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Oceanus Watches

Oceanus brand is one of the Super Chronograph OCWM800TBA-1A OceanusmodernOceanus and innovative watch companies. It has become one of the first “forefathers” of atomic wrist chronographs and watches, that are powered by the solar energy. The material for the watch production is mainly stainless steel or titanium. However, the watchmakers from this company prefer titanium, as its hypoallergenic and anticorrosive properties make the watch of this material the most reliable and abrasion-proof accessory. Oceanus company is one of Casio brands, it is involved in the production of the atomic wrist watches and clocks, powered by the solar energy. The main element of this watch is the mechanism, developed by Casio's watchmakers. The unique European sporty design of watches and the reliable multifunctional movements have become the main reasons of such a great success. Casio company presents the Oceanus brand, that is separated from the other products, forming a unique watch collection. The main approach of  Oceanus watches' authors is the creation of functional models, harmonizing with the urban design. The distinctive characteristic of this watch is the Smart Access system, that makes a watch very easy-to-use. Smart Access system simplifies the so-called “difficult” functions, that are the stopwatch, allowing you to measure the time intervals to a level of 1/20 of a second, and the current time in 29 cities. The watch names fully reflect their design, that embodies the beauty of the ocean and the illumination in the modern megalopolis in the night. The designers' idea is confirmed by small dials of the metallic blue colour, that becomes more or less blue, depending on the viewing angle or on the lighting. The winding crown bears the  Oceanus logo. The company's debut took place on the 19th of May, 2005.  Oceanus presented the men's wrist watch collection. Since that time Casio company has been showing its new brainchild in the watch market – it is  Oceanus company, specializing in the production of watches for professional divers.
The watches, made on the basis of the Casio innovative development, are the first atomic chronographs in the world.  Oceanus watches are mostly models for men from 30 to 50 years old, and for professionals, who know the value of accuracy and reliability of their accessories. These watches are for those men, who prefer practicalness, simplicity and style to the high fashion. For the first time the company presented the watches of different styles, in total – 8 models. So, everyone could see, that the designers were ready to experiment on the style and design of models. Six of the presented watches were chronographs, two models – analogue three-hand clocks.
Oceanus watches are the timepieces, that combine the best technology, developed by Casio company, such as WaveCeptor (atomic time measuring) and the solar power, turning an ordinary chronograph to a wonderful timepiece with a chronograph's classical design, that can work almost forever.
OceanusOceanusAtomic watch (also known as molecular watch or quantum watch) differs from an ordinary wrist watch. The matter is, that the atomic watch uses an electronic transition frequency in the microwave, optical or ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as a frequency standard for its timekeeping element. Atomic watches and clocks play a very important role in the navigation, as they control the wave frequency of satellites, space ships, planes, submarines and ballistic missiles in global satellite systems such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS. Besides, the atomic clocks and watches are widely used in the systems of telecommunication, land mobile stations, national and international bureaus of standards and standard frequency-and-time signal stations, that periodically transmit the time signals.
Oceanus is one of the first companies, that have applied this technology in “usual life”, giving to their fans an opportunity to read the accurate time, so to say, “on the spot”. The term “solar watch” is also rather new and it has appeared recently. These watches are chronometers, that are powered by the solar energy.
So, Oceanus watch brand specializes in the last achievements of the watchmaking industry, developing and producing the wrist watches for particular circle of consumers. Atomic time is the time, that the White House is guided by, and it is also used  by NACA for the countdown during the space shuttle launching. The military  men also rely upon this time. The atomic time is determined by the atomic transmitter in Colorado, the watches receive radio signals with the help of an antenna, built in the       watch movement. WaveCeptor system sets and synchronizes the time automatically, so Oceanus watches work even by the faint lighting and artificial light. You can buy Oceanus watches through the dealers' network and in the Casio shops.
Oceanus company began its activity with the brilliant advertising campaign in New-York, the small advertising panels said: “Arrival – 3/6.05”. Such an original advertising “hint”, that just amazed people in New-York, was one of the reasons of the company’s wild success. The advertising campaign brought the waterways into play, using the ferryboats, bus banners, dioramas, the bus stops in Manhattan, and commuter trains. The “Arrival – 3/6.05” inscriptions were everywhere, fascinating people of the city. Soon after it, the presentation of new watches took place. According to the company management, “these models must become a new ground in Haute Horology and they will occupy a separate niche in the watch market. These watches are developed according to the latest technologies and fashion trends”. After that the company's products were highly appreciated by the public. It appears, that the atomic watches are in a great demand in the modern watch market.
In June, 2006, the company women's watch 5 motor OCW10DA-4AVpresentedwomen's watch 5 motor OCW10LA-4AV its women's watches, made of stainless steel. The watches' authors confessed, that it was the first atomic women's chronograph. The collection for ladies, presented by the brand, includes the classical women's watches, that harmoniously combine the fashion design and the functionality by Oceanus brand. These watches are also based on the WaveCeptor technology. The style of chronographs is classical. The water resistance of watches is assured to 50 meters.    
In 2007, Oceanus became the official timekeeper of the Yacht racing in the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu. In May, 2008, in Las Vegas the company presented its new model –  Super Chronograph OCWM800TBA-1A Oceanus. The presentation was rather successful. By that time, Oceanus had established a reputation as the producer of the most precise watches, that showed the time with the help of signals from Great Britain, Germany, the U.S.A. and even Japan. In addition to the atomic watches, Oceanus also presented the chronographs, powered by the solar energy, with the additional world time function, alarm and countdown with a second hand. The watches are water resistant up to 100 meters. Super Chronograph OCWM800TBA-1A Oceanus is made of titanium, developed specially for this model, and it is equipped with an original spherical sapphire glass, that covers the dial.

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