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Phosphor Watches

Phosphor is a new watch brand, launched in 2007 in California. The company is famous for its innovative developments in the sphere of design and ingenious inventions in the process of watch production. Using the high-tech manufacturing technology, the company creates functional accessories, which differ a lot from products, presented in the global watch market. Phosphor watches are characterized by the original design, as well as the innovative dials, developed on the basis of E-Ink and Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technologies. With the help of unique E-Ink technology the watchmakers from Phosphor has created a model, distinguished by the original time indication.


Electronic ink (e-ink) is as a specific proprietary type of electronic paper, based on the electrophoretic effect. Electronic paper forms an image in the reflected light and can keep texts and graphics for a long period of time. This technology saves more than a 60% greater energy than an usual liquid crystal display, that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals.
Thanks to E-Ink technology, the power consumption is ultra low, while the the paper-like contrast is rather high. It has taken the scientists several years to develop this revolutionary method of indication.
The watch display consists of millions of tiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. Every microcapsule contains positively and negatively charged white and black particles. When a positive effect field is applied, the white particles  rise to the top of the capsule, gathering and becoming visible to the user's eyes. And the negative effect field pulls the black particles to the bottom of the capsule.
The company has created three watch collections (men's and women's watches) on the basis of this revolutionary E-Ink technology – World Time, Digital Hour, Digital Hour IP Black.

Phosphor Digital Hour Phosphor World Time Phosphor Digital Hour IP Black

Modern, high quality and easy-to-use Digital Hour watches are optionally presented in 9 versions, each of them comes with 3 types of straps – the leather band, the polyurethane band and the stainless steel bracelet. All the straps are harmoniously integrated into the stylish watch case, made of polished steel. You can choose the time display to your taste: the standard electronic mode shows hours and minutes in the form of Arabic numerals, and the analog-digital mode reproduces the round dial and the minutes are shown by the Arabic numerals. E-Ink technology gives you the ability to switch between different colours of time display. There are two variants: the white-on-black time display and the black on white time display.
Phosphor World Time watch is a model with thePhosphor Appear stainless steel case, just 9.3 mm thick. The revolutionary electronic paper display shows the time and date in five different modes and also offers the ability to select from 24 time zones. Due to the high technology, you can also change the watch interface. The display can be configured (you can choose a colour – from the traditional white to the stylish black), to simply display the time or both the time and the date in over-sized or common-sized segments.
Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D)The name of Phosphor company has been associated with the watches, which feature the E-Ink displays, for several years. But the brand has recently released a new watch collection, characterized by the unconventional innovations in the sphere of watchmaking. The structure of an Appear watch dial is based on the patented Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology. Here the main role is played by Swarovski™ crystals, that are used for the dial encrustation. Thank to the innovative technology, the electromagnetic field changes the position of the crystals on the watch dial, to display the current time. The time indication is influenced by the electromagnetic field, generated by the electrical pulse, after the watch owner chooses the proper time indication mode.
The basic time mode of Phosphor Appear watch feature the 12-hour display, but fans of minimalism can choose the “off” mode, indicating the entire essence of Swarovski™ crystals with no time display, by pushing a button. The model also has the stop-watch function, when the numerals on the dial alternate every second. The unique technology, driven by small rotors, is housed in the round steel case.
Phosphor watches are characterized by the perfect quality, brilliant implementation,  cutting-edge technologies and original design.

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