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The Chronographe Suisse Cie company appeared more than 100 years ago. The company obliges to one of its co-owners who did not allow to stop the company's work at the most critical time in the watch industry and created the most elegant and exclusive models of wristwatches under the new brand named Mangusta. Mangusta watches pay tribute to the cult car De Tomaso Mangusta appeared in the 70s which style was renewed in 2000. The Automobili De Tomaso SpA company was established in 1959, in Modena, on a level with such companies as Ferrari and Maserati. Indeed, Mangusta was the legendary automobile of the De Tomaso brand. Production of the Italian watch brand was being manufactured according Italian producers or the famous Brassus and Schaffhause companies. The new brand's Mangusta Supermeccanica collection and created by its basis other ones - Sottomarino and Stupenda or Continental Rivasport and Gransport conveys the spirit of the last epoch and at the same time symbolizes modern trends of fashion. The successful watch brand continues to create high precise chronographs having luxurious Italian style and great ideas of outstanding watchmakers at its Swiss factory. The legendary model of Italian Mangusta wristwatches first appeared to everybody's review in 1980 and reminded of the famous Italian racing car. Undoubtedly, this chronograph marked the beginning of the whole line of sports watches  thanks to its sporting design. It is clear that such model attracted many racers which followed owners of sports motorboat.
The Mangusta Supermeccanica model followed the classic, has a side strap making thickness of the model of 51,4 mm. Thanks to that the watch looks like personification of true esthetic masterpiece. The Mangusta Supermeccanica Stupenda line with the watch case width of 50,8 mm and a little touch of Italian precursors has the highest position among other sports watch collections. The Mangusta Supermeccanica Sottomarino collection has the main familiar merits of the Mangusta brand but has some significant functional differences. This line received the prestigious title “Professional Instruments ”. The Italian wristwatches Mangusta with a rotating bezel, big hands and bulging glass stands submersion to big depth.
Since 1950 the Continental line has been existing in several versions as President, Gransport and Riva, each of which has its own exclusive mission. The city style is in the President models, the “calculating” Riva line will be certainly appreciated by lovers of sea depths, and real sportsmen absolutely will fix their choice upon the Gransport watches quipped with a tachometeric bezel.
The Chronograph Suisse Cie company wanting to give its watches more esthetic look, decided to move away from usual standards of mechanical watches and create absolutely new Caliber 26. Due to the new technology the case is installed straight to the internal movement contrary to all traditional rules of the watchmaking. This self winding movement has a 45 hour power-reserve.
The Italian Mangusta timepieces enjoy great authority over the watch art and contain unique delicate style. 

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