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Omikron watch assemblyOmikron watch assemblyThe Omikron watch company's history started from the key-wound pocket watch made by a famous watchmaker-master Gustave Homberger. It was his first watch. In 1898 he created the 19-line movement that was the result of a new assembly system based on the interchange ability of standardized parts. This pocket watch based on the new caliber featured exceptional precision and durability. The innovative technology was named “Omikron”, the letter of the Greek alphabet, synonymous with achievement, excellence and perfection. For some time the company got the same name. During Gustave's life the company produced pocket watches especially for railway offices to order. After his death, his sons, Stephane and Georges, adapted their father's technology to make military watches of which high precision, regular run and exceptional durability were demanded much, because a soldier’s life depended on these features. After the First World War Omikon watches attracted the attention of leading military officials. The company started collaborating with military offices and focused on producing military Omikronwatches. Between the two World Wars, the time of the beginning of the modern watch art, the company got down to mass production. Just that time wristwatches started to supplant pocket ones. Wristwatches were necessary as pocket ones usually fell out of pockets, and trench coats had no place for them to keep. Military men attached the second ring to the case of a pocket watch. Through the ring they passed a string to wear a watch on the wrist. A do-it-himself timepieces turned out to be more durable than pocket ones. Watch companies quickly caught this modern trend. Omikron began making wristwatches for pilots and divers and was a supplier for air forces and naval forces of many European countries. Later the company's activity was stopped but the history still remained: today Omikron watches are being made by Leschot S.A. The company has already created 11 collections: Dauntless, Corsair, Privateer, Excalibur, Excalibur Gold, Marauder, Constellation, Ventura, Sentinel, Nighthawk and Corsair II.
Omikron watches are equipped with automatic Swiss-made movements Leschot LM-196 based on 21 stones. Cases are made of stainless steel, dials are covered with mineral crystal, straps are of genuine leather. Military watches have not only stylistic features of prototypes of military models but also technical features. Models have luminescent hands to read time easy in the dark, because the time precision is a necessary requirement for military watches. Some models have antimagnetic cases that aviation watches mainly have. Thanks to such cases active magnetic fields, made by navigation equipment of a plane, do not influence on a movement operation. Model are water-resistant 30 to 50 metres.
Massive cases and minimalistic finishing of dials are an Omikron distinctive feature.
All watch collections of the company are named in honor of the best bomber pilots of the Second World War to remind of heroic feats of these military pilots.


Dauntless is a name of the American naval dive bomber “Douglas SBD Dauntless”. It was the most successful bombers of the American air forces during the Second World War. Just these planes attacked Japanese aircraft group near the Midway Atoll.
Corsair and Corsair II are from the carrier-capable fighter aircraft “Vought F4U Corsair”. During the Second World War these aircrafts were members of the USA navy forces and took part in many operations in the Pacific Ocean.
Excalibur and Excalibur II were given from the large four-engined flying boat Sikorsky VS-44 «Excalibur» designed by the constructor Igor Sikorsky. The first flight of the plane was made in 1937. On 12 January 1942 the air-transport department of the USA navy forces gave the company the contract allowing to fly across the Atlantic Ocean during the war.
Constellation is from the plane “Lockheed C-69 Constellation”. These military transport planes were made especially for the USA air forces during the Second World War. After the war civil models started to be produced from parts of these planes.
Ventura is given from the plane name “Lockheed PV-1 Ventura”. During the Second World War these planes were designed for the air and navy forces of the USA.      
Privateer is from the patrol bomber “PB4Y-2 Privatee” derived from the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. After the Second World War these planes were used in the Korean War.
Nighthawk is from the night fighter “Douglas P-70 Nighthawk” made for the USA air forces during the Second World War.
Marauder is from the twin-engine medium bomber “Martin B-26 Marauder” using by the USA air forces during the Second World War.

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