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Aniceto Jiménez Pita assembly Pita Barcelona watchPita Barcelona is the watchAniceto Jiménez Pita create Pita Barcelona watch company, founded by Aniceto Jiménez Pita, an independent watchmaker, a talented person and a member of the AHCI (since 2004).  Pita has taken a great interest in the wrist watches from his early childhood . Pita was born  in 1947, in Oliva de Mérida, Spain.
Aniceto Jiménez Pita created his first watch in 1958, at the age of 11. Then he began to study the watch movements and the watch assembly, and in 1963-1971 he started repairing all types of watches. Later, he launched his own watch company and produced the first models, known as Pita Barcelona watches. The first boutique was opened in 1971 in Barcelona.
Every Pita's creation has its own appeal and is produced for the certain purpose - to present the masterpiece, distinguished not only by its charming design, but also by its excellent quality. In addition to the development and production of watches, the watchmaker taught the lessons at the watchmaking school in Spain. However, soon he decided to quit his teaching practice and to devote himself to the watch production and to concentrate on his work. In 1990, Pita developed the exclusive Pita-TSM movement, that was patented in 2003. The movement with the unique features workes without a crown and saves the watch parts, reducing their volume. Later, these unique movements were housed in the masterpieces of the Spanish watchmaker - Pita Carousel, Pita Minimal, Pita Oceana.
Pita CarouselIn 2004, the Pita-TSM movement was Pita Minimalpresented at the International Salon of Inventions in Geneva (Salon International des Inventions in Geneva), where the talented watchmaker was awarded the silver medal. In 2005, Pete presented his own unique models - Pita Carousel, Pita Minimal and Pita Sol y Luna, at the Baselshow 2005. Then the original Pita Barcelona watches were shown at many international exhibitions, that helped the master to achieve fame and popularity.
Every model of this watch brand is unique. The watch originality lies not only in the design, but also in the absence of the crown.
Pita Carousel is the automatic wrist watch with 12-hour self-axis rotating  movement. The round case, 40 mm in diameter, is made of 18K rose/yellow/white gold or platinum 950. There is the driving wheel in the center of the dial. The models come with the leather straps of different colours. The watch is equipped with the in-house Pita-TSM 002 movement. There are different versions of the model, characterized by  Roman or Arabic numerals, and by the hands of different design.
Pita Minimal watch is the embodiment of the elegance of minimalism. The symmetric case, 40 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick, is made of yellow/white/rose gold or platinum 950. There are optionally several variants of this watch, with one, two or three hands. Another fact, that makes this model a unique one, is the absence of the crown. The watches are equipped with the Pita-TSM001 movement, developed by the talented watchmaker.
Pita OceanaPita Oceana is another unique model,Pita Sol y Luna a world premiere, presented by the master in 2006 at the Baselworld 2006. Pita timepieces have no crown, but this fact does not influence on the accurate and reliable work of the watches. The secret lies in the two patented systems - Pita-TSM and Pita-RT, that allows you to set the time and wind the watch without any crown. The winding can be carried out by the watch back with the ledges, located on the perimeter. The Pita 003 movement, housed in the watch case, allows you to set the time even under the water. The watch case is made of high-quality stainless steel, there is also a new version of this model with the titanium case, that, as compared with the previous model, is 45% lighter. The watch is equipped with the rotating bezel with 120 positions for the timer function. The watches are water-resistant up to 5000 meters. The models are produced in the limited edition, each watch has its own serial number.
Pita Sol y Luna is the next masterpiece by Pita Barcelona watch company. The symmetric case, 41 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick, is made of 18K yellow/white/rose gold, or platinum 950. This brilliant masterpiece is 24 hour timepiece with the Sun and the Moon, represented on the dial. Both the current time and the Sun and the Pita ̀olinosMoon will tell the watch owner, if it's day or night. The hands are also the unique elements, represented on the dial in several ways. The model is equipped with the in-house Pita-TSM 004 movement.
Pita Molinos is the original skeletonized watch with floating hour and minute wheels. There are no ordinary hands and indexes on the dial, just stylish wheels and gears, that act as the indexes and hands. The round case, 42 mm in diameter and 9.4 mm thick, is made of 18K yellow/white/rose gold, or platinum 950. The model is equipped with the Pita-TSM 005 movement.
According to Aniceto, his aim was not just to create the mechanical watch. He devoted himself to the creative innovations, that would enlarge the collection of mechanical watches not just with new models, but with the functional mechanical watches, that would differ from the other models due to their incomparable design and unique functions. For more than 40 years, Aniceto Jiménez has been engaging in his favorite business and has never got tired of it, because he puts his heart and soul into every watch. That is why Pita Barcelona watches always surprise and amaze the public with their simplicity and at the same time complexity, they make us feel the certain freedom, lightness and ease. Pita Barcelona watches are the little unique masterpieces, that have no analogues.
The name of the talented watchmaker is also known from the book "Masters of modern watchmaking" by Michael Clerizo. Aniceto Jiménez Pita is one of eleven talented independent watchmakers. His biography is described in detail in this book, along with such great masters as George Daniels, Sven Andersen, Vincent Calabrese, Philippe Dufour, Antoine Preziuso, Franck Muller, Alain Silberstein, Mark Lang, Vianney Halter and Roger Smith.

Pita Barcelona watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)
Pita Barcelona watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)

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An exclusive video clip of Pita Barcelona from BaselWorld 2012 on An exclusive video clip of Pita Barcelona from BaselWorld 2012 on

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