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Neolog Watches

Arman EmamiNeolog - German watch company was based in Germany, in Hamburg. Wrist watches from brands Neolog -  unique models developed by the designer Arman Emami (Arman Emami). Arman Emami created known as USB flash drives Clip-it from the company Verbatim,A 24 watch OS watchwho won the award for «Red Dot» Category 2010 Best of the Best («Best of the Best 2011").
Original design and unique appearance of models were immediately seen as collectors and connoisseurs of watches. Their futuristic design - a word in the world watch industry. Beginning in 2006, an exclusive model from Neolog repeatedly been honored around the world in the category "Best Design". Non-standard representation of time without hands and hour markers, and with small horizontal lines - that's elegant and unique watch Neolog. At first glance, the display model, which replaces the usual dial, is inexplicable and complicated mechanism, a kind of riddle. However, it is not. Presented in several series of horizontal lines show the hours and minutes. For example, if the first row of 6 lines in the second - 3, while the third - 6, then 6.36. It's very simple, nothing complicated and difficult.
QC watchHowever, DQ watchthis is not the only way to view time in these German wrist watches. There are two ways to conventional Arabic numerals on the display and unique dials equipped with hour markers and hands in the form of lines.
Arman Emami created a designer new definition of time with simple lines, no such standard, and the usual tools such as arrows and numbers. He believes that this is one of the simple and convenient ways, and to know the time, we can only know how to count to 12.
The range of hours represented by the following Neolog collections: A 24, OS, DQ, QS, QC.
Collections A 24 and DQ include models with LCD display, mineral crystal, silicon strap, 30 meters water resistance. The case and buckle straps of these watches are made of stainless steel ALSI 316L. Time is represented by lines that appear in three columns. Collections differ only forms of housing: the case of models A 24 barrel, and the model DQ - rectangular. The watches are equipped with lights, and feature quartz movement.
OS - is the model on the sides of which there is a button. One push of a button you can choose from three time modes: digital, horizontal lines and QS watchsimple principle of cubic points. An interesting form of the case that resemble an hourglass shape. Corps models are made of stainless steel 316L, silicone lanyards, water-resistant - 50 meters. Watch is equipped with a quartz movement.
QS and QC - the collection has some unusual models of the German brand Neolog. This time the design is different from the previous models. Square massive case is made of stainless steel 316L. Models are equipped with a black dial with white hour markers and hands in the form of lines, the beginning and end of which is not visible, as in one of them closes the case, and on the other hand - a square or circular segment, located in the central part of the clock. Protect the mineral glass dials. The models complement the leather straps in black with steel buckles. Models of this line, as well as all hours of Neolog feature Swiss quartz movement that give them accurate and reliable.
The original model of the German company Neolog - new and unconventional design performance combined with high quality.
Purchasing watches Neolog is available through  authorized dealers, as well as ordering them online.

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