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Mathey-Tissot Watches

The Mathey-Tissot watch company was founded in 1886 in Les Ponts-de-Martel, a Swiss village. Along its whole history the company never betrayed its own traditions. Mathey-Tissot immediately attracted attention of the high society with their punctuality and unobtrusive elegant silhouettes of watches. From the start the company specialized in producing repeater chronometers that chimed an hour and half and hour. But true popularity came to the company during the First World War.

Mathey-Tissot watches
Mathey-Tissot watches

In that time it received a big state order to produce watches for the US forces and the British Navy. To fill the order the factory was bought. As a result the chronographs, received the Grand Prix at the national Swiss exhibition taken place in Berne, were created. Mathey-Tissot timepieces are only handmade. In contrast to the conveyor producing, this method allows to make additional quality control arrangements.

Mathey-Tissot watches
Mathey-Tissot watches

From the day of the company's foundation, Mathey-Tissot is an independent enterprise. For that reason the company slightly singles out among other brands that passed into the ownership of large international concerns in recent years. In Russia this brand's watches appeared in 2007. But the brand was not out of attention and was able to find its own niche at the watch market of Russia for a short period of time.

E. Mathey-Tissot
E. Mathey-Tissot

Mathey-Tissot collection consists of both watches for men and women. All Mathey-Tissot models feature refined elegance and unobtrusive chic. They easily combine with any style giving something especially imperceptible.

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Evasion II
Expansion Chrono
Expansion Automatic
Motivi New
Sport Classic
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