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Esprit Watches

in the middle of the photograph Suzie and Douglas TompkinsIn 1968 Suzie and Douglas Tompkins founded Plain Jane Dress company in San-Francisco (USA). In 1971 Michael Ying joined them and the company was renamed Esprit de corp. In 1984 the company started following the so-called Shop-in-Shop strategy. Its sense was in opening their shops in multi-brand stores, where every little thing corresponded with the company's style. As a result of this strategy, the company's products popularity grows rapidly.
 In 1989 the couple divorced and in 1990 Douglas Tompkins sold his share. The company transformed into Esprit Holding Limited and moved to Hong Kong.
 Esprit brand produced a women's wrist watch series, called Glam Wave, which is one of the seasonal collections. The watch's case is made of steel and has a fanciful curly shape, reminding 2 waves, gently enveloping each other. The case can be silver-colored or it can have yellow golden spattering patches. The Glam Wave Grey watches' straps are made of natural leather. The Elegant Loops and Sensational Loops lines differ from the Glam Wave in the steel bracelets, that look like elegant silver chains. The models have black or white dials.
 The Way to Heaven series watches differ radically from the 3 previous series watches. They are equipped with wide steel bracelets, which seamlessly suit the rectangular watches' cases. The dials are silver, violet or black-colored. The Way to Heaven models are quite voluminous and elegant. The San Fran series, unlike the Way to Heaven, has more sophisticated shapes.
 Esprit produced men's Male Attraction and Admiral Black Metal Chrono chronograph watch series. They are supplied with black dials of round or classic square shapes, the bracelets are made of steel. The Male Attraction Orange model has an orange dial and a rubber strap.
 Apart from men's and women's watches, Esprit brand also produces kids' watches with cheerful design and bright colors. One of them is the Smiley series.
 Esprit brand is one of the most recognizable in the Esprit manufactoryworld. The models' design is not created for one specific age category. The company's motto is: “Your age is determined by your attitude towards life”. The brand produces: watches, jewelery, glasses, household goods, men's, women's and kids' clothes, footwear. Esprit is preferred by active, agile, cheerful, modern and unfettered people. The company's products are widely assorted and they renovate monthly. Strong PR-campaigns and the outlets' architecture make the company recognizable and popular. The watches' superb quality and reasonable prices provide the clients' loyalty to the brand. Esprit brand has 820 thousand square metres of sales premises, situated in 40 countries of the world. Esprit has 500 own brand shops and 2000 franchisee shops.

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