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Jorg Hysek - founder of «Jorg Hysek» companyOver the lastJorg Hysek tourbillon couple of years, the Swiss watch brand Jorg Hysek has become a serious player in the prestigious watch mechanics production. Along with these changes the Swiss company celebrates triumphant return to the Russian watch market. Hysek perfectly distinguished himself as a creative director for many famous brands. For example, in 1984 he was awarded the Grand Prix de Geneve bracelet for designing  Vacheron Constantin watches. Since then the name Jorg Hysek became more popular, and today he is considered to be one of the most original and talented designers in the watch world. The work is not limited only by design - it creates the whole concept of making timepieces from sketch to the campaign. His works: Marine Breguet, Kirium for TAG Heuer, Shanta for Ebel, Arctura for Seiko, a collection of watches and pens for the AD2000 Dunhill. By the way, pens and other items made by Jorg Hysek are nothing in comparison with watches. He loves most of all the connection of aesthetics and functionality. The Jorg Hysek's work is guided only by two rules: "If you can not do something better than anyone else, generally do not do this" and "A thing without the practical convenience of pointless, no matter how beautiful it may be." For a long time Jorg Hysek was quite satisfied with the work as a guest designer for other companies, but he had his own ideas and that will eventually become hard to claim. In 1996 he founded the brand, called his own name, and first tried to make himself the pens and accessories. But already in 1999 at the exhibition in Basel, Jorg Hysek company introduced its first hour-long collection. But then there was something quite predictable: the artist a few years later cooled to the child. He found it easier and more interesting to start new projects to work on than the old ones. As a result, Joerg Hayzek left the watch company Jorg Hysek, as circulated to the press and our partners rather amusing letter, written entirelyJorg Hysek manufactory in his eccentric style. But after the departure of its creative director and SEO company has not closed and not joined the ranks of a major concern, and has a thriving independent manufactory that produces excellent competitive watches the category of "luxury". How did Jorg Hysek  do it? He invented for his three watch models original ideas, which is pretty much for a young brand. Of course, it immediately attracted the attention of the public. The first and most famous model by Jorg Hysek were in a a form of  Bridge, that is, "The Bridge", inspired by the architecture of New York. This watch model became so recognizable and popular that today it has become the official logo of the brand Jorg Hysek. The second was the designer's original idea numbering in the markup watches. "Why is it always as a reference on the watch dial selected numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12?" - Hayzek surprised - and quite unfair to forget about the others, for example, 1, 5, 7 and 11. But they are visually much easier to look, they still represent the four corners of clock face and leave room for additional features. So a proprietary markup Jorg Hysek, was the ideal not only for rectangular models of watches Bridge, but also for round chronograph Abyss, because now you can counter without sacrificing functionality placed in the most convenient locations dial - marks "3, 6 and 9 o'clock" . And finally, the most recent and perhaps the original idea was a special case V-King. To access the watch movement V-King, you should not open the back cover as  traditional, and unscrew the side screws, similar to the casings from bullets and pull mechanism, like a box on the right side of the watch.  A new management company was able to Jorg Hysek watch mechanism assemblyconvert this popularity into profits. Have a clearly identifiable style - the dream of every brand. But to watch on sale, it must be added to other ingredients: a wide range, quality materials, craftsmanship, prestige movements, the ideal finishing and, of course, guarantee that all this was done in Switzerland. Realizing this, the leadership of Jorg Hysek gradually began reconstruction. As a result a small design studio turned into a company with its own manufacture of watches, located in the city Lyussisyur-Morges near Geneva. All partners can visit the brand Hysek factory of the company and see firsthand how they were going to put their own gauges with complications in the case, assembled and tested.
 Create your own movements for watches is an important step in the development of the company, and probably no less difficult than designing a recognizable design watches. Now the model brand can justifiably compete with the exclusive production of the most famous Geneva watch cases. Now in stock Jorg Hysek produce  no cheap quartz watches - quartz movements are used only in the women's collection. Expanding the range of models at the expense of women's watches is the third step of the company. After all, it is women who more than anyone else appreciate the original design, which means that the best ideas and Jorg Hysek designed wrist watches for them too. For example, in the range of brand came the real prime minister - ladies model Duna with diamonds, whose case shape repeats legendary watches Bridge. As a result, all known collections of X-Ray, V-King, Abyss, Kilada (based on the design Brigde), without losing its visibility and originality in design, appeared before an audience equipped withJorg Hysek sophisticated in-case-movement (that is fully assembled in the workshop rather than simply modify) and in the magnificent frame of the cutting-edge and precious materials. The combination of gold, steel, and rubber is now considered one of the most popular time to fashion, so that new models of watches Hysek literally swept from the shelves of boutiques time, they manage to barely there now. Thus, the main hit from Hysek - certainly chronograph Abyss Explorer. It represents the most current direction clockwise fashion sport de luxe, moreover, is perfect, therefore, we can say is doomed to success. Watch case has a diameter of 49 mm or 43 equally impressive look at any of the following: steel, rose gold or  bicolor, where the integrated steel case has gold insert. It can be combined with a classic alligator strap and a textured rubber strap. On the credit watch brand Hysek today has everything to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur of watches: a model with repeater, tourbillon, and a full calendar, luxury watches sport de luxe style with a high degree of protection against moisture and shock, designer of watches and the first time in history of the brand - Jewelry Ladies model. In this case, not least, the price of Hysek watches so far kept quite loyal, because its leadership does not pursue profit, and relies on the design and craftsmanship.
 After the departure of Jorg Hysek company shortened its name twice - now called simply the brand Hysek. "It absolutely does not mean that we are trying to distance himself from the company's founder - said the director of marketing Frederick Bleyzak - just as we entered the international market, we noticed that not everyone can pronounce the name of the whole name of Jorg very difficult to pronounce for many languages. A Jorg Hysek watch mechanismHysek sounds simple and obvious, especially since Jorg Hysek in watch design is still there. "
 Success in the international commodity market "luxury" - is not the dream of a young company, but quite a clear reality, backed up by facts, such as, for example, the success of the first collections presented this autumn in Moscow, the exclusive distributor of the company Hysek "Art Fashion." First  collection was sold out in just a few weeks. The most popular model Abyss Explorer, at the same time regardless of the choices: in steel, gold and bicolor. Huge interest is also a model V-King, Kilada, Anegada, Colosso's and women's Duna. It is not surprising, because in Russia today for quality, design and celebrity name Hysek watches is a real alternative to many popular watches brands, departed from the market or changed the scheme of work. The average price for a wristwatch model Hysek from 5 to 25 thousand euro allows us to represent the brand in watches shop medium-high price segment, and an exclusive collector's model already interested in the mechanics of many well-known watch boutiques.

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