distributed to more than 35 countries through a network of specialty stores. The manufacture offers its customers the well-organized service, including the 2-year warranty.

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