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HoroswissSwiss Trek Sarl company, a producer of HoroswissHoroswiss watches, was founded in 1993, in the capital of watchmaking La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Michael Vroliks, a director and a manager of SWISS TREK company, is a representative of fourth generation of the watchmakers' family. Before the beginning of Horoswiss watches production, Swiss Trek Sarl company was developing SAW Co SA watches, that were military wrist watches. SAW Co SA brand manufactured military watches, the concept of which was developed by Michael's father in 1984. So, Swiss Army TNT watches are the extremely durable models, that have been exported to more than 50 countries.
At the beginning of its activity, Horoswiss watch brand focused mainly on the high quality Swiss watch movements. Horoswiss company became famous for the production of the first watches with solar modules, as well as for watches, the movements of which contained tritium. One of the basic rules of SAW, and later of Horoswiss, is the usage of solar modules and Trigalight® (tritium gas in the capsules). Trigalight® was used instead of the usual tritium, thus, it was more efficiently. Trigalight® is 100 times brighter than conventional tritium. First of all, this technology is used in military watches, and it's harmless. Such watches were released during the period of SAW Co SA's excistence. The watches' concept was developed by Michael's father in 1984. Swiss Army TNT watches are the extremely durable watches that have been exported to more than 50 countries. Further the development of watches with the Trigalight® gas was continued by Horoswiss watch company.
In 1999, the Swiss military SABI brand and Horoswiss wrote a contract, according to which the SAW products would be released under Horoswiss trade name.
In 2001 the company acquired an exclusive, international right to manufacture and sell Compass wrist watches, that had been successfully developed by Hubert Zvahlen, a well-known Swiss engineer.
HoroswissThese unique wrist watches are characterizedHoroswiss by the exceptional technical features, that have paved the way for such a howling success. Horoswiss watch combines an anti-magnetic watch case and a liquid compass, as well as the accuracy, tested by the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and by the military pilots of Switzerland.
Horoswiss watches are the perfect models for sportsmen, scientists, aviators, sailors, and for anyone, who values a high accuracy. Due to the special approach to the watch creation, the company has gained the confidence of several well-known watch brands and began working under the name of Private Label. So, the company is engaged in the production of watches with compasses, quartz and mechanical watches.
Dry Compass wrist watch is a perfect tool for the time measurement. However, one should be careful while using this watch. Dry Compass watch should be kept far from any object or device that can create a magnetic field, also far from the TV sets, computers and magnets. Thus, the watch will serve you much longer.
BACKSIDE wrist watch has already turned from the category of ordinary accessories into the category of "speaking of things'. This watch can tell about you a lot.
The name of the BACKSIDE watch means "turned inside out watch." The brave people who put on this watch, will be able to determine the time without any problems, even despite the unusual watch's design.
The design of BACKSIDE watch was developed by Russian engineers from the OPEN CONSEPTS Studio. Firstly, the concept of the watch was presented as a new project at the DIA competition, where it won the audience award, and thus entered the final short-list.
The watch, that firstly was just a project, has sensu stricto an inverted case. BACKSIDE wrist watch's dial resembles the watch back, but you can easily determine the time through the window at the top of the disc.

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