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Paco Rabanne Watches

Francisco Rabaneda y CuervoPaco Rabanne (born FranciscoPaco Rabanne Rabaneda y Cuervo) is the French fashion designer, who has made a revolution in the fashion industry with the help of his innovative developments. He was born in 1934 in Spain. Since 5 years after his father's death, his family moved to France. Paco Rabanne was acquainted with the world of fashion, as his mother was working for the famous Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga for many years. In 1952, Paco Rabanne entered the National School of Elegant Art (Ecole National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts) in Paris. When studying at School, Paco Rabanne worked up in Balenciaga's company, creating the accessories for the famous designer's collections. Rabanne's interesting ideas didn't go unnoticed. Soon, he began to collaborate with  Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and  Givenchy fashion houses. In the early 60s of the 20th century,  Paco Rabanne launched his own company. In 1996, he showed his first collection, titled “12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials”. The collection included dresses, made of plastic and metal. After the fashion show,  Paco Rabanne was considered the daring and “a bit crazy” designer. Despite this fact, Paco Rabanne's collection was appreciated by the in-crowd of France and became an artistic expression of that time. The revolutionary aesthetics of the 1960s favoured the development of new and unusual directions of art. The first collection was followed by the others, that consisted of the revolutionary clothes, made of paper and holographic fiber and decorated with the metal elements, glass and fake fur.  In his collections Paco Rabanne substituted metal and plastic for the traditional fabric, and replaced threads and scissors by pliers and blowlamps. According to Paco Rabanne, the unusual materials, non-traditional structure and shapes of his models were caused by the swift changes happening in his life.
In 1990, he was awarded the “Golden Thimble” prize for the most refined and unusual collection of the season. The prize-winning collection included the clothes, made of the thinnest metal plates, threads and vinyl. The numerous awards, such as “Golden Needle”, “Honour of Fashion”, “ Order of Isabella the Catholic” and the title of the Holder of “Legion of Honour” in France, indicate the international recognition of  Paco Rabanne's works.

Paco Rabanne

Experimenting with new shapes an materials, Paco Rabanne has created the clothes, that combine femininity with ultra-modern eclecticism, the cosmic motifs with power-dressing.
Paco RabanneIn 1999, he announced hisPaco Rabanne retirement from the world of fashion. Today, Paco Rabanne's brand releases not only the with-it clothes for bodacious people, but also accessories (including watches), that will perfectly complement the image of a bright, extraordinary and extravagant person.  MONTRES AMBRE SA company, that had come to the force in the French market since 2000, obtained a licence to produce watches. Paco Rabanne watches are reliable and at the same time stylish and functional accessories, that have been created for the people, who live in megalopolises. They are actually universal and can suit either an evening dress or  formal clothes.
The simple and clear geometric shapes and lines underlie the style of  Paco Rabanne watches.  The models are divided into several collections according to the type of the  material, used for the strap production: Leather, Metal, Rubber. Every collection is characterized by a certain aesthetics. All the models are powered by the high quality quartz movements. The most common colours, used by Paco Rabanne company, are  brown, black and white. Thanks to these colours, the timepieces are rather plain but at the same time refined.
The company's watches are located in the fashion segment of the market. This direction of the watch industry has appeared about twenty years ago. As a rule, the watches, developed in the fashion-style, are renewed every season and do not cost a lot of money. Due to this, fashion-conscious men and women can change their functional accessories in accordance to the fashion. Paco Rabanne models have gained the leading position in the watchmaking industry due to the brave and bright design and moderate prices.

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