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Francois Rotier Watches

Francois RotierThe company Francois Rotier is known by its Francois Rotierwatch with tourbillon complication. Such unique watches can be classified as luxury, as it has such complications as a tourbillon, power reserve indicator, regulator. In addition, a watch is made from the most expensive materials: case is made of stainless steel or gold-plated steel, rose or yellow gold, sapphire crystal, straps - leather lizard, crocodile, cases and dials are decorated with diamonds. Despite all this, you can get these exclusive watches at a reasonable price.
The company headquartered in England, in Birmingham, and production and assembly are carried out in the German town of Monschau, which is located in the mountainous area in western Germany. Here, away from big cities, watch makers create their masterpieces. A wristwatch with complicated tourbillon produce not all the companys. Owner of Francois Rotier watches can be sure of their accuracy and exclusivity. One of the requirements in the concept of complex mechanical watches is to use only high quality materials. For example, sapphire crystal has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and 1.5 mm thickness ensures watches from scratch and external influences.
The brand Francois Rotier represents the  watch with the "flying" tourbillon. In the pocket watches precision depends on the position in the space of watches. This was due to the mismatch between the center of gravity with its center of rotation. To compensate for the Earth's gravity in 1801, Breguet invented the tourbillon, which translated from the French as "whirlwind." The operating principle of the tourbillon in the fact that the entire movement of descent, escape wheel, balance, revolves around the axis of the second wheel (unspoken standard - the speed of 1 revolution per minute). That is why the watch is slow half a minute ahead of that and compensated in the next half-minute. It is the most complicated movement in watch world.
The brand Francois Rotier released the following collections:
«Francois Rotier Grand Complication» - the collection includes luxury watches with a "flying" tourbillon, power reserve indicator. There are models, adorned with diamonds. Cases are made of stainless steel 316L, sapphire crystal with antiglare coating. The dials are made of silver, covered with white enamel and guilloche. On dials is caused the company logo. Water-resistant of watches is up to 50bar.
«Francois Rotier No.1» - the collection includes exclusive watch with the regulator, "flying" tourbillon. The watch is made of stainless steel 316L, sapphire crystal, silver dials, covered with white enamel and guilloche. There is also a model with gold plated steel case. Straps are made of leather lizard. Water-resistant of models is 50bar.
You can buy watches of Francois Rotier company in the internet - shop of watches.

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