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Friis & Company Watches

Friis & CompanyThe history of one veryFriis & Company popular European watch company Friis & Company started in 1997. The aim of Dutch Friis & Company was in the following: luxury must be affordable for anyone. A perfect blend of incomparable design and affordable price should be moderate.
A nice combination of everything that was mentioned before makes Friis & Company not only exclusive but also able to accomplish any image.
The brand's history started when Lon Friis (the leading designer of the company) got an idea of making a small art-project. He decided to make a small collection of bags and foot-wear. Soon the brand started to produce different accessorizes. The goods produced by Friis & Company are soled in America, Canada, Europe and Asia.
Designers, who work in Friis & Company every year renew company's collections by new and original items. Every item is perfect, no matter what it is wear, bag or watch.
The improvised slogan of the brand Friis & Company is the following: «Live & Love».
Original products of the brand makes happy all the admirers of their production which is chosen by people who want to pay attention to one's individuality and to accomplish the appearance with some decorations. Every item has the features of modern tendencies of fashion.
As the creative director of Friis & Company says: «I just only wanted to make something new without any standards. It was rather difficult to do I should say. I met a lot of amazing people who helped me to make my plans come true. I am happy that today anyone can take something good for oneself in my collections despite the age, taste, because we know that there is a number of things in my collection that can suit anybody».
Not only foot-wear and clothes collections are original and fashionable, accessorizes are also up to date: sun-glasses, jewellery, watches and etc. A special place it aimed to watches which are made in different styles: classic, sport and modern.
Watches made by Friis & Company have round stainless steel cases. Dials are colored in different colours and supplied with Arabic figures of hour marks which look like small circles or dots. Bezels of some models are incrusted with diamonds. Most watch models are supplied with genuine leather straps but there also possible to buy a watch which can b supplied with stainless steel bracelet. Models are supplied with quartz movements. Perfec watches made by Friis & Company are chosen by peole who want to pay attention of others to one's individuality.
Friis & Company watch can be bought in different countries of the world. Also you can by Friis & Company watch at the official web-page of Friis & Company.

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