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Ludovic Ballouard Watches

Ludovic Ballouard in his workshopLudovic Ballouard is an independent watchmaker, a talented man who worked in the F.P. Journe and Franck Muller companies for many years. The time, being spent at these famous companies, gave him an inspiration to design and launch his own watch under the brand “Ludovic Ballouard”.
Ludovic was born in 1971 in France, Brittany. At the age of eight he designed his first mechanical watch and decided to study the horology by all means, to learn everything about watches. At sixteen he entered the watchmaking school, then studied in France, in Brittany, a region located by the sea. After finishing the studies, Ludovic realized that he was not ready to leave for Switzerland so he gave up the horology for a while and came back to his childhood hobby – the aircraft modelling and began to study a construction of small planes. But, at the same time, he read news about watch brands, developments and new launched movements and models of watches. As the watchmaker himself notices, he has adored the Franck Muller brand and liked its style of models. Having impressed by Franck Muller's complicated and unique watches, Ludovic decided to write to the company. There was no waiting the answer so long: he was invited to the seminar that was to take place in the company.
During eight years Ludovic did not assemble watches. Until now he remembers the day when he has been given the task to dismantle, to find drawbacks and then to assemble ten chronograph movements within one week. But Ludovic coped with the task  much earlier. As a result he was hired at the Franck Muller company where he assembled complicated movements  for three years.
Then Ludovic started collaborating with an independent watchmaker by the nameUpside Down of F.P. Journe as the latter offered him to assemble watches right from the start to the end, because the F.P. Journe plain movement attracted Ludovic much. Their collaboration lasted seven years. But as every watchmaker, Ludovic has desired to create his own models, and this is possible only if a watchmaker is independent. Moreover, the creation of a watch is, first of all, the realization of a dream. Having stored enough experience, in 2009 Ludovic decided to design his own first model named Upside Down, the creation idea of which was born in the master's head about over fifteen minutes. The watch was given this name for upside-down numerals on the dial. The watchmaker observes that his numerals even being upside-down have a meaning, – in a usual way they show the time that does not exist. Ludovic advises us to give meaning to that which does not have it. He loves to take the positive out of this which is negative and he shows it with this model. Ludovic describes us the picture about a man sitting across from the owner of this watch, he will see the numerals the right side up and think the owner has his watch upside down and it makes smile.
The round case with a 41 mm diameter and a 11 mm thickness is made of platinum 950. Uniquness of this watch is the upside-down numerals marked onto turning small discs located on the dial. The dial is made of titanium, the hands – blued steel. In the centre of the dial the one hand shows minutes and the small hand, located in the small window at 6 o'clock position, shows seconds.
Ludovic has invented the new time indication which is done by the turning small discs marked with numerals, each of which turns 180 degrees when the hour is on. This turning is very quick. To learn the time it should be observed the numeral that is located at the right position at the moment.
The model is attached with the black alligator leather with the platinum buckle. Its water-resistance to 30 metres. The watch is equipped with the in-house movement calibre B01 designed by the watchmaker himself. The movement is on 51 stones, consists of 228 components and has a frequency of 21600 vph and functions of hours, minutes and seconds.
For Ludovic Ballouard, an independent watchmaker, it is important to create a unique watch. His first model under the name of Upside Down is really exclusive, because at the watch market, being rich of various masterpieces, it is impossible to find such watch like Ludovic's one.

Ludovic Ballouard in his workshop

Upside Down watch backside


Ludovic Ballouard watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)
Ludovic Ballouard watches presentation at BaselWorld 2012 (Basel, March 2012)

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