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Michel Herbelin Watches

Founder of «Michel Herbelin» company - Michel HerbelinIn 1947 Michel Herbelin establishedMichel Herbelin watch designing his own watch brand in Sharkemon and at once invented his own formula for watches. The formula allowed him to become one of the first in his country for a short period of time: his combination of perfect quality and original and exquisite design. He was not striving for creation of technically complicated watches. Despite that, the Michel Herbelin brand had the most up-to-day equipment with the help of which timepieces were manufactured. Movements were bought from the most reliable French and Swiss suppliers. He payed peculiar attention to design of every model. Herbelin's watches did not cost much, but at the same time, it was not a shame to wear them as an evening adornment or to a smart suit. To the 60s the brand has become one of the most well-known watch companies within the creative élite and the middle class of France. Michel Herbelin timepieces absorbed the true spirit of France due to their lightness and graceful finishing.
In the end of the 60s, when the first quartz watches came to Europe from Asia, style and design were the most main salvation for this brand. Many companies located in Besançon closed or passed into quartz production, for example, the Lip company, but the Michel Herbelin company could keep its position, and, moreover, achieved certain success.
In 1972 Michel Herbelin withdrew from business, thus, turned it over to his son, Jean-Claude, who had worked at the factory for some years by that time and completely grasped all peculiarities of the watchmaking. It was he who led out the company from the crisis and changed the approach to the business. He added the company's range with actual quartz watches, but at the same time kept collections of mechanical ones. Despite that, he continued to purchase movements from the rest of Swiss producers. Due to his persistence, Jean-Claude succeeded in the watchmaking and those collections of watches which remained to the company are the persuasive evidence for this fact.
Michel Herbelin watch assemblyThe Michel Herbelin brand is known Michel Herbelin watch assemblyfor its famous Newport collection whose aim is the combination of two absolutely different styles and purposes: elegant and sports. The collection is an excellent choice of women and men who lead an active way of life.
Newport Royal is an exquisite collection for women decorated with brilliants. A maritime symbol, a tiny gold steering wheel on the dial, gives particular colouring to watches. In 2008 the company presented the renewed Newport Trophy line, the collection for modern people to underline everyone's individuality.
The Michel Herbelin company created the Dress collection for women who do not try to compete with men. Luxurious cases and elegant dials (the Sambo collection), leather straps and  replaceable bracelets (the Antares collection) and particular and very extravagant bracelets – small twisted strips (the Cables collection), all these watch line, having been launched by the company, call women to start an endless play in fashion.
Over many years the Michel Herbelin company has been creating collections of watches following  trends of modern fashion and combining Swiss quality and French elegance.

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New Newport Trophy Grand Sport Automatic Watch by Michel Herbelin New Newport Trophy Grand Sport Automatic Watch by Michel Herbelin
Michel Herbelin presents a new sporty watch Newport Yacht Club Chrono Automatic Michel Herbelin presents a new sporty watch Newport Yacht Club Chrono Automatic
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