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Dietrich GruenThe Gruen Watch Company was one ofGruen manufacture the largest watch factories in the U.S.. It was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, and remained 1894 - 1958.
Dietrich Gruen, founder of Gruen, was born in 1847 in Germany. At age of 15 he began to study horology. Before moving to the United States, he worked 3 years in Switzerland. In 1874 he patented his invention ( 157'913): Secure Gear for pocket watches, which prevents damage to the watch movement in case of damage the spring.
In 1894 Dietrich Gruen founded D. Gruen & Son together with his son Frederick. Father and son soon developed a series of movements for pocket watches that were manufactured by the German company Paul Assmann and combined with the escapement made by Moritz Grossmann. In 1897, the company has entered another son of Dietrich, George. Thereafter, in 1900, the company name was changed to D. Gruen, Sons & Co. This new company became the part of Switzerland.
Watch company Gruen was one of the first in U.S. companies, which offered basic watch movements and components manufactured in Switzerland, but who were going and took its final form in the U.S.. Some of the best mechanisms have been designed by Jean Egler, who later became a business partner of Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex.
In 1904 the company introduced a movement for Gruen pocket watch the VeriThin, which allowed to produce these amazing arrangements in a more subtle form, and the first watch company have been presented in 1908. They have won great popularity among the female population: men are considered, these movements only attribute of the female wrist. The company has not begun to manufacture men's wristwatch, even during the First World War, when they become acceptable for men.
Frederick GruenGeorge GruenIn 1911, the company founder Dietrich Gruen died, and the management of the company passed to his son Frederick. In 1917 the company moved into a newly constructed building called Time Hill, located at 401 East McMillan Street in the town of Cincinnati. It is preserved today was built in medieval style. And in 1922 the company built a plant in the Precision Factory Bienne Swiss city. From that moment, all arrangements were made high in this plant.
By the middle of 20th years of the volume of sales Gruen watch company has reached more than $ 5 million. By total sales and average price the company ranked first in the United States.
In 1930 the company introduced a women's watch Baguette. They were the most expensive brand women's watches from 1920 -30 th year. They were adorned with diamonds in 14 carat, and the case and bracelet were made of platinum.
After the Great Depression, in 1930 an agreement was signed between Alpina and Gruen for the production of watches under the brand name Double Alpina / Gruen. In 1935 the company introduced its first Gruen Men's wristwatch «Curvex», which is one of the most famous clock, presented by the company. The curved case of the model allowed to go to watch comfortably on the wrist. These mechanical watches have been equipped with a caliber of 440. Soon followedscrap women's models of the newspaper.
During the Second World War Gruen watch company suspended production of its traditional watches and began Gruenexclusively producing such military arrangements for the U.S. Army as sensors and devices for planes, ships and submarines.
However, in 1940 - 50th years the company has released a series of watches "21", which are completely manufactured in the USA.
In 1958, Gruen watch company was ruined and sold. Watch manufactory was moved to the new owners in New York and the factory in Bienne was closed in 1977 and subsequently acquired by Rolex Manufacture. The right to use the name «Gruen» was sold to MZ Berger. Made after the 1970-th's wristwatch called the Gruen has nothing to do with the legendary company Gruen or the Gruen Watch Company.
Today to buy watches of this brand is quite difficult. However, if you can find them, they can take their rightful place in the collection of exclusive watches.

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