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PHOENIX, the American watch company, was founded in 1990. In ten years, the brand's products have gained the firm positions not only in the U.S. watch market, but also in the European market. In 2001, the young American brand merged with the Swiss watch company SPECTRUM, having established a single concern, known as SPECTRUM & PHOENIX Watches Group. The head office and the design center of the holding company is situated in the U.S.A., and the manufacturing facilities — in Switzerland and the USA.
PHOENIX watch company specializes in the creation of women's watches. That's why the watchmakers pay a great attention to the watch design, developing the models according to the latest fashion trends.
PHOENIX brand has released the following collections: Romantic, Elegance, Fashion, Bogemian, Exclusive, Business, VIP, New.
The collections are updated every month.


For watch production, the company uses the high quality materials:watch-glass
• Sapphire Crystal — today it is the most reliable element of the dial protection. It is made of synthetic sapphire, and has a characteristic glitter, that remains even after several years. The Vickers hardness of the sapphire crystal is 2200-2300, it yields only to  diamond. Due to its exceptional hardness, it is immune to damage and distortion. Sapphire crystal is resistant to chemical influence. The sapphire crystals, used in PHOENIX watches, are polished with diamond powder, so they are perfectly transparent and clear.
• Crystal glass with sapphire coating: the Vickers hardness of the crystal glass is 500-800, but it has its advantage - a great potential for light transmission. PHOENIX watchmakers mainly use the crystal glass in chronographs, where the clearness of the watch dial is very important. In order to increase the hardeness and wear resistance, the company uses the sapphire coating. The crystal glasses are produced from the high quality alloy, the final process of grinding and polishing is carried out in Switzerland. 

PHOENIX watch designing

PHOENIX watch creating

PHOENIX watch mechanism assembly

PHOENIX watch testing• Stainless steel: a metal with corrosion-resistant properties appeared about a hundred years ago. The layer of chromium oxide on the steel surface has a protective function, it gives the metal the resistance to the mechanical and chemical damage.
• Gold-plated stainless steel: it is a very complicated process, the surface of the stainless steel is covered with the thin layer (1-3 microns) of pure gold components  with a high degree of hardness. This thin but solid layer of gilding is hypoallergenic and has the corrosion resistance.
• Titanium: this solid material is two times lighter than steel, it has a hypoallergenic property, and is resistant to salt water.
• Titanium with PVD-coating: the surface of polished titanium is covered with PVD-coating, that has a protective function.
• Genuine leather: for the watch straps production PHOENIX company uses only genuine leather. More often the watchmakers use the crocodile, lizard or calf leather. PHOENIX company also produces the straps of combined materials, such as alligator or lizard leather in combination with calf leather. Crocodile or lizard leather with inhomogeneous surface is used as the upper layer. There is a sweat absorbent gasket between two layers of leather.
• Mother-of-pearl: this decorative material is a composite of natural origin. It is the inner layer of the freshwater and marine mollusks' shells. In the watchmaking it is used for the dial, case and bracelet decoration. During the production of dials and finishing parts so called "pearlescence" is often used. The natural mother-of-pearl is polished to the micron-level thickness, and then by vacuum deposition method the decorative elements are covered with the micron-level mother-of-pearl.

PHOENIX manufactory

• PHOENIX watches are equipped with the Swiss and Japanese movements – Miyota, Ronda, ETA, Seiko. The time measuring instruments are assembled on the basis of mechanical, quartz and kinetics movements. But the quartz movements prevail: the company's developers and specialists consider, that quartz, being very reliable and precise, is the perfect variant for the long-lived wrist watches.
PHOENIX watches are water resistant to 20-30 meters, some models are equipped with anti-shock systems, due to which the watch movements are protected from the mechanical damage.
PHOENIX watches come in the original box with the warranty card (two-year warranty in the company's service centers), a certificate of authenticity, the number of which is registered in the database. With the help of the individual number you can check the authenticity of your wrist watch. To do this, you should enter the company official website and input the certificate number in the proper row in the "Authenticity" section.
The company's products do not belong to any particular price brackets, the prices vary quite widely.
In 2009, SPECTRUM & PHOENIX company opened its representative offices in Russia, Great Britain, Spain, UAE and Bulgaria.

PHOENIX watch details

PHOENIX watch mechanisms

PHOENIX watch creating

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