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Lamberti Orologiai Watches

Louis Lamberti The Italian wristwatches have been appreciated for a long time at the world watch market as a separate Lamberty Orologiai Watch Accuracy Test segment showing the Italian exclusive design and durability. The Italian watches as the Swiss watches have become a common name, and more and more people pay attention to the Italian chronometers. Many Italian watch brands have their history starting before World War II, producing and improving their watches. The Lamberti watch brand history can be called a family life, where the sons, during several generations, adopted fine watchmaking business from their fathers, for years improving their skills and workmanship. The first Lamberti Orologiai watch laboratory was founded by Carlo Lamberti, the skillful assembler and talented repairer, in 1937 in Rovato, the Italian town. For a long time the  Lamberty Orologiai Watcheslaboratory was considered to be one of the best watch workshops in Italy. His son, Louis Lamberti, was basically educated by his father, later on studying at the best  watch houses for repairing complicated mechanisms. In 1960, he launched his own line of wristwatches called  Louis Lambert. His son, Luca Lambert, finished his education as an electrical foremaster in 1982, and was given a profession of watchmaker from his father. In 1990, he founded his own brand of the Italian wristwatches called Erken, later on, in 2000 called the Lamberty Orologiai company. The Lamberty brand is making delightful Italian watches in an ascetic restrained style, being a symbol of durability and unique Italian nature featuring all the products of the Peninsula.

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